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Home Cleansing Masks Recipes
Home Cleansing Masks Recipes

Homemade cosmetic masks, consisting exclusively of natural ingredients, will help get rid of blackheads, body burns and bags under the eyes. Masks that gently and effectively cleanse the skin of the face are very popular among women. It is thanks to the regular use of such products that the skin becomes silky and soft, and cell renewal occurs. With a little time and money, you can easily get rid of annoying blackheads and dead skin, while the complexion becomes natural and even.

Using cleansing face masks

Girl with clean and smooth skin on her face

Regular and correct application of cleansing face masks helps to maintain the water level in the skin cells. Depending on the degree of oily or dry skin, you need to select the option of a cleansing mask. For example, it is not recommended to use clay-based mineral products for dry skin, but they help get rid of puffiness. Mud and clay perfectly cleanse the skin of toxins and other harmful substances that have a negative effect on it.

In order for the cleansing mask to bring maximum benefit, you must adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. All ingredients must be natural and fresh.
  2. Before using the mask, you need to take a shower or bath to help open the pores.
  3. It is better to apply the mask to previously cleansed skin with a special brush.
  4. The composition is left on the skin for the specified time.
  5. It is better to remove or wash off the oily mask first with warm, then cool water, due to which the pores close faster and the skin tone returns. Film masks must be removed from the bottom up.

Recipes for the best cleansing face masks at home

Purifying mask applied to half of the girl's face

A self-made homemade cleansing face mask will be no worse than a ready-made store version. Today there are a large number of different recipes, so every girl will be able to choose the perfect option for herself.

Mask for dry skin

  1. Grind the shells from one boiled egg in a mortar.
  2. Rub the resulting egg powder thoroughly with natural cottage cheese (1 tbsp. L.).
  3. Add a little sour cream to the resulting mass until the composition acquires a viscous consistency. The mask should not be too thick.
  4. The mass is applied to the previously cleansed skin of the face.
  5. After 15 minutes, you need to wash yourself with warm water, then rinse your face with cool.

Mask for oily skin

  1. Raw potatoes are peeled and crushed on a fine grater. It will take 1 tbsp. l. potato gruel.
  2. The protein of one egg, a little salt and fresh liquid honey (1 tsp) are added.
  3. All components are thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous composition is obtained.
  4. The mask is applied to the face, left on for 15 minutes, then washed off with cool water.

Oatmeal mask

  1. Every girl knows that steamed oatmeal is an excellent cleanser.
  2. After the porridge has cooled down a little, it is applied to the face in a thick layer.
  3. After 15 minutes, you need to wash.
  4. If the porridge is cooked in milk, it is ideal for cleansing dry skin, in water - for oily skin.

Blue face mask

The cleansing mask, prepared on the basis of blue clay, is a versatile cosmetic product that can be used to care for all types of skin. It is recommended to use such masks for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.This composition helps not only to effectively cleanse the skin, but also to cure complex diseases - for example, acne, eczema, thermal burns or an allergic rash. In adulthood, masks with blue clay can be used as a remedy for sagging skin.

You can use a blue mask in almost any case, with the exception of individual intolerance to individual components that make up its composition or severe dehydration of the skin.

Black cleansing mask

Cleansers such as black masks have a stimulating effect on the metabolic process at the micro level, cells are saturated with minerals and nutrients. The skin is softened and tightened, irritation is removed, the problem of puffiness is eliminated. These products are ideal for the care of problematic oily skin.

Don't be afraid to use a black mask as it comes off easily and easily. It contains only natural ingredients - minerals contained in black clay, activated carbon and healing mud. It is not recommended to use a black mask if the skin is very dry or flaky. Beforehand, it is imperative to conduct a sensitivity test - a little product is applied to the chin and wings of the nose. If the skin reacts positively, in the future, the mask can be applied to the entire surface of the face.

The black mask is left on the skin for 20 minutes. You can do this cosmetic procedure no more than once a week. For the preparation of black masks, you can use only high-quality ingredients that can be easily purchased at any pharmacy.

Recipes for the best cleansing mud masks

Girl puts a mud mask on her face
  1. Mud powder (2 tablespoons) is taken and diluted with boiled water, which should be at room temperature. The result is a homogeneous paste. Milk can be used instead of water, so the mask will have a more gentle and nourishing effect.
  2. You need to take 1 tsp. mud powder, sea buckthorn oil, preheated and crushed pharmacy chamomile. All components are mixed and the mask is applied to the skin. This formulation is ideal for dry skin care.
  3. Take dry black mud (2 tablespoons) and add a mint infusion, you can replace it with a decoction of chamomile or calendula. To prepare the infusion, 1 tsp is taken. dry flowers, which are poured with boiling water (0.5 tbsp.) and the composition is left for several hours until it cools down and infuses.

Activated Carbon Purifying Masks

Girl's face and activated carbon tablets

It is activated carbon that helps to quickly and effectively get rid of the toxic effects of the environment. This tool is most readily available in urban settings and can be used to prepare homemade cleansing masks that can help get rid of blackheads:

  1. The simplest option is 3–4 tablets of activated carbon are crushed to a powder state. A little milk or water is added until a thick slurry forms.
  2. Purifying mask against blackheads. Take 1 tablet of activated carbon and grind it to a powder. 1 s is added. l. gelatin. Introduced 2 tbsp. l. cold milk and the composition is left for a while to infuse. After 10 minutes, the mixture is stirred and placed in the microwave for 15 seconds or heated in a steam bath. The cooled composition is used as a film mask.
  3. Deep cleansing gelatin mask. Take 1 tsp. black clay, activated carbon powder, gelatin. Dry components are poured in 2 tbsp. l. milk can be replaced with warm water. After 15 minutes, the gelatin will dissolve and the mask is applied to the skin.
  4. Nourishing fermented milk mask for oily skin care. 1 tablet of activated carbon is crushed, 1 tsp is added. lemon juice and 2 tbsp. l. natural yoghurt without additives.
  5. 2 tablets of activated carbon are crushed, 1 tsp is added. aloe juice, a pinch of sea salt and a little tea tree oil. The mixture is diluted with 1-2 tbsp. l.boiled water at room temperature.

Clay Cleansing Masks

A girl is put on a face mask with clay
  1. Take black clay (1 tablespoon) and a small amount of calendula tincture and olive oil. As soon as the composition acquires the desired consistency, the mask is applied to the skin and left for 20 minutes.
  2. Aloe juice (1 tbsp) and dry clay (1 tbsp) are mixed, applesauce (1 tsp) and honey (1/4 tbsp) are added.
  3. Dilute black clay powder with a small amount of water, but the mixture should not be too thick. Powdered mint leaves (1 tablespoon) are added. Lemon juice is introduced in combination with water (the components are taken in a ratio of 1: 3).

Cleansing film mask for face skin

Film mask on the girl's face

Today, on the shelves of cosmetic stores, you can find a large number of different types of face film masks. The main convenience of such funds is that they can be stored for a long time, and after use the mask can be easily removed. This type of masks works thanks to the influence of the unique components that make up their composition. As a result of the fact that the mask needs to be practically torn off the skin, together with the film, dead particles are separated, and effective cleansing of contaminated pores is carried out.

It is necessary to apply any cleansing mask on previously steamed skin, due to which there will be a more pronounced cleansing effect. Before using any cosmetic mask, it is recommended to wash your face with hot soapy water and gently pat dry the skin with a towel to remove any remaining moisture.

It is recommended to apply film masks with a brush, due to which they are evenly distributed over the surface of the skin of the face. On average, the exposure time of such a composition is 30 minutes, after which the mask is carefully removed from the bottom up.

It is not necessary to buy such a mask, because you can easily and quickly make it yourself at home, using only natural and high-quality products that are in every refrigerator.

Vitaminized mask

  1. You will need fresh vegetable or fruit juice (0.5 tbsp.). Strawberry, apple and orange will bring benefits.
  2. Gelatin is poured with juice (1 tsp).
  3. After the composition swells, it is placed on a slow fire and stirred until the gelatin crystals are completely dissolved.
  4. The mask is left for a while to cool down, after which it is applied to the skin of the face.

Anti-inflammatory mask

  1. Take brewed and strained green tea with chamomile infusion - you will need 30 ml of each component.
  2. Fresh cucumber juice (25 ml) and aloe juice (15 ml) are introduced.
  3. Gelatin is introduced (1 tsp).
  4. After the gelatin crystals have completely dissolved, the composition is applied to the skin and left until it hardens.

Purifying mask for oily skin

  1. You will need to take the juice of half lemons and mix with one egg white.
  2. The composition is whipped until a homogeneous foam forms.
  3. The mask is applied to the skin in two layers.

Acne Purifying Mask

  1. This mask contains strawberries (100 g), which must be thoroughly washed and kneaded with a fork until a smooth puree is obtained.
  2. Gelatin (1 tbsp. L.) And milk (1/4 tbsp.), Almond oil (5 drops) are introduced.
  3. The composition is thoroughly mixed until the gelatin is completely dissolved and applied to the previously prepared face skin.

Some types of fruit masks should be prepared with the addition of a small amount of water, since too concentrated juice contains a lot of acid that can harm delicate skin.

Vitamin B6 can also be used as a diluent, which can be easily purchased at almost any pharmacy. This substance helps to improve the metabolic process at the cellular level, accelerates the dissolution of fats, and quickly removes excess water. That is why it is recommended to use it for the care of edematous and oily skin. But this substance can do great harm to dry skin.

It will take no more than 5 minutes to prepare a homemade cosmetic mask. It is quite enough to use it only once a week.As a result, even aging skin remains fresh and toned. It is quite enough to apply such masks for only half an hour and the desired result will not keep you waiting long.

Cleansing masks are only beneficial when used regularly and correctly. If the skin is very dirty, you need to use such products several times a week. After getting perfectly clean skin, masks will be an excellent prevention of the development of this problem in the future.

How to make an activated charcoal-based cleansing mask at home, see the following video:

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