Chaise lounge for a bath: instructions for making

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Chaise lounge for a bath: instructions for making
Chaise lounge for a bath: instructions for making

The chaise longue in the bath has found application in the relaxation room. In a comfortable chair with a reclining back, you can comfortably sit down after taking bath procedures, relax and unwind. And you can design it yourself, following our instructions. Content:

  1. Types of sun loungers for a bath
  2. DIY wooden deck chair

    • Selection of materials
    • Manufacturing instruction
  3. Frame fabric chaise longue

    • Choice of materials
    • Manufacturing features
  4. Chaise longue care rules

A chaise longue or its modification - a lounger - is a product that is often used in the relaxation rooms of baths and saunas. On such a mobile device, you can comfortably rest in three positions at once - sitting, reclining and lying down. There are many varieties of this attribute. Moreover, many of them can be made by hand, without using expensive materials and having the initial inclinations of a carpenter.

Types of sun loungers for a bath

Mobile sun lounger in the sauna on wheels

Sun loungers may differ from each other, primarily in size. There are products for children of compact sizes and larger ones for adults. Some models are equipped with a special curved back with orthopedic properties. Such sun loungers have a healing effect on the musculoskeletal system.

The most comfortable chaise lounges for a bath are those that allow you to set several positions at once. The option with armrests is also convenient.

In addition, sun loungers differ depending on the material from which they are made:

  • Plastic sun loungers… These are the cheapest items. Their main advantage is ease and convenience of transportation. Also, plastic is not afraid of temperature drops and high humidity. True, for a bath, such a chaise longue is not the best option, because in a steam room, where, as a rule, the decoration is made of wood, the presence of a plastic attribute will cause dissonance. The cost of a plastic sun lounger is from 1, 5 to 9 thousand rubles.
  • Wooden sun loungers… The best option for use in saunas and baths. The tree is environmentally friendly, does not heat up much and fits perfectly into the design of the bath room. One of the varieties of sun loungers made from natural materials is a rattan wicker accessory. This product is very strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Among the disadvantages, one can single out the high cost. On average, the price of wooden sun loungers ranges from 6 to 15 thousand rubles.
  • Metal sun loungers… On sale you can find metal sun loungers with fabric inserts. Such products are more suitable for relaxing in a summer cottage, and not in a bath, since the metal can heat up, cool down, and it can be unpleasant to touch such a sun lounger with bare skin. In addition, the fabric, when wet, will dry for a long time, and lying on a wet deck chair is also not comfortable. Such sun loungers are also relatively inexpensive - from 1, 5 thousand rubles to 10.
  • Chaise lounges from pallets… Craftsmen have recently been actively using cheap and environmentally friendly wooden pallets or pallets for cargo in order to manufacture various pieces of furniture. Sun loungers are no exception. Some hand-made lovers make original chaise lounges for a bath out of pallets.

Wooden chaise lounge for a bath with your own hands

A wooden chaise longue for a bath should be folding. This is necessary so that at the right time it can be folded, rearranged to another place, taken out for drying, etc. It is even better if such a chaise longue is equipped with special wheels that will improve its mobility.You can build such a product with your own hands, choosing the right materials and the right tools.

Selection of materials for a sun lounger in a bath

Drawing of a chaise longue for a bath

Since the chaise longue, as a rule, is located in the rest room, where there are no high temperatures, it is quite possible to use coniferous wood in the work. Pine, fir, spruce will do. They have a wonderful aroma and good performance.

Of the more expensive options, you can pick up a cedar. Aspen and linden are also suitable. The main thing is that all lumber is well dried and has no visible damage.

For the manufacture of a standard folding deck chair, we need wooden plates with a thickness of 20 mm, as well as beams for a frame measuring 40x40 mm. For sheathing the frame, you should pick up boards with a width of about 2.5 cm.Also prepare self-tapping screws and corners.

Instructions for the manufacture of a chaise lounge for a bath

Wooden chaise longue for a bath

Before starting work on the collection of a sun lounger for a bath and a sauna, you should decide on its size and design. Ready-made drawings of sun loungers can be found on the Internet. The standard design for an adult has dimensions of 60x200 cm.

Remember, before assembling a chaise longue for a bath with your own hands, you need to carefully process all wooden parts with sanding paper to exclude the possibility of chipping.

  1. We prepare the frame. We make 4 sidewalls from the bars. We need a pair of long ones (200 cm) and a pair of shorter ones (60 cm). To hold them together, we use the mounting angles.
  2. The outer part of the frame is sheathed with a board 25 mm wide.
  3. We fix 4 legs on the long sides. To do this, we retreat from the edge of the structure by about 8 cm. For the legs, we need 10 cm long bars. We fix them to the frame using long self-tapping screws.
  4. Install a small roller in the center of each leg. Small screws are suitable for this - about 3-5 cm long.
  5. After the frame is ready, we begin to assemble the lattice - the main part of the sun lounger. To do this, we cut boards from wooden plates with electric jigsaws. Their dimensions are 60x10 cm.
  6. We fasten the prepared boards with self-tapping screws to the frame of our chaise longue. At the same time, we leave the distance between adjacent boards 1-2, 5 cm. Make sure that the distance between each board is the same. Such a grill will have a neat appearance, it will be easier to care for it.
  7. To make an adjustable back of a chaise longue, we divide the grill into two parts. One will play the role of a lounger, the second - a headboard. We install two parts on connecting boards. We use door hinges to fasten the lattice elements.
  8. In order for the head of the chaise longue to be fixed in the desired position, we fix the transverse bar on the inside of the frame. We attach a support stand for the headboard to it with the help of self-tapping screws. You can do it yourself or buy it ready-made in a building store.

In order for the chaise longue to serve you for more than one year, before assembling the structure, all wooden materials must be treated with an antiseptic or special impregnation that will prevent the appearance of mold and pests. The finished product can be coated with a special varnish to add shine and emphasize the natural grain of the wood.

How to make a frame fabric chaise longue for a bath

Fabric sun loungers come in tons of different configurations. They are convenient for their lightness, compactness, the ability to fold and acquire a flat shape. They take up less space than sun loungers made entirely of wood, since, as a rule, the latter unfolds to a reclining and sitting position. Several such structures can be placed in the recreation room at once.

The choice of materials for a frame sun lounger in the bath

Canvas for a fabric chaise longue in a sauna

In order to assemble a fabric chaise lounge with our own hands, we need boards for the frame. A rectangular shape with dimensions of 30x60 cm is suitable.In this case, two of them should have a length of 120 cm, two - 100 cm, two - 60 cm.You also need to stock up on round slats 2 cm thick.Of these, one lath should be 70 cm in length, two - 65 cm, two - 55 cm. Wood is suitable for hard species - oak, birch, beech.

For the fabric base, a piece of dense textile with a size of 200x60 cm is required. Tarpaulin, jeans, canvas, camouflage are ideal for our purposes. These fabrics are strong enough, resistant to wear and tear and mechanical stress. In addition, changes in temperature and humidity are not terrible for them.

Features of the manufacture of a frame chaise lounge for a bath

Frame chaise longue for a bath

To make the fabric chaise longue comfortable, we need to make three frames and fix the fabric on the frame.

We carry out the work in the following sequence:

  • We collect frames from pre-cut slats. Frame size A - 120x65 cm, frame B - 100x60 cm, frame B - 70x60 cm.We make holes in the longitudinal slats at a distance of 45 and 75 cm.
  • In frame B we make 2-4 cutouts so that the angle of inclination of the chaise lounge can be adjusted. The distance between them is 6-10 cm.
  • We collect the frame of the chaise lounge. For this, frames A and B are fastened to each other using self-tapping screws. Similarly, we fasten frames A and B.
  • After you have made the frame, you need to cut out and sew the seat of the lounger. The suitable length of the material is determined experimentally. To do this, we apply the cut to the deck chair in the folded position. In this case, the fabric should be slightly stretched, but without applying force.
  • We process and hem the edges of the fabric. This will extend the life of your sun lounger.
  • We fasten the fabric on round strips located on frames A and B. We wrap the slats with fabric and fasten with small nails. You can also make loops on the fabric and put them on the slats.

Please note that all wood surfaces must be carefully sanded with a sander or sandpaper.

Rules for caring for a wooden deck chair in the bath

Sun loungers in the washroom

Like any wooden accessory in the bath, the lounger needs special care. After each visit to the sauna and use of the sun lounger, it should be wiped with a damp soft cloth. Then wipe it dry with a waffle towel.

You need to dry it only in a dark, ventilated area. Do not fold a wet deck chair, or the wood may start to rot and mold. Also, make sure that the sun lounger is not exposed to direct sunlight. Do not dry it near the oven.

How to make a sun lounger in the bath - watch the video:

To ensure your chaise longue is as comfortable as possible, you can lay a special mattress on top of it. You can also sew it yourself. Various aromatic herbs are used as a filler. So you can not only relax comfortably after bath procedures, but also relax, inhaling the healing aromas of herbs.

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