How to make a house for a well

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How to make a house for a well
How to make a house for a well

Making a shelter for a well in the form of a house, the need for such protection, design features of the structure, planning, preparation and technology of work. A house for a well is a canopy that serves to protect the water source from external influences, often performs decorative functions and can become a decoration of the yard. Our readers will learn how to build a house for a well from this article.

The need to protect the well

Well protection house

After the completion of the construction of a well, usually intended not only for irrigation, but also for collecting drinking water, it becomes necessary to protect it from negative external influences. One of its options is the device above it of an open or closed canopy in the form of a house. Such a structure is capable of performing a number of functions:

  • Eliminate the possibility of clogging of well water with leaves from trees, debris, chemicals for spraying green spaces and dust;
  • Protect it from heating by the sun's rays in the summer heat, which reduces its quality;
  • Prevent its freezing at subzero air temperatures in winter;
  • Close access to the well dangerous for children and animals;
  • Serve as a decorative element of the site, emphasizing its individuality.

Of course, you can always buy a ready-made house on the market. However, the cost of such a design is not affordable for everyone. Therefore, it will be cheaper to make it yourself.

Features of the construction of a house for a well

Construction of a house for a well

Well sheds come in a variety of shapes. The simplest of them is a shield on racks that covers the top of the neck of the structure; a structure in the form of a log house looks more thoroughly. The roof of a well house can be made single-pitched, ribbed umbrella type or gable. Its slope can be steep and not very.

The doors of closed sheds are usually located on two opposite sides of structures, or only on one of them. They are folding, sliding and solid.

It is advisable to select the material for the roof so that, by color or texture, it is in harmony with other elements of the decorative design of the site. The roof of a canopy, for example, can be simply painted in a suitable color or trimmed with soft tiles.

After the walls of the house for the well have been erected, their lining with artificial stone or mosaic will look beautiful. The log structure of the canopy will give the source a unique rustic flavor. When creating a frame system, its racks can be decorated with tree bark, and flowers can be planted nearby. The wooden roof of the well with carvings looks great.

Most of the details of the decorative design of the well do not have to be purchased at all. The materials left after the repair or construction of the house are quite suitable for such a purpose: fragments of tiles, remnants of paint, granite crushed stone, and so on.

Preparatory work

Drawing of a house for a well

Before getting down to work, it is necessary to think over the design of the future house, taking into account the general style of the site design. The materials used in the construction process of the structure should be beautifully combined with the external decoration of the rest of the buildings of the courtyard. Most often, a well shed is made from logs, the remains of a bar or planks. These materials may be the most readily available, especially after the completion of capital construction on your site. In extreme cases, the missing quantity can be brought from the store.

For convenient work around the well, it is necessary to create a platform.To do this, the place of its location should be cleaned of grass, level the surface of the soil, fill the site with rubble 15-20 cm thick and tamp it. When the place for work is ready, you need to measure the diameter of the outer ring of the concrete shaft, as it largely determines the size of the well house.

As an illustrative example, we will describe the manufacture of a gable closed canopy from a bar and boards. For such a design, the following materials will be needed:

  1. Four beams 50x50 mm long 840 mm for the roof rafters of the house;
  2. One meter beam 50x50 mm for its ridge and four beams of the same length, but with a section of 100x100 mm for the base of the frame structure;
  3. Two meter beams 100x50 mm for fixing the rafters;
  4. Two beams 100x50 mm for columnar supports;
  5. A log with a diameter of 250 mm and a length of 900 mm for the manufacture of a well gate;
  6. Board 30x300 mm and 1 m long for a stand for buckets;
  7. Boards 20x100 mm for the installation of roof slopes and installation of gables;
  8. Steel corners - 4 pcs.;
  9. -metal rod 20 mm long, 200-300 mm long;
  10. L-shaped workpiece 400x350x250 mm in size from a rod;
  11. Steel bushings - 2 pcs.;
  12. Steel washers with holes Ø 26 mm;
  13. Door hinges - 2 pcs., Latch and handle;
  14. Soft roof tiles;
  15. Chain and bucket.

Before assembly, wooden parts of the future structure must be treated with an antiseptic or other compound that can protect them from rotting and destruction by insects. Initially, all wood must be well dried in order to avoid deformation of the house during its operation.

The set of accessories for work should include:

  • Circular saw and electric jigsaw, necessary for fast processing of wooden structural parts;
  • Perforator for making holes in the wall of the well when attaching wooden canopy racks;
  • Hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, pencil and building level.

The procurement of materials should be carried out after measuring the diameter of the neck and drawing up a drawing of the house for the well, i.e. when the general picture of the future structure is clear.

How to make a house for a well

The construction of the house includes the manufacture of a wooden frame, the installation of gates, doors and the installation of the roof. When creating a structure, you must proceed in the order described below.

Frame fabrication

The frame of the house for the well

The distance between its sides in our example should correspond to the outer width of the well. The construction is based on a wooden frame. For its manufacture, you need to use a beam of 50x100 mm. It is more convenient to assemble the frame and the entire frame on the site near the well.

To the finished frame, you should attach two vertical posts made of 50x100 mm timber and 720 mm long, and then connect their free ends with a ridge bar 50x50 mm.

After that, it is necessary to install the rafter bars, connecting them with the corners of the base of the frame with the top of the racks. For a snug fit of these bars, the ends of the racks must be cut from above and on both sides at 45 degrees.

From the side of the future location of the door, a board 300-400 mm wide must be nailed to the base of the frame, on which you can then put buckets when collecting well water.

On the other sides, boards should be filled, but of a smaller width. They are designed to provide strength and hold the fabricated structure on the well.

The finished frame of the house must be bolted to the concrete head. To do this, holes should be drilled in the canopy racks and the head of the well, and after aligning them, insert the bolts, tightening them with nuts.

How to install the gate

How to make a gate for a well

To do this, you need to take a log, remove the bark and grind its surface. The length of the workpiece should be 5 cm less than the step between the vertical rack bars of the house. In this case, the edge of the gate will not touch them during operation.

Along the edges, the log should be wrapped with coils of wire or a clamp. This will preserve the round shape of the gate during its operation.

In the center of the ends of the workpiece, you need to make two 20 mm holes 5 cm deep and fix their edges using metal washers. Then, during rotation on the axis, the gate seats will not collapse.

Similar holes must be made in the canopy posts at the appropriate height for the gate and metal bushings must be inserted into them.

Then, a 200 mm long steel bar must be driven into the hole of the workpiece on the left, and the handle on the right. When all the metal parts are installed on the gate, it should be fixed on the posts, attach a chain, and hang a bucket to it for collecting water.

How to make a door

House door for a well

First you need to choose a side of the frame and fix three 50x50 mm bars on it, defining the opening. In accordance with its dimensions, the door should be assembled using identical boards, which must be carefully adjusted to each other, and then fastened with bars along the edges of the canvas and its diagonal.

It is more convenient to perform this work on a flat area near the well. The door should be slightly smaller than the internal dimensions of its opening. Then it will not cling to the wooden parts of the box.

After assembly, steel hinges must be attached to the door, installed on the frame of the house and secured with nails or screws.

From the outside, you need to install a latch on the door and provide it with a handle. After checking the operation, the door should open and close easily, without clinging to anything.

Roof installation

Well house roof

When making a house for a well with your own hands, the construction of a roof is the most important task. After all, it is this structural element that will serve as the main protection of the water source from bad weather and debris.

For the device of the roof, the slopes of the frame and its gables must be sheathed with boards, and the outermost of them should slightly go beyond the contour of the structure. The visor obtained in this way will cover the gables, and they will not get wet.

After sheathing, the roof must be covered with a waterproofing layer. It can be roofing felt or other material with similar properties. There is no need to hide gables under such insulation. Usually they are covered with a special water-repellent primer, and this is enough. The waterproofing device on the roof will greatly extend the life of the entire structure.

Soft shingles can be used as a topcoat for the roof. It is lightweight and quite suitable for this purpose. It is not recommended to use a slate for a wooden frame of a well house. Under its weight, the structure can twist and even collapse after a certain time.

Decorative finishing of a house for a well

Decorating a house for a well

This is the final stage in the manufacture of a well house. Countless finishes can be found in the photos presented on the Internet. We will list the most accessible ones for self-execution.

Look great on the backyard of the shelter of wells made of wooden log cabins or with a finish that imitates solid logs. Such houses are especially good in combination with a grass lawn. The effect can be enhanced by laying large stones around the base of the well.

Wood carving is also an excellent decoration for a man-made source of drinking water. A carved house, lovingly made in the Russian style, looks beautiful in any dacha.

If you prefer a rustic flavor, you can make a shelter for a krinitsa by adhering to the folk style. Here the house is decorated with tiles.

Painting a building in different colors is an easy but effective way to decorate. By choosing the right paint, you can give the well house almost any shade - make it clean whitewashed, give it an aging effect, etc.

Shelters in the form of a log house above the well can be decorated with wooden or ceramic figurines depicting people or animals.

How to build a house for a well - watch the video:

The most important thing to always remember before making a house for a well is its main function, which is to maintain the purity and quality of water. Good luck with your work!

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