Bath with barbecue: construction technology

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Bath with barbecue: construction technology
Bath with barbecue: construction technology

As a recreation area for a bath, they often equip a veranda, a terrace or a gazebo with a barbecue oven. You can choose a project and equip an additional extension yourself using the recommendations and instructions in the material. Content:

  1. Bath design
  2. Sauna with a wooden barbecue terrace

    • Foundation
    • Walls
    • Roof
    • Finishing
    • Summer oven
  3. Sauna with a brick terrace for a barbecue

    • Erection of the foundation
    • Construction of walls
    • Roof construction
    • Cladding
    • Stove with chimney

For do-it-yourself equipment, an extension with a barbecue near the steam room, you need to decide on the type of structure, draw up a project, pick up materials - and you can start the process itself. The construction of a bath with a barbecue under one roof can be carried out from brick, wood or cinder block and requires compliance with all fire safety techniques.

Designing a bath with a barbecue

The project of the first floor of a bathhouse with a barbecue

Before choosing a project option, you should decide on the type and size of the bath extension. All annexes to the bathhouse can be divided into verandas, terraces and gazebos. The terrace is a summer type of veranda and the most budgetary option for an extension.

The best option is an extension with an area of ​​6 to 8 m2… If you plan to receive guests, then, given the size of the barbecue oven, it is best to build a terrace as an extension, the size of which will be about 11 m2.

Having studied the projects of baths with barbecue and choosing the right one, we proceed to the selection of material. The bathhouse itself and the extension are built from the same material. The type of foundation and other aspects of construction depend on his choice.

For arrangement use:

  • Wood… For the construction of a bath, logs or beams are usually used, and the recreation area can be made in the form of a shield structure. The foundation is made columnar.
  • Brick… Strong and durable material with many different finishes. However, it will cost more. For such a building, a strip foundation is poured.

Construction of a bathhouse with a wooden terrace and barbecue

Terrace - an extension to the bathhouse, most often of an open type. When designing such a structure, it is worth considering that it can be placed under the same roof as the bathhouse. However, the foundations for them are necessarily poured separate. The terrace is usually equipped with one or more walls adjacent to the bath room or erected not far from it as an independent building. Sometimes they also equip an extension between the residential building and the bathhouse for ease of movement. The room can be divided into several areas that house a barbecue, a recreation area and even a swimming pool.

The foundation of a wooden bathhouse with a barbecue terrace

Screw piles for foundation

The bathhouse and the terrace are built on separate foundations. For a wooden structure, a pile or columnar option is equipped.

We carry out the work in the following order:

  1. We drill holes in the ground, with a depth below freezing of the soil and in increments of 100-150 cm.
  2. We fall asleep about 20 cm with crushed stone and tamp it carefully.
  3. We install pipes and align them in one plane. For this we use a spirit level and stretched threads.
  4. We hammer several reinforcement bars into the pipes at a distance of about 5 cm from the pipe walls.
  5. Pour concrete to the top.
  6. At the place of equipment of the future barbecue oven, we pour a concrete foundation on a sand and gravel bed.
  7. Let it dry. In hot weather, spray with water 3-4 times a day.

Erection of the walls of a bathhouse and a wooden terrace for a barbecue

Construction of a bathhouse with a barbecue terrace

The terrace can be open or closed. In the latter case, window systems are inserted into the structure.

Bath walls and terraces are erected according to the following instructions:

  • We attach the beams treated with an antiseptic and varnished with dowels or galvanized plates.
  • We lay a double layer of waterproofing. Terrace flooring must be done 0.25-0.5 cm lower than the floor in the bath.
  • We fill the piles and fasten the wall bars to them strictly vertically.

Installation of a roof for a wooden bathhouse and a terrace with a barbecue

Sauna with a barbecue terrace under one roof

The roof for the bath, as a rule, is equipped with a gable, but for the terrace it can be a continuation of the bath. Thus, the roof over the terrace and barbecue area is considered to be pitched.

The roofing material must correspond to the bath cover:

  1. We put the Mauerlat, observing the horizon.
  2. We drill holes in the timber for the future installation of the rafter system.
  3. We assemble the rafter system on the ground. For her, you need to use a durable beam. We attach the crossbar under the triangle.
  4. We fix the rafters on the roof, screw them with special fasteners to the Mauerlat.
  5. We pull the rope along the ridge and fasten the remnants of the rafter system. The step should be about 1 meter.
  6. We make a visor for the ridge.
  7. We fix a layer of vapor barrier on the rafters.
  8. We lay out the crate for the installation of the roof covering.
  9. We lay out the waterproofing on the slopes.
  10. We mount the roof covering - metal or slate. We start laying from the bottom up.

Exterior decoration of a wooden bath with a terrace and a barbecue

Sauna from a bar with a barbecue

As for finishing materials, they usually use those that fit into the overall exterior:

  • The bars, from which the walls of the bathhouse and the terrace are erected, are caulked with moss or jute.
  • We attach the crate to the bars.
  • We make the lining of the bath with finishing wood, for example, a block house or siding panels. Exterior decoration for the terrace is only needed if the annex is closed.
  • On the deck flooring we nail the logs in increments of 0, 4-0, 6 meters. We install the covering of the future floor on them.
  • If the terrace is closed, we mount a window and a door.
  • We sheathe the walls from the inside with finishing material. Usually it is lining. We fasten it to the crate with self-tapping screws.

IMPORTANT! The wood must be treated with a hydrophobic solution to improve its performance. It will also not be superfluous to soak the wooden elements near the stove with fire retardants.

Summer stove equipment for a bath

Summer stove for the terrace in the bath

A wooden terrace, as a rule, is equipped with a barbecue or a lightweight version of a summer stove. The design includes a firebox and a grill for baking products. In the place of the poured foundation, we make a U-shaped masonry of refractory bricks up to 100 cm high. The mortar between the bricks should be 10-15 mm thick. We mount rods in the walls of the furnace for attaching additional elements. We place a metal pallet, a grate with small cells for coal and large ones for meat at a distance of 30 cm from each other.

Since the barbecue is located literally on the street, there is no need to equip a classic chimney. Only a short pipe can be built. However, pay attention to the fact that when placing the summer stove on the terrace, you need to take into account the "wind rose" on the territory so that smoke does not accumulate inside the extension.

A protective zone should be created around the stove - a refractory material should be laid on the floor so that the coals do not burn through the wooden deck flooring. Also, near the stove or barbecue, it is worth equipping a special place for firewood.

Construction of a bathhouse with a brick terrace and barbecue

Brick buildings have a number of advantages: a long service life - up to 150 years, an attractive appearance, the ability to avoid expensive external cladding. In addition, brick provides an opportunity to experiment with building shape and design.

The foundation for a bath with a brick terrace and barbecue

Formwork for strip foundations

A brick structure requires a strong foundation. It is worth thinking about floor insulation even at this stage.

We carry out the work in the following sequence:

  1. We remove fertile soil around the perimeter of the future extension.The dimensions of the pit should be 50 cm wider on each side for an insulating blind area.
  2. We calculate the depth depending on the type of soil.
  3. We fill in a 15-centimeter layer of crushed stone of the middle fraction and ram with the help of a vibrating plate.
  4. We form a slope for the blind area. To do this, we level 50 cm on each side of the rubble and lay a drainage pipe in it (with a high level of groundwater).
  5. Pour a layer of sand (10-15 cm), water it with water to increase the density and ram it while maintaining the slope.
  6. We lay a waterproofing polymer membrane. We put one side on the future wall, and sprinkle the other with earth a little.
  7. We put insulation about 10 cm thick.On the blind areas, you can insulate with a layer of 5 cm.
  8. We mount formwork from boards reinforced with posts around the perimeter of the future structure (excluding the blind area).
  9. We lay out the halves of the bricks with reinforcement, the step is about 10 cm in two directions.
  10. We tie at the intersection with a wire and fill in a 10 cm layer of concrete.
  11. When the surface grasps slightly, cover it with foil and water it for a couple of days.
  12. After a week, we remove the formwork structure and fill up the soil on the blind area.

Bricklaying of walls of a bathhouse and a terrace with a barbecue made of bricks

Construction of a brick bath

For construction, you can choose any brick at your discretion. The main thing is that the terrace and the sauna are made in the same style.

We do the laying in stages:

  • We start building the structure 3 weeks after the foundation is built.
  • We make brickwork. It is advisable to use fireproof. If a closed terrace is supposed, we leave openings for the windows.
  • The layer of masonry mortar should be about 1.5 cm.
  • We place the vertical seam of each next row in a checkerboard pattern.

Installation of a roof for a brick bath with a terrace and barbecue

Roof for a brick bath with a terrace

For a brick structure, as well as for a wooden one, a gable roof is usually built over the bath. One of the slopes is lengthened to cover the terrace.

We carry out work according to the following plan:

  1. At the end of the construction of the walls, we fill the floor beams on top.
  2. We assemble the rafter system on the ground and stage it on the beams.
  3. We make a crate on the rafters with a step of 15-20 cm.
  4. We insulate it with a layer of steam, waterproofing and heat insulator.
  5. We install roofing material. It should be the same for both the sauna and the terrace. You can use slate, metal, corrugated board.

External cladding of a brick bath and a terrace with a barbecue

Brick terrace with barbecue

The external decoration of the bath and the terrace must be carried out in the same style. Beautiful brickwork does not need to be sheathed with finishing material from the outside. If you decide to make outdoor decoration, use siding, block house for this. You can plaster the finished building. And for the interior, you can choose the material according to your preferences.

In the process, follow the instructions below:

  • We install window systems and a door.
  • If external finishing is provided, we fill the crate.
  • Between the wall and the lathing, we hammer in heat-insulating material, for example, basalt wool.
  • We mount decorative material on the crate.
  • We lay roofing material on the floor of the terrace with an overlap.
  • Fill in a cement-sand screed.
  • We lay the "finished floor". If a wooden flooring is supposed, then we fill the logs on the screed with a step of 0.4 m and only then we fill the boards.
  • We cover the terrace inside. For this, we use the material of our preference. It can be lining, PVC panels or plaster.

Construction of a barbecue oven with a chimney

Brick terrace with a stove in the bathhouse

A brick barbecue oven should only be made of refractory bricks.

For a brick extension, you can make a more complicated design of a stove with a chimney:

  1. We make the laying of the base for the barbecue stove from refractory bricks. We put the walls on a cement-sand mortar in half a brick. The height of the base should be 60-70 cm.
  2. We leave a niche in the front wall of the stove in order to store firewood.
  3. Lay bricks across the perimeter of the base.They should go inside the oven and protrude outside. This is the basis for the future desktop.
  4. We mount the floor and the firebox with spits and grates. To do this, we lay a pair of steel rods between the bricks on all walls.
  5. We build three walls in half a brick.
  6. We put a cone-shaped smoke collector with a brick.
  7. We lay out the chimney from fireclay bricks.
  8. We mount a small grate for charcoal and a large one for meat.

If you wish, you can also build a sauna with a veranda and a barbecue. However, it should be borne in mind that this room is considered directly part of the bath, and not a connected extension. The veranda is insulated and can be used in the winter season. We present a video project of a bath with a barbecue:

The construction of a bath with a barbecue implies additional costs for the equipment of outbuildings. Pouring an additional base, arranging the furnace, finishing - will take a lot of time and effort. However, having studied the instructions and familiarized yourself with the photo of the baths with a barbecue, you can implement even the most complex project yourself.

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