Drying the bath

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Drying the bath
Drying the bath

The durability, aesthetic appearance and operational properties of the interior decoration of the bath depend on the quality of drying the room and all wooden elements after use. To properly ventilate, you need to choose the best way and follow the instructions. Content:

  • Features of drying a bath
  • Steam room ventilation system
  • Draft drying rules
  • Drying with an additional firebox
  • Drying the wash compartment
  • Drying a sauna broom

The tree, which is popular in the construction and decoration of steam rooms, begins to damp and mold after prolonged contact with moisture. It is susceptible to mold and mildew as warm and damp wood is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. First of all, the floor and the wood paneling below begin to darken. To prevent damage to wood in the bath, you should adhere to the basic rules of its operation.

Features of drying a bath

Steam room ventilation scheme
Steam room ventilation scheme

The implementation of competent and timely ventilation of the steam room is necessary to prevent the unpleasant odor of dampness, the appearance of mold and mildew, and damage to wood. Please note that you need to thoroughly dry not only the steam room, but also the washing department.

There are several ways to dry the bath after washing:

  • Equipment for inlet and outlet ventilation openings.
  • Switching on a heat fan with a spiral (method suitable for use in a wash compartment).
  • Opening windows and a blower with simultaneous heating.
  • Creation of drafts and opening of all doors in baths with a brick oven.

It is necessary to think over the vents in the bath even at the stage of building the walls.

Ventilation system equipment in the steam room of the bath

Air vent in the steam room
Air vent in the steam room

To prevent the formation of condensation and high-quality ventilation, you need to take care not only of insulation and vapor barrier, but also of the formation of openings for the inflow and outflow of air.

Despite the fact that wood itself breathes, some details should be considered during construction:

  • We install the lower crowns with special openings to ensure moderate air intake from the street.
  • When installing the furnace, we equip the blower in such a way that air is discharged through it to the outside.
  • A steam room in a log house must border at least one wall with the street in order for natural air exchange to take place.
  • It is advisable to equip a wooden steam room with an opening window. The pressure and temperature in the bathhouse and outside are different.

Due to this, the ventilation system with windows, which is equipped in several ways, works effectively:

  1. We place the supply window at a height of 25-35 cm from the floor next to the stove and equip it with movable blinds, which will act as a regulator of the air flow direction. We make an exit hole on the opposite wall, at a height of 15-25 cm from the ceiling. We build a fan into it.
  2. If there is one external wall, then we equip one window at the bottom at a height of 30 cm from the floor, and the second - at the top, 30 cm from the ceiling. In this case, the heat source should be located opposite, and a fan should be installed in the upper hole.
  3. With leaking flooring, we place the lower window near the stove at a height of 30 cm from the floor, and the exhaust hole in the next room. In this case, the heated air passes through the cracks in the floor, dries it well and enters through the built-in ventilation pipe to the hood.
  4. We install the inflow under the shelf. In this case, the blower serves as a hood. However, this method only works when the oven is running.
  5. We make the entrance window behind the stove at a height of 0.5 meters, and the hood - on the opposite wall, 30 cm from the floor. We install a fan in the last one.
  6. We make an inlet hole behind the stove 20 cm from the floor, and the outflow is at the same height opposite.

The calculation of the area of the holes is carried out according to the principle: 24 cm2 1 m3 premises. It is important to observe the recommended dimensions and height of the windows, since only in this case the air circulation will be carried out correctly, which means that the room will dry out as quickly as possible.

Rules for drying a steam room in a bath by means of a draft

Open window for ventilation in the steam room
Open window for ventilation in the steam room

To make the wood dry faster, it is advisable to equip doors and windows on the south side. In this case, more sun and heat will penetrate into it.

You can quickly ventilate the room in this way:

  • We open the doors and the window, creating a through movement of air.
  • For quick and high-quality ventilation, we wipe the shelves, benches, walls and floor with a cotton or terry cloth to remove excess moisture.
  • If the floor is equipped with a wooden ladder, and the shelves are removable, then we also dry them after the procedures. To do this, we take them out into the street in dry weather, or simply take them off and put them on the walls.

The steam room is considered dry if the floor is dry. It is this surface that gets wet first and dries last. The flooring is most susceptible to the influence of moisture. It is the first to darken and rot with improper care.

The specifics of drying the steam room in the bath with an additional firebox

Electric heater in the steam room
Electric heater in the steam room

If the oven is a traditional brick oven, then there is no point in reheating. Brick accumulates heat very well and is able to give it away for a long time, therefore, while maintaining the temperature, the tree in the steam room will dry out faster.

If an electric heater is installed in the bath, then it must be turned on after the procedures for warming up and drying the steam room, after which you can open the door and window, making a draft.

If you know how to dry the bathhouse after washing in winter and at other times of the year, you will be able to ensure the preservation of the aesthetic appearance and operational properties of wood for many years.

The method of drying the washing compartment in the bath

Ventilation of the washing room in the bath
Ventilation of the washing room in the bath

The temperature in this room is lower than in the steam room, and the humidity is higher. Therefore, before drying the sink in the bath, you need to take these features into account and equip ventilation. We make an exhaust window between the finishing and rough floors and equip the hole with a fan.

You can use models with electric motors, which will turn on simultaneously with the lighting. We take the outflow pipe to the roof.

To install a ventilation system in the washing compartment, you can use plastic boxes, as well as moisture-resistant fans, while in a steam room these products are unacceptable.

Bath broom drying rules

Banya broom
Banya broom

In general, it is not recommended to use one broom for a reusable parka. It loses its healing properties. Over time, the branches become less elastic and the leaves fall off. To use it several times, you need to know how to dry a broom after a bath.

To do this, rinse the product with water at room temperature and place it in a dry cotton cloth. After completely absorbing moisture, hold the broom at a height of 40 cm above the oven for 5-10 minutes. We hang it on a string in a well-ventilated room. We make sure that direct sunlight does not fall on it. After a few hours, we put the broom under the press.

Please note that not all products are reusable. Brooms made of herbs and conifers are immediately excluded from the list. And from hardwood - several times you can steam with oak. However, you will get the most health benefits from the parka with a fresh or dried broom. Watch a video about ventilation in a sauna with an air-conditioning oven:

Drying the bath should be given special attention. Only in this case, the steam room will not exude an unpleasant odor, and the sheathing will retain its original appearance for a long time. This will significantly save money on periodic replacement of finishes. For effective ventilation of the steam room and sink, you can combine several of the proposed methods.

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