Luminescent ceiling: types and features of installation

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Luminescent ceiling: types and features of installation
Luminescent ceiling: types and features of installation

The article discusses the options for creating a ceiling glowing in the dark: stretch fabric, phosphor paints and wallpapers, as well as the use of phosphor stickers. The properties of luminescent dyes are listed. A luminescent ceiling is a structure designed with colors glowing in the dark, the use of which allows you to create a special evening or night atmosphere. The article describes options for creating glowing floors.

Installation of a luminescent stretch canvas on the ceiling

Luminescent stretch ceiling

There are several ways to create a ceiling that shines at night, the differences between which are in the principle of installation, cost, laboriousness of design work, image quality and complexity of compositions. A luminescent ceiling can be made in several ways: paint a specially prepared surface with luminous paints, glue ready-made stickers, wallpaper, photo wallpaper, or install a stretch canvas with luminous patterns.

Installation of a luminescent stretch ceiling is the right decision if you need to decorate the surface efficiently, quickly and with a high degree of practicality and creativity. Stretch ceiling with a luminous effect can be fabric or film (PVC film). After creating the canvas and cutting it to the required dimensions using devices for large-format printing, luminescent paints are applied to the base in accordance with the selected pattern.

Using this method, you can create the most incredible glowing images of varying complexity. One of the most spectacular options is the starry sky. At the same time, there is no need to design special lighting, which requires additional financial investments.

Stretch ceilings with fluorescent treatment are not the cheapest option for creating a luminous ceiling, but due to their structural features, they are able to hide surface imperfections without laborious alignment.

Features of installation of luminescent stretch ceilings are associated only with the rules for installing any type of stretch fabric. There are no specific recommendations from the manufacturer.

The use of fluorescent paints for the ceiling

This type of decoration is widely used in entertainment establishments such as restaurants, clubs, or other public places. At home, luminescent decoration with paints is less common.

Composition and properties of phosphor paint

Luminescent ceiling paints

Luminescence is the glow of a substance without generating heat and is characterized by a weak light intensity. The luminescent effect is achieved by using luminous paints. Phosphorus or phosphor serves as a basis for such paints.

The first component carries a certain danger to the human body, and the second - a phosphor - is absolutely harmless, and paints based on it have greater brightness. Therefore, recently it is used to create a glow-in-the-dark decor.

A phosphor is a powder that has the ability to accumulate light energy in itself, which is subsequently released over several hours. It is brighter than phosphor paints.

The entire period of light release is divided into 3 stages, the duration of which depends on the quality of the glowing paint, the level of phosphor content in it:

  • The first is the period of the brightest lighting.The intensity is so great that the elements painted with fluorescent paint are able to illuminate the adjacent space.
  • The second is afterglow, when the brightness is noticeably reduced.
  • The third - the glow stops in anticipation of a new recharge. Often, 15 minutes of exposure to natural or artificial light is sufficient to restore luminescence.

To make glowing paints, the phosphor is combined with various types of varnish. The varnish can be based on acrylic, alkyd, polyurethane. Either option has no effect on luminescence.

The chemical properties of the varnish determine what kind of material a given luminous mixture is applicable to, for example, to a fabric or wood, glass or concrete, paper or brick surface. Based on this, we can conclude that for any material in the design of the ceiling, you can choose a luminescent paint.

Conventional phosphor compounds give two colors of luminescence: yellow-green and green-blue. To give the dye mixture other shades, it is possible to add a fluorescent accumulator. In light, the deposited luminescent layers are either completely invisible, or give the surface a slightly pronounced shade.

Dyes have a fairly long service life, they do not lose their properties for more than 30 years. In addition, there are no special instructions for the care of luminescent surfaces, they do not fade in the sun, they are resistant to water.

Features of applying luminescent paint to the ceiling

Painting the ceiling with phosphor paints

When creating luminescent ceilings using glowing paints, you must follow the sequence of actions:

  1. Before treating the ceilings with luminescent paints, come up with and draw on paper a drawing that should glow in the dark. In this, you can be guided by your imagination or use ready-made stencils.
  2. Prepare the surface: clean it from dirt, level it, then apply the base coat. Almost any finishing material (paint, wallpaper, glass) can serve as a basis.
  3. Prime the areas where you plan to apply the drawings.
  4. Start coloring. The composition can be applied using synthetic bristle brushes. If stencils are used, spray paints can be used. Or use a porous sponge for liquid paints.
  5. The optimal number of layers is three. This is enough to maximize the glow and afterglow period. Each subsequent layer is applied after the previous one has completely dried.

A few tips:

  • To maximize the brightness of the luminescence, experts advise to apply it on white or light surfaces.
  • The consumption of the coloring composition is from 200 to 250 ml per square meter.
  • Don't oversaturate the ceiling with images.
  • It is advisable not to sketch on the surface of the ceiling, because they will be visible after the paint is applied due to its transparency.

Decorating the ceiling with glowing stickers

Ceiling decoration with fluorescent stickers

The easiest way to decorate a room with glowing pictures is to stick fluorescent stickers on the ceiling. Such decoration can be carried out without repairing the main surface.

Luminescent stickers are made of PVC film by applying an image on it with paints with a phosphor. On the reverse side there is an adhesive surface protected by paper. Sometimes the kit comes with double-sided tape for fixing on surfaces with minor irregularities, for example, on textured wallpaper.

Ceiling decals are not limited to the type of material of the main surface. They adhere perfectly to wallpaper, drywall, any stretch ceiling material or glass. In addition, ready-made stretch ceilings with luminescent photo printing will cost several times more than conventional stretch ceilings finished with glowing stickers.

It is also not difficult to change the stickers or their location; with careful handling, the main surface will not suffer.

Ceiling decoration process with fluorescent stickers:

  1. Having chosen the theme of the future luminous ceiling, consider the location of each element.
  2. Remove any dust from the surface so that the adhesive base of the stickers can adhere to the ceiling and will not fall off in the near future.
  3. Peel off the protective paper from the sticker or tape and fix the luminous picture.
  4. Take care of your decor with a damp cloth. There is no need to use special cleaning agents.

Luminous stickers are most often sold in packs. For example, a set of luminescent stars for a ceiling of 70 elements costs from 180 rubles apiece, from 90 elements - from 240 rubles, from 160 elements - from 300 rubles, and a set of glowing drawings on a cartoon theme - from 210 rubles.

In order for the purchased stickers to please with a long service life and quality, purchase products from German or American manufacturers. Be sure to ask about the composition of the dye so as not to purchase stickers with phosphorus pigment.

Using phosphor wallpaper for the ceiling

Luminescent wallpaper on the ceiling

There are many varieties of wallpaper on the market for finishing materials. Luminous wallpapers and photo wallpapers are especially popular for decorating children's rooms.

The most common glowing pattern is the starry sky, which creates a sense of spaciousness and fabulousness. Also, the wallpaper depicts the sea, animals, landscapes of exotic places, geometric pictures, etc. Images with a three-dimensional effect, creating the volume of luminous objects, look amazing.

Wallpaper with luminescent patterns belongs to the category of heavy wallpaper, therefore, for gluing them, use compounds for non-woven or vinyl panels, it is possible to use PVA glue. Otherwise, the process of finishing the ceiling is similar to gluing ordinary wallpaper.

It is noteworthy that the glow of the luminescent images on the wallpaper is less intense and lasting than with other versions of the luminescent ceiling finish.

Watch the video about the fluorescent ceiling:

Luminescent decoration of premises is a bold, extraordinary solution that can emphasize and significantly diversify the interior, focus on individual details or create a contrast between day and night perception of a room. Effectiveness of any luminous surface can be complemented by lighting.

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