The benefits and uses of boiled eggs in bodybuilding

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The benefits and uses of boiled eggs in bodybuilding
The benefits and uses of boiled eggs in bodybuilding

Everyone knows that eggs are an excellent source of protein. Let's take a look at the health benefits of boiled eggs for athletes. The content of the article:

  • Raw or boiled eggs
  • Boiled eggs composition

Protein compounds are susceptible to denaturation. This means the loss of their properties, such as solubility or hydrophilicity. Denaturation occurs as a result of exposure to high temperatures, acidic or alkaline environment, heavy metal salts, etc. This article discusses the bodybuilding benefits of boiled eggs.

Raw or boiled eggs - which is better

Workout eggs
Workout eggs

Probably, many athletes will have a question why we are talking about a cooked product, and not cheese. In theory, raw substances should be absorbed faster by the body. This is true, but in part. Some protein foods are better for the body raw.

All amino acid compounds that make up proteins are linked by peptides. Upon heating, these bonds break down and thereby alter the nature of the protein. This may sound rather unpleasant, but it does not pose any danger to the body.

If the heating was carried out to not the highest temperatures, then the proteins undergo insignificant changes, although partial denaturation may even occur. But few people will enjoy adding raw eggs to protein shakes.

An exact answer to this question has already been received. Already from the topic of the article, probably many people know the answer. But, nevertheless, it is worth talking about this in a little more detail. Previously, scientists were sure that raw egg proteins are assimilated by 92-97%. But relatively recently, direct research has been carried out, which has given a clear answer.

The subjects took raw and boiled eggs, which were injected with isotopes, to track the path of movement of proteins. Healthy people with iliostamia were selected to participate in the study. This is when, with the help of surgical intervention, a container is implanted into the body, designed to collect secretions. Similar operations are performed for some bowel diseases, when part of it has been removed.

The choice of these people was not accidental. Thanks to the ileostomy tanks, protein processing products can be accessed. If you examine the secretions, then they will contain dead intestinal cells, blood cells, etc. As a result of the experiment, it was adopted that within 24 hours from the moment of consumption, the digestibility of raw eggs was only 50%, and of boiled eggs - 91%. At the same time, scientists suggested that the remaining undigested proteins are retained in the intestines for longer than the prescribed period, which can cause pathological changes in the intestines, including colitis and cancer.

After such statements, you should not think that the benefits of boiled eggs in bodybuilding are a myth. In the body, all processes proceed somewhat differently than in the laboratory. It is enough to consume the required amount of fiber, which is poorly digested, but helps to improve the passage of other products through the gastrointestinal tract. This also happens with incompletely digested food. This is one of the main reasons fiber prevents cancer. Simply thanks to it, the removal of various carcinogenic substances from the body is accelerated.

Now, many may have a fair question why boiled eggs are absorbed better than raw ones. The point here is precisely the heat treatment of the product. After heating, the structure of protein molecules changes, which makes it easier for digestive enzymes to access the peptide bonds of egg proteins. As a result, denaturation accelerates digestion.

Raw egg white contains enzymes that interfere with this process. These substances inhibit the biological activity of the main enzyme of the digestive system - trypsin. It is his task is to split peptide bonds into simpler fractions. Also, thanks to recent experiments, it was found that the level of nitrogen content when eating raw eggs is significantly lower in comparison with boiled ones.

Nitrogen is the substance that distinguishes protein from other macronutrients such as fats and carbohydrates. Crude egg proteins pass the stomach faster and end up in the intestines. Consequently, the transit time is also longer, and one would assume that crude egg proteins should be better digested. In practice, however, the opposite is true.

Boiled eggs composition

Boiled eggs in an athlete's diet
Boiled eggs in an athlete's diet

Speaking about the benefits of boiled eggs, one cannot but say about the composition of this product. Many people know that the constituent parts of an egg - yolk and white - differ not only in their taste, but also in their composition. In cooking, they are widely used both jointly and separately.

When preparing various dishes, eggs are most often subjected to heat treatment, but in the manufacture of drinks they can also be used raw.

Boiled eggs are a ready-to-eat product, but very often they are used as an ingredient in soups, salads, main dishes, etc.

In addition to a large amount of proteins, a boiled egg contains other useful substances. This product is high in manganese, zinc, sodium, iron, potassium and selenium. Of the vitamins, the composition of eggs includes substances of groups K, A, D, E and PP. The calorie content of eggs largely depends on the dish in which they are included. The average calorie content of a boiled egg is 159 kcal for every 100 grams of product.

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As can be understood from all of the above, eggs are a source of a large amount of proteins, various minerals and vitamins. Thus, the bodybuilding benefits of boiled eggs should not be underestimated. Thanks to this product, athletes can provide their body with a large number of essential nutrients. Eggs must be present in the nutrition program of every athlete. It should be noted that eating them fried is not effective, and it will not bring the benefits that boiled eggs are capable of.

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