The love of a man, his character and preferences

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The love of a man, his character and preferences
The love of a man, his character and preferences

What can say about the character of a man according to his hobbies and preferences in a love relationship with a girl? And how different hobbies in a man's life can characterize him in bed. Each man is special in his own way, each has his own hobbies and preferences in various areas, including in sexual relations. Some men rule and dominate, while others prefer to create a romantic atmosphere and only then get down to business, without rushing anywhere. Despite this, women like both one and the other type of male behavior. Meanwhile, psychologists have found that the posture that a man often uses during adult relationships can speak of the qualities of his character. Also, behavior in love relationships is influenced by the type of activity and hobbies of a man, the so-called hobby.

Pay attention to what the man is like during foreplay

  • A man is gentle and unhurried, it is important for him to create a mood and the necessary atmosphere for you - that means you are very dear to him.
  • At the same time, the man maintains eye contact with you - emotional closeness is very important to him.
  • A man is careful, fusses and can kiss you extremely softly - it means he is confused, which usually happens at first meetings, and does not yet know how you want to see him. In this case, subtly say what you would like and help him to relax.

A man's favorite posture can speak of his character

So, if in his preference:

Pose "man from behind"

This position can characterize him as a confident man who likes to keep everything under control. But at the same time, he can be too patronizing and self-confident. Due to the lack of eye contact, such a pose still speaks of a certain isolation and unwillingness to show your feelings and emotions.

Pose "woman on top"

If this is his preferred posture, then it indicates the presence of a possible selfish tendency in him. Or such a man may be overly compliant and gentle. Pose "on the side, face to face." She can talk about his openness and the purest and most sincere intentions towards you. There is a possibility that he can be quite vulnerable, but at the same time quite gentle and romantic in bed.

Pose "on the side from behind"

Such a preference speaks of a test of warm feelings and the most trusting relationships for you. Such a man is confident in himself, however, this is not excessive self-confidence. In life, he can be difficult to climb or slightly passive.

Man on top or missionary pose
Man on top or missionary pose

Pose "man on top" or "missionary"

Such a man is principled in everything. It also speaks of his sincerity and dedication. In life, he is your support, a stone wall and a vest to cry on, and you can rely on him with confidence. In his character, there may be a tendency not to show emotion and be a little boring.

How does your man behave after bed?

A man in love will hug you, it's corny, but he is able to bring coffee to bed and will talk. An alarming sign: after love, a man may turn away and fall asleep or go about his business, while not paying his attention to you. With such regular behavior, it is worth considering: do you need such a relationship?

What is a man interested in?

The man is extreme

If he lacks a certain portion of adrenaline, then extreme hobbies are important in his life, including a romantic date on the roof of a skyscraper, in an elevator, an unexpected romantic trip arranged for you. Such a man is quick on the rise, he loves risk and perseverance. But it won't be easy to lure him into bed either. As a rule, extreme men do not want to think about contraception.

Man is a collector

aesthetic by nature. Passionate about collecting wine, books, stamps and collectible cars, he will evaluate the beauty of a woman by her hairstyle and makeup, lacy underwear. However, he can perceive a woman as another specimen in his collection. The fan's activity will manifest itself in everything, and the bed will not be an exception. He will want to demonstrate his technicality and high speed, while the woman's feelings can be left out.

Mushroom pickers, fishermen and hunters

are distinguished by caution and great suspicion. For them, haste is not so important, every action will be analyzed. In bed, a man - a hunter prefers to be an observer of a woman's actions. Moreover, he will remember from what his actions and caresses the woman is delighted. A man - a hunter chooses a leisurely woman for himself, as he wants to take possession of the game, and believes that overly active women in life and in bed are not entirely suitable for him.

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