How to get a guy to kiss yourself?

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How to get a guy to kiss yourself?
How to get a guy to kiss yourself?

Instructions for girls about the first kiss and some interesting facts about kissing … Have you fallen in love with him and really want him to kiss you? What needs to be done to make him do it? After all, he is so important to you - next to him your heart beats more and more often, your palms are sweating and goosebumps run all over your body.

  1. First, give him hope that you have a future together. Maybe that's why he is so afraid to admit his feelings and be the first to kiss you, because he is not sure that you like him madly.
  2. But to make him understand that you are very much even indifferent to him, look into his eyes or accidentally touch him. Sit as close to each other as possible. Smile at him more often, be sincere and real. This will bring you closer and perhaps he will feel more confident.
  3. You can even imagine him kissing you. It is enough to remember that thoughts materialize. Perhaps he will guess your desires?
  4. Make your lips look more attractive. Your lips must beckon him so hard that he can no longer resist and kiss you first.
  5. Well, if your beloved is a very indecisive young man, then tell him directly: "Kiss me" or do it yourself. Better you kiss once than never, so as not to regret the missed moment later.
  6. Choose a suitable environment without outsiders. Maybe he just can't dare to kiss you because all the time something or someone is in the way? Therefore, stay alone with him more often so that he decides to kiss you.

You should also know that a kiss is not only a desire of the soul and heart. Kissing, we fill ourselves with a sense of joy, delight and happiness. Here's what will be interesting to know about kissing.

Some facts about kissing:

Few facts about kissing
Few facts about kissing
  1. When kissing, 39 facial muscles are involved, which is an excellent prevention of wrinkles.
  2. When kissing, you transfer a complex of substances to each other, this increases immunity and is absolutely safe.
  3. A romantic kiss can burn about 2-3 kcal, while a French kiss can burn 5 or more.
  4. Studies have shown that men who kiss their wives before work live five years longer than those who don't.
  5. With a passionate kiss lasting 90 seconds, the pulse quickens and the pressure and hormone levels in the blood increase.
  6. The lips have a sensitivity 200 times that of the fingers.
  7. A kiss is simply necessary for peace of mind, during a kiss, endorphins are released, which have a narcotic effect and give a feeling of bliss and peace.

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