Garlic pepper

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Garlic pepper
Garlic pepper

Description and characteristics of the composition of garlic pepper. What a beneficial effect and harm. Cooking applications. The product contains a high amount of phytoncides. They are found not only in dried garlic, but also in all kinds of peppers. The benefits of garlic pepper are provided by the total chemical composition of all the ingredients that are added to the seasoning.

Useful properties of garlic pepper

Spice garlic pepper

The use of the seasoning has a beneficial effect on the human body, since the positive properties of all the ingredients reinforce each other.

Beneficial features:

  • Bactericidal action, inhibits the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms: yeast and mold fungi, streptococcus and staphylococcus bacteria, diphtheria bacilli, dysentery pathogens;
  • Accelerates intestinal peristalsis, stimulates metabolic processes in the body;
  • Has an antioxidant effect, accelerates the elimination of toxins accumulated in the liver;
  • Stimulates soft tissue regeneration;
  • Improves the quality of synovial fluid;
  • Strengthens the body's immune system, increases the immune status;
  • Prevents the deposition of cholesterol plaques on the walls of peripheral and large vessels;
  • Accelerates blood flow, oxygen transport throughout all tissues and organs;
  • Improves appetite, stimulates the salivary glands;
  • Prevents fluid loss, normalizes water and electrolyte balance;
  • Has anesthetic effect, suppresses headache. The seasoning owes this property to capsaicin, since red pepper is its main ingredient.

The use of the spice has a tonic effect, prevents the development of depression and improves mood.

Harm and contraindications to the use of garlic pepper

Peptic ulcer

The seasoning is hot enough. Therefore, there are enough contraindications to the use of garlic pepper. These include:

  1. Diseases of the digestive tract at the stage of exacerbation;
  2. Peptic ulcer and erosive gastritis;
  3. Increased acidity of gastric juice;
  4. Pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas;
  5. Children's age up to 3 years, since the intestinal microflora of the child is not yet sufficiently formed;
  6. Pregnancy, so as not to provoke uterine tone;
  7. Lactation - Spicy formula gives breast milk a bitter taste that the baby may not like.

People who often develop allergic reactions should be careful. Garlic pepper contains many spices, each of which is a strong allergen. Even if a single use of the seasoning did not have a negative effect on the body, it cannot be guaranteed that the next one will be as successful. When purchasing a product the next time, a spice with a different composition may be chosen, which may include a different set of components, and an allergic reaction may develop after a fragrant addition.

For polyvalent allergies, it is recommended to use garlic peppers with a limited amount of ingredients. You can make this seasoning yourself or buy it in the store. Garlic Pepper Ingredients for Allergy sufferers: Dried garlic, red pepper and parsley.

Garlic Pepper Recipes

Homemade garlic pepper croutons

There are no culinary restrictions on the use of garlic pepper. It is used in the preparation of all types of meat, fish and poultry, added to minced meat for dumplings or dumplings, to the water for cooking them, and is used to improve the taste of pasta. Seasoning is used when sauces are languishing, add it dry to various salads.

To make homemade garlic peppers, dry the garlic first. The teeth are cleaned, washed and spread in a thin layer on a paper towel to absorb excess liquid.Cut into thin slices. Lay dry sheets of parchment on a baking sheet, garlic plates on top in one layer. Dried at a temperature of 50 ° C in the oven, opening the door ajar. The process will take from 5 to 7 hours. In the same way, on a baking sheet covered with parchment, after cutting into slices, dry the parsley root. Mix in proportions: 250 g of dried garlic, 150 g of parsley root, 2 tablespoons of black peppercorns and a tablespoon of red pepper. The mixture of ingredients is ground in a coffee grinder to obtain a smooth, free-flowing powder. You can add salt, but no more than 1 tablespoon.

Garlic Pepper Recipes:

  • Homemade croutons… 300 g of bread, white or black, does not matter, spread out of the bread bin overnight to dry out. Cut into equal cubes. 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil are poured into enameled dishes, 1-1, 5 tablespoons of garlic pepper are added. If you want something spicy, add 2 cloves of crushed garlic to the marinade and add some salt. The bread cubes are gently mixed in a container so that they do not lose their shape, and at the same time they are well saturated with the marinade. The oven is preheated to 200-220 ° C, bread pieces are poured in one layer on a baking sheet and set to dry. Dry for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. When the croutons are browned, they are poured onto a dry plate, sprinkled with garlic pepper again.
  • Diet fillet… Chicken fillet, approximately 600-800 g, cut into portions. Rub with a tablespoon of garlic pepper and salt, leave to marinate. In a blender, grind 150 g of Dor blue cheese and cut into small pieces a bright red or orange bell pepper. 5 tablespoons of low-fat sour cream, approximately 15%, are poured into a blender glass, and brought to full homogeneity. The marinated puree is fried in a pan until golden brown, then the sour cream sauce is poured and the lid of the pan is closed so that the contents are well stewed. From the seasonings, it is enough to add a few bay leaves to the pan. As soon as the fillet is cooked, the pan can be turned off. Rice or boiled potatoes are served as a side dish for chicken fillet.
  • Fragrant Buffalo Chicken Sticks… Cooking starts with the marinade. Mix 0.5 liters of buttermilk with hot chili sauce and Tabasco sauce, 4 tablespoons each, 8 tablespoons of salt and 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. You can substitute wine vinegar for apple cider vinegar. A kilogram of chicken fillet is cut into thin sticks, dipped in the marinade, mixed. Cover the container with foil and put in the refrigerator overnight so that the meat is well marinated. Preheat the oven to 230 ° C, thoroughly coat the grate with sunflower oil so that the meat does not stick. Mix in an enamel bowl 600 g of bread crumbs, 16 tablespoons of 1st grade flour, 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper and paprika, half a tablespoon of salt. Pickled chicken sticks are coated with a hot pepper mixture, put on a hot wire rack in the oven, and brought to readiness. While the meat is baking, mix the sauce. A glass of sour cream is poured into a blender bowl, half a glass of unsweetened yogurt is added, 240 g of Gorgonzola cheese, a tablespoon of garlic pepper, 2 tablespoons of salt and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar are added. Mix the sauce. Ready chicken sticks, covered with a golden brown crust, grease with sauce. It is more convenient to use a silicone brush. Buffalo sticks are a great beer snack.
  • Sausages in batter… A simple dish, thanks to the garlic seasoning, becomes tasty and aromatic. Eggs, 2 pieces, beat, adding 1, 5 tablespoons of garlic pepper and 8 - wheat flour. Pour in a little milk, so that the consistency of the batter resembles liquid sour cream. 6 sausages, according to their own taste, are cleaned of cellophane, dipped in batter, and then fried until golden brown in a pan with heated vegetable oil. If you add grated cheese to the batter, the dish will turn out to be even tastier.
  • "Winter" meat sauce… Plain tomato sauce can be turned into a gourmet meal. The amount of ingredients is calculated for 1 liter of mild tomato sauce. 100 g of vegetables, onions, carrots and fennel, cut into approximately equal pieces. Chopped vegetables are fried in a pan greased with olive oil until soft. There is no need to achieve a ruddy crust. Heat the tomato sauce over the fire, add vegetable frying, 4 cloves of crushed garlic, 150 ml of dry red wine, half a glass of meat broth, oregano on the tip of a knife. All this must be boiled over low heat, stirring constantly so that it does not burn, for at least 50 minutes. The mixture should boil down to 1/3. 5 minutes before turning off, add a tablespoon of sugar and garlic pepper, a teaspoon of salt to the sauce. You can replace ready-made tomato sauce with homemade tomato in the same amount, adding 2 tablespoons of tomato paste to them, or grated pickled tomatoes with tomato paste.

When mixing the composition, everyone is guided by their own taste. But you need to know that garlic pepper is garlic because its main ingredient is garlic. The nutritional properties of the finished dish are not so much dependent on the amount of seasoning ingredients as on their quality. When making your own spices, only fresh spices should be used.

Interesting facts about garlic pepper

Garlic and pepper for making seasoning

Garlic spices in Russia began to be made back in pagan times, but culinary specialists from hot countries first began to make multi-component mixtures. But they did this not with the aim of giving the food a special taste, but trying to enhance the bactericidal properties. Refrigerators were invented only by the middle of the 19th century, and before that, in order to keep food from spoiling, it was generously seasoned with spices, especially onions and paprika.

The most useful spice back in the 5th century. BC NS. was considered garlic, so it is not surprising that it became one of the main ingredients of the mild aromatic seasoning.

By the fifteenth century A.D. NS. people no longer just tried to get enough, they began to eat deliciously, using spices not so much for health improvement, but to improve the taste and aromatization of the dish. And in the eighteenth century, "lazy" cooks, so as not to mess with the recipe, began to make complex mixtures, one of which was garlic pepper.

Currently, in addition to traditional dried spices, monosodium glutamate is added to the seasoning, which stimulates the taste buds. The main ingredients are dried garlic, red and black peppers, and garlic oil. That is why the main flavor of the seasoning is garlic.

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Garlic pepper is a wonderful addition to a dish. With its help, you can quickly prepare a spicy cold sauce from ordinary sour cream, unsweetened yogurt or mayonnaise without subjecting the components to heat treatment. In such a dish, all the beneficial properties of spices are preserved.

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