Hardgainer: how to pump up?

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Hardgainer: how to pump up?
Hardgainer: how to pump up?

How can a hardgainer build muscle? Useful tips and tricks for people of this physique and physiological characteristics. What kind of concept is this? How to deal with the fact that training turns out to be ineffective? You will find comprehensive information on these and other questions in this article.

For sure, most people don't know that they are of the hard gainer type. Most often, those who come to the gym in order to improve their body, build up muscles, find out about this.

Who is a hardgainer?

When a person is engaged in bodybuilding and there are no visible results in terms of muscle gain, as well as growth in strength, then they say about him that this is a hard gainer. The main reason muscles don't grow with painstaking workouts in the gym is because of the inappropriate body type. This is an ectomorphic type. It is very difficult for such a person to pump up, since an increased metabolism is typical for an ectomorph. And this interferes with muscle growth. In addition, there are other limiting signs:

  • thin bones
  • long limbs
  • short muscular abdomen

The main reasons for the lack of muscle growth

  1. Decreased hormonal and anabolic background, increased hormonal and catabolic background.
  2. The body is dominated by weakly responsive muscle fibers.
  3. The central nervous system is very sensitive.
  4. Failures at the genetic level.
  5. Poor immunity and health - from birth.

How do you know if you are a hard gainer?

To do this, you need to observe yourself and your reaction during trainings. Try grabbing your wrist with your thumb and forefinger - did it work? So you have thin bones. The fact that a person has short muscles can be easily found out if you bend your arm at the elbow - at the same time, you can stick a couple or three fingers between the end of the biceps and the forearm. Of course, these are quite relative indicators, because with thin bones a person can have an excellent muscle response to the load, which means that it is quite possible to achieve an aesthetic physique thanks to thin bones.

How much fat is in your body is also important. If the reserves are quite impressive, then there are more success in strength work than if the amount of fat in the body is minimal. Although in this case, various options are possible.

The main criterion for a hard gainer is how a person reacts to strength training. When there is the ability to constantly improve and add loads, then we can talk about good abilities to quickly build your body and increase muscle mass. Otherwise, you are a hard gainer. But do not be upset, because clinical cases of ectomorph hardgainer are quite rare. Most often, various types are mixed - mesomorph, endomorph, ectomorph. In a sense, we can say that we are all hard gainers - the only difference is to what extent.

Features of the hardgainer and how to fight

Hardgainer: how to pump up?

There is a special training regime for such people. To enhance muscle growth, loads are required quite impressive. A variety of exercises should be involved in training.

For hard gainers, a separate training program is needed - these are basic exercises such as squats for example. Thus, it will be possible to increase the level of an important hormone - testosterone. By increasing strength, it becomes possible to build muscle.

Since the hard gainer is morally weak, often nervous and quickly gets tired from stress, you should start strengthening the central nervous system. There should be a clear periodization in training. Monotonous and monotonous loads are inappropriate here.It is necessary to combine the cycles of intense training and full recovery. Since hardgainers have a weak appetite, it is necessary to use protein-carbohydrate cocktails, for example, a gainer. Thanks to the ideal combination of carbohydrates and proteins, it becomes possible to increase muscle mass. Whether you're working out or resting, consume this healthy shake up to three times a day.

It is very important to work on the calves - in the hard gainer, the calf muscles refuse to grow. So, you need to train them as often as possible. It is better to do this at each lesson, changing the intensity of the loads, as well as their volume.

What are the signs that a hard gainer has overtrained?

  1. Strength is not growing or it is happening too slowly.
  2. Strength in exercises decreases markedly.
  3. I don't want to sleep at all.
  4. I don't feel like eating at all.
  5. Loss of strength, fatigue.
  6. The person is losing weight.
  7. Immunity drops.
  8. On days when there is no workout, the heart rate is high.

In such cases, the hardgainer needs rest - exclude the power load for a week, and then you will need to continue training, but their volume should be significantly lower. You should reduce the load during exercise.

Hard gainer training: main features

Hardgainer: how to pump up?

Due to the fact that such people do not digest a large load during training, which means that it is necessary to reduce it. Workouts should be carried out less often, during classes, work approaches and the number of exercises should be reduced. In this case, you need to start doing basic exercises with free weights.

The basic set of exercises includes:

  1. Squats
  2. Deadlift
  3. Bench press
  4. Overhead press
  5. Rows as well as pull-ups

Workouts for a hard gainer should be of the following frequency: 1 time in 14 days or 3 - in two weeks. It is often not worth exercising, because it is important that you also rest. Until chronic fatigue has passed, you should not start training. After you have come to your senses, it is better to wait one more day and only then start classes.

The number of approaches and reps

Hardgainer training

Ideal is 6 to 10 reps for a beginner. The pace should be medium. For one or two exercises, you should do a couple of working approaches. Everything needs a middle ground - do not overdo it. The main goal for you should be the ability to adhere to strength training in a reduced amount.

How to cycle loads?

Despite the desire to find a beautiful, pumped-up body as soon as possible, you should rest. Therefore, after several weeks of exercising at the limit, you should reduce the load. It is very important to come to a controlled state of distraction over the following weeks. This is the only way the hardgainer will be able to achieve his goal faster.

That is, it turns out that you move like a wave - for a certain period you are engaged in strength exercises and add loads, and then it is time for a controlled slip. During this period, weight must be reduced. Try to step over yourself and train like this - believe me, progress will be evident.

Basic training rules for a hard gainer

  1. Reduce the weight to light - work your normal reps, even if you think you can do more.
  2. The loads should be added gradually - start with a low weight, increase it from workout to workout.
  3. Are you nearly approaching maximum loads? Then it's time to reduce your training month.
  4. Stretch the process of approaching the maximum as much as possible - this way the result will last much longer, the progress will be more impressive.
  5. Fewer increments - longer maximum overcoming.

How to recover and rest?

Quite often, a hard gainer has a fast metabolism, so proper recovery and nutrition is very important.

Fundamental rules:

  1. The calorie content in the diet of a hardgainer should be impressively higher than the one that he spends on a daily basis.
  2. The diet should not contain a lot of complex carbohydrates. In addition, animal proteins should be consumed in abundance, we are talking about meat, fish and seafood. Milk and eggs should be added to the list.
  3. The hardgainer should eat often, but in small quantities - from 6 to 12 times a day.
  4. Full sleep is required - at least 10 hours per day.
  5. Various supplements are useful, casein before bedtime. And in the morning fast proteins are useful, and maybe amino acids.

Hardgainer and Nutrition: Effective Supplements

Hardgainer Power
  1. Protein
  2. Gainers
  3. Creatine
  4. Vitamin preparations

Proper nutrition is one of the keys to success in what you started. Don't be discouraged if the first try didn't work out. After all, everything is still ahead. You need to be patient and develop willpower. Belief in yourself is also an important factor.

If you can't quickly gain muscle mass, it doesn't matter. This is not the time to give up. After all, you also have enough advantages - there is practically no fat, the bones are thin and aesthetic. Set a goal for yourself and strive to achieve it at all costs - only self-confident people always achieve their plans. Never be discouraged, believe in yourself, and then everything will definitely work out.

Video with tips for gaining mass for hardgainers and ectomorphs:

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