Features of female and male metabolism

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Features of female and male metabolism
Features of female and male metabolism

The article will tell you how to speed up metabolism and what is the role of aerobic exercise in improving metabolism. Anyone who has come across a desire to change the figure knows that this process is not always easy and simple. Only when you are 18 years old, you are a young man of an athletic physique, muscle mass is quickly gained, and fat disappears easily. It is very simple to change your body. Otherwise, it's a tough battle.

The fair sex was in a very disadvantageous position for them, since the studies carried out by experts in the field of fat burning or studying the characteristics of muscles involved men.

We know that the metabolism and response to classes in the gym of the female body differ from the male. In addition, there are a number of established gender standards and opinions that act as a catalyst for obtaining useful advice and suggestions on how to properly work on your physical form.

Today we will acquaint you with the 5 main distinguishing features of female metabolism from male metabolism, we will tell you in detail what you need to do to create your dream figure. Regardless of your desire to lose extra pounds or double your muscles, increase strength performance or the effectiveness of complex exercises, we will tell you how to make the exercises bring the maximum result.

In the process of rest, the fair sex burns more carbohydrates than men, but less fat. In addition to this feature, it is necessary to remember that fat after a meal is deposited more in women, this is already added to the already not small percentage of body fat. If you look at this from the side of evolution, then women need a high content of body fat, since later these reserves are used during pregnancy and lactation period. At the moment when the female body is ready to conceive a child, the storage of fat in the thighs and abdomen is immediately read. This amount of fat is simply removed from work, and stored in case of carrying a baby.

The accumulation on the thighs and buttocks is rich in one type of omega-three acids, namely DHA. There is an opinion among physicians that this type of fat is used to create breast milk and form the baby's brain.

A number of studies have been carried out in the United States, which have shown that the fair sex has a low level of DHA with deposits of gluteofemoral fat due to the insignificant intake of omega-three fats. This is what causes a significant increase in body weight during pregnancy. A woman's brain is able to calculate the moment when the body is in nutritional status, thereby finding areas of low DHA levels.

This causes the appearance of severe hunger, which pushes lovely ladies to eat in large quantities in order to double the reserves of DHA, on which the development of the fetal brain depends. But, Japanese women are the stark opposite of this process. Their DHA levels are much higher than their American counterparts due to their high consumption of fish, thanks to this, young moms keep their bodies slim.

If you are planning to conceive a child or already have a child, in any case, it is necessary that a standard dose of DHA enters the body along with food. It is important to know and maintain the harmony between omega-three and omega-six. This can be done using a variety of oils and vegetable fats.

Effective Methods to Boost Your Metabolism

Features of female and male metabolism

Your task is to make the metabolism so that energy is produced through the use of fats.This is within the power of every woman, it is only necessary to reduce several times the amount of carbohydrates present in food. Then your body will use fat for energy, and thus dry the body. A prime example of this is eating a higher percentage of carbs on days when you work out at the gym or at home. And on non-workout days, reduce carbohydrates to a minimum, or even eliminate them from the diet. To bring the metabolism back to normal, you can use another method, after strength exercises and races, perform a set of anaerobic exercises.

Fat burning and storage occurs differently depending on gender. For women, fat is used as a source of energy during workouts, which is not observed in men. So who is struggling with body fat, and dreams of a thin waist, it is important to exercise. It is they who contribute to the disappearance of extra pounds. It is worth remembering that young ladies, being at rest, burn an order of magnitude less calories.

In addition to this, fat is mixed subcutaneously, and in men, the visceral type of fat deposits predominates. This type of fat differs in metabolic activity, and is the reason for an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. For women, a low percentage of fat in the thighs and buttocks is considered a sign of excellent health, and a minimal risk of heart problems.

All women know that during weight loss, the first part of the body where the gone centimeters are noticeable is the top, then the lower part. But, it is this process that is the longest and most exhausting. We already know why this zone is so problematic. There are more alpha receptors in women than in men, since this is an important element for the full bearing of a baby. Gradually, a combination is formed in the body - alpha receptors and estrogens, they are catalysts for weight loss. It is easier for men to burn fat because they have a proportional amount of beta receptors.

Aerobic exercise is the ultimate weight loss aid

To combat body fat in the problem area, it is imperative to do anaerobic exercise. There have been studies that have shown that aerobic exercise strength training works as an enhancer in the rate of fat loss. Those whose workouts included such a complex saw the following results: in the leg area, fat loss was somewhere in the region of 12.2%, thighs decreased by as much as 4%, and about 10% of the total amount of fat present in the body.

If a woman prefers exclusively aerobic exercise, then slightly different results are observed: in the leg area, about 5.7% of fat has disappeared, the hips have decreased in circumference by 4%, and the total amount of fat has decreased by 5%.

Scientists have concluded that higher intensity strength training stimulates the release of fat cells. Thanks to this, the body uses them as a source of energy, and thereby burns subcutaneous fat. It is possible that estrogen has a positive effect on fat burning during exercise. With the following features:

  • The amount of breakdown of triglycerol in the blood decreases, which affects a significant decrease in the amount of stored fat.
  • Stimulates the production of epinephrine for high-quality fat burning.
  • It acts to increase the amount of growth hormone, which in turn plays an important role in the metabolic process.

For strength training, prioritize lower body workouts. Weight lifting is not only a man's business. Squats are a favorite exercise for athletes to pull up the buttocks and shape slender legs. On a treadmill or stationary bike, use high intervals. Do not forget about the diet, this is important for the normalization of metabolism.

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