Neva Masquerade Cat

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Neva Masquerade Cat
Neva Masquerade Cat

The origin and standard of appearance of the Neva Masquerade cat, character, description of the health and care of the cat, features of reproduction. Purchase price. The Neva Masquerade Cat is actually the same, beloved and long-known, Siberian cat, but dressed in a fancy dress of the original Siamese color with a mask on its face. But the new masquerade color came in handy for the Siberian woman, adding a unique flavor and color charm to her fluffy appearance.

The origin of the Neva Masquerade cat

Neva Masquerade cat

The Neva Masquerade cat is a very young breed (active breeding of these fluffy creatures began in 1989), bred by Russian breeders in the city on the Neva - St. Petersburg. Hence, in conjunction with the presence of a kind of "masquerade mask" on the animal's face, the unofficial name of the breed comes from. The official one sounds a little differently - "color-point Siberian cat".

In this case, the history of the origin of the breed is not known for certain and is not yet fully substantiated, as is often the case in Russia, and not only in Russia. And if the Siberian roots of the breed are not subject to any doubt (they are too obvious), then about the color-point color of the animal, the disputes between scientists and breeders still do not subside.

Most experts believe that without the participation of the Siamese breed in this whole story, it could not have done. There are other, often opposite opinions. It is because of the unknown nuances of its pedigree that this breed is still not recognized by many felinological associations, which consider the newly bred animals to be ordinary Siberian cats with an unknown origin, but rather original color.

Be that as it may, Siberian cats with a color color are gaining more and more popularity among cat lovers all over the world. This means that the Neva Masquerade cat has a future.

External standard of Neva cats

Neva masquerade cat lies

Siberian color-point (or Neva Masquerade) is a cute long-haired cat of large size, which has a very peculiar color and bright blue eyes.

The head of the animal is medium in size, rounded, resembling a blunt wedge, in proportion to the body. The nose is straight and well defined. Strong low cheekbones and full cheeks. Smooth transition from nose to forehead. The muzzle of the animal, with a well-defined mustache zone, is somewhat extended forward. The neck is muscular, strong, short, richly furred. A long neck in this breed is considered a disadvantage.

Ears are small, wide at the base, alert set. The distance between the ears is medium to wide. The tips of the auricles are rounded and may have small lynx-like brushes of topcoat.

The eyes of a cat-nevka are large and round, set wide apart, of a deep blue or bright blue color. A different eye tone in this breed is not allowed as well as a more elongated eye shape.

Nevka belongs to large cat breeds, its weight sometimes reaches as much as 10 kg. The body of the cat is dense, strong, and sometimes even somewhat massive, with a strong skeleton. The chest and all muscle groups are well developed. The back line is straight.

The limbs of a representative of the Neva Masquerade cat breed are of medium length, strong and muscular, thoroughly covered with hair, with rounded paws, also overgrown with wool.

The tail is long (reaching the shoulder blades), wide at the base, gradually tapering towards the end, with a blunt tip. The tail, like the rest of the body, is richly covered with hair.

The fur of the Neva Masquerade cat is long and very thick, smooth, water-repellent, and has a double undercoat. In winter, the undercoat thickens, providing reliable protection from the cold. In spring and summer, after molting, the undercoat becomes much thinner and less dense, allowing the cat to avoid temperature overheating. Long thick soft wool forms a rich "collar" around the neck and peculiar "pants" on the hind legs, which additionally not only adorns the representatives of this breed, but also makes the Nevka cat easily recognizable.

The coat color of the Neva cat, in general, very much resembles the standard color of the representatives of the Siamese breed with the same transitions of tones and halftones. The muzzle of the animal is decorated with a mandatory dark mask, like those worn during masquerades. The main color-point color of the Neva Masquerade is allowed in any shade, except for dark brown, chocolate and violet (lilac).

The nature of the Neva Masquerade cat

Neva masquerade cat sitting

The breed bred by Russian breeders is distinguished by a benevolent, very calm character and a complete absence of aggressiveness.

The chic royal appearance of the animal is combined with the same regal demeanor and self-sufficiency. This cat does not allow itself to be squeezed when and to whom it pleases, but it itself does not impose itself on anyone. To stroke her, and even more so to pick her up, you must also earn it by gaining trust.

Even being unjustly punished or offended, Nevka cats do not conceal resentment and do not take revenge, unlike the same Siamese. So that a pile on the carpet or a puddle in your slippers does not threaten you. As well as a swift attack from around the corner. Being by their nature very affectionate and sensitive, Neva Masquerade cats do not like harsh and loud shouts or tense atmosphere. They would rather run away and hide, waiting for trouble than rush to the attack. But if they really have to, they are able to stand up for themselves.

At the same time, especially in their younger years, cats of the Neva breed cannot be called lazy lugs. They lead a rather active and energetic lifestyle, adore outdoor games and walks in the fresh air somewhere in the country. And they are also great amateurs and masters of hunting for small birds and rodents. While hunting, these smartest creatures build a whole strategy for catching prey.

It happens that these calm fluffy pets are hooligans. For example, they can drag and hide some small things, eat "rain" from the Christmas tree and arrange a "holiday" for everyone with a call to the veterinarian at home. They can easily break your favorite vase or cup. Climbing on the sly on the dining table, they are able to dig up sugar in a sugar bowl or taste all the dishes on the table. But all this is not on purpose, but only for the purpose of study. And always with subsequent apologies. Therefore, it is simply impossible to be seriously angry with these affectionate purrs. Sometimes the abilities of this amazing creature simply amaze their owners. Often hungry, the Neva Masquerade cat attracts the attention of the owners in all available (but quite decent) ways, then leads the owner to the kitchen and there independently opens the closet or refrigerator door he needs with the desired delicacy. He, like a good owner, knows very well and remembers where and what you have stored. And like no other cat loves to keep everything under control.

Nevka cats are well aware of the daily routine of the household and often wake up their owners in the morning, helping the alarm clock. The favorite sentinel spot for these pets is by the window or by the glass front door. Neva cats are very inquisitive and love to watch the life events around them.

They are very fond of communication with the owner, company and group games. Play on their own is extremely rare, except that they hunt alone. And they also love to "chat".It is probably one of the most talkative cat breeds in the world, capable of producing a wide variety of purring variations depending on their mood and the news they wish to deliver.

The cat of the Neva Masquerade breed is a magnificent companion animal, a "cat of one owner", very independent and independent, but not spiteful and not vindictive, but royally noble.

The health of the cat "nevka"

Color-point Neva Masquerade cat

Neva Masquerade cats, as noted by almost all veterinarians, are distinguished by excellent Siberian health and do not have hereditary problems and pathologies.

Timely vaccinations against a standard set of feline diseases of an infectious nature, systematic grooming of the coat and properly organized nutrition allow the owner not to worry about the health of his pet throughout his life. And Neva cats live for a long time, sometimes much longer than ordinary feline cats 15-16 years.

Caring for the Neva Masquerade Cat

Neva masquerade cat in her arms

The main pride, and at the same time, the main problem of the Neva Siberians is their magnificent fur coat, which requires constant and systematic care. If you do not regularly comb your pet's fur, your entire apartment will soon be literally littered with scraps of this wonderful fur coat. So that combing gives immediately a double benefit - and your beloved animal is neat and pretty and the apartment does not require general cleaning.

In general, caring for the coat of a masquerade neva is no different from caring for the coat of any long-haired cat. Also combing the undercoat with a slicker during the shedding period and regular combing of the fur coat (it is advisable to do this every day or at least once a week) with a long comb or a special brush. It is necessary to bathe your pet only during periods of active molting, as it gets dirty or on the eve of mating or an exhibition, using good zoo shampoos and not forgetting to thoroughly rinse and dry the coat. Needs clipping on a regular basis.

Cats of the Neva Masquerade breed are great gourmets and food lovers. But they will not pounce on food with the appetite of a hungry wolf. They like to eat slowly, imposingly and slowly. And not only that. Therefore, the diet of nevoks should be varied and correspond to the taste of the animal. Various variations of high-quality food, balanced in vitamins and microelements from a good manufacturer, are perfect as a main food. It is a good idea to supplement your diet with fresh raw meat and sea fish (but not fatty varieties), as well as vitamins to improve the condition of the coat.

Nevkas are the smartest cats, distinguished by their high cleanliness. They easily get used to the litter box and never subsequently violate the established rules of behavior.

Kittens of the Neva Masquerade breed

Kittens of the Neva Masquerade breed

These fluffy pets become sexually mature, like most cats, at the age of three.

Nevka cats, thanks to their good health potential, cope well with pregnancy. Only at the first stage of gestation can there be slight vomiting, and closer to childbirth (one to two weeks before childbirth), an almost complete refusal of food is possible.

In general, the pregnancy of the Neva Masquerade proceeds without complications and after a little over two months ends with the birth (on average) of 5 to 6 kittens. Each of the kittens has a body weight in the range of 100-120 grams, but then quickly gains weight.

Further feeding and upbringing of offspring is entirely under the responsibility of the mother-cat. The owner only has to take care of creating comfortable living conditions for the family, good nutrition for the mother, and timely vaccinations for the children.

It is highly undesirable to tear the kittens of the Neva breed from the mother cat before they reach the age of three months. The kitten must get full communication with the mother and learn a lot from her for its further independent life.

Price when buying a kitten at Neva Masquerade

Kitten of the Neva Masquerade breed

Nevka cats, despite the relative youth of this breed, have not been considered a shortage in the animal market for a long time. Excellent reproductive ability and excellent health have allowed breeders and breeders to quickly and easily fill the consumer market with these fluffy animals.

The minimum price for a three-month-old pedigree kitten in Russia is about 2–3 thousand rubles. The price maximum, as always, can be anything and depends on many factors.

And it is also important when buying a kitten not to buy for the same money the same ordinary Siberian cat or a mestizo of incomprehensible blood. So, be careful and always look for a stranger in a "mask".

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