Building a bath on the site: useful tips

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Building a bath on the site: useful tips
Building a bath on the site: useful tips

What could be more beautiful than a real Russian bath, raising the spirit and giving health and peace of mind? Currently, the construction of such a bathhouse is quite possible to organize independently on your personal plot. The so-called "white" bathhouse consists of three compartments: a dressing room (or dressing room), a washing room and a place for steaming. If your goal is to build a bathhouse on your site, then its size, as a rule, will be small, and the location of all of the above compartments will proceed solely from the owner's taste preferences. In addition, the design of the bath itself can be different and quite interesting. For example, a small terrace on its southern side will greatly expand the possibilities, and the location of a small reservoir located next to the "steam room" will bring additional pleasure.

Of course, the main room or even the heart of any bath is the steam room. Its layout will entirely depend directly on the stove. If the electrical supply of your home works without interruption, then you can install an electric heater. Such a stove is very compact in size, easy to maintain, but it is problematic to get hot water here.

Connoisseurs of bath rituals prefer a wood-burning stove, since this option is more affordable, and a kind of spirit from the barely perceptible smell of smoke is very dear to any connoisseur of the bath business. It is better to heat the stove from the side of the dressing room with birch wood or cut down fruit trees. With a wood-burning stove in the steam room, you can install shelves for 3 people who can sit on them, or on one lying one.

To provide more convenience to the one who is lying in the steam room, you can build supports under the head and legs. And if you slightly increase the area of the steam room and carefully think over the organization of the bath, then you can get much more space for those who like to give up the park both in a sitting position and lying down. To reduce material costs and increase the heating rate of the steam room, the ceiling height should be just over two meters. The distance from the hovering shelf to the ceiling is at least one meter.

The equivalent height of the compartments will somewhat simplify the construction. But in order to save heat, you should not reduce the area of the steam room, clogging the entire space with shelves up to the floor. In addition, in this case, carrying out hydro and thermal insulation is problematic, and drying and rinsing is simply impossible. In this case, a very rapid appearance of mold, rot and foreign odors is possible.

Building a bath on the site: useful tips
Building a bath on the site: useful tips

The main part of the steam room is the shelves

It should be pleasant to touch them, not to mention their aesthetic appearance. To create such shelves, a perfectly polished board with rounded edges from deciduous trees is used. In order for the air to circulate, it is better to leave a centimeter gap between the boards. When choosing a material, you should take a closer look at the proportions of the board itself, while its width should not be 4 times the thickness. The dimensions of the span between the supports should be selected based on the thickness. For example, with a 22 millimeter board, the span will be 600 mm, and with 25 - 900, etc.

The shelves can be installed in the form of shields, which will rest on the floor and wall. To facilitate the process of cleaning the steam room, it is better to build the following type of structure: make the upper canopy of a reclining type, the middle one is removable, and the lower one is retractable.

A cold water tank is placed in the washing compartment, and hot water is generated thanks to a coil located in the heater. There must be a shower and perfectly polished benches in the lightest part of the bath. The outflow of water is organized using inclined surfaces directed towards the middle of the room. It is preferable to use hardwood trees for finishing the walls of the washing compartment.

The dressing room serves as a room for relaxation and dressing. It is equipped with hangers, benches and sun loungers for relaxation. A fireplace can also be arranged here.

Before building a bath, you should decide on a number of factors:

  1. With the number of people washing in it at the same time.
  2. With building material. Here it is better to consult with specialists (but the best materials for a bath are aspen, there will be no need to finish with it).
  3. Consider the type of soil for the selection of material for the foundation.
  4. Determine the specific location of the bath. Moreover, at this stage, it is important to observe a number of significant factors:

    • the building should not violate the harmony of the surrounding landscape;
    • not be located near a reservoir;
    • be at a distance of at least 2 meters from the adjacent site.

The chosen place for construction must be agreed with the SES, in the department of architecture and fire supervision.

And after completing all the above procedures, you can safely start working, confidently counting on getting an excellent result!

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