Plintovich's system in bodybuilding

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Plintovich's system in bodybuilding
Plintovich's system in bodybuilding

Pay attention to Plintovich's system. The complex is great for beginner bodybuilders. What is the system, how to use it and what for? The Plintovich system in bodybuilding occupies a rather important place. It is very effective, although not very common for unknown reasons. This training method is based on the cyclical intensity of - heavy, light, medium. The same muscles are used every workout.

Plintovich's system - what is it?

Plintovich table
Plintovich table

This is a program that includes three systems that help athletes of different training to achieve impressive results. There are different schemes - for beginners, advanced athletes, and gifted professionals. The complex covers all periods of training, which is very important for bodybuilders, because now they can train for a long time according to the same scheme. Reference points ensure the consistency of the training program, as a result, it becomes possible to progress the load. As a result of such training, muscle mass and strength grow.

Features of the Plintovich system

Dumbbells for training
Dumbbells for training

It uses periodization of loads - weights from light to heavy are used during various trainings. There are two types of periodization:

  1. Micro - on days of the week.
  2. Macro - month by month.

In the first case, the load changes three times a week. In the second case, the load changes every few months - it increases or decreases, and maybe changes direction.

The professional versions of the system involve cheating in the first two phases. At the same time, the athlete correctly loads the target muscle groups. Beginners need to apply the classic exercise technique - this way it is possible to isolate the target muscle group and ensure safety for the joints, protect them from injury.

Plintovich's system in bodybuilding for beginners

Novice bodybuilding athlete exercising
Novice bodybuilding athlete exercising

Such workouts consist of a couple of phases, and they, in turn, of circuit workouts:

  1. Phase one - preparatory. It has been going on for six weeks. During this period, the bodybuilder should not achieve muscle failure. Here you should learn the correct technique for performing the exercises. At this stage, the beginner develops neuromuscular connections as well as joints and ligaments.
  2. Second phase Plintovich's systems for those who have just started bodybuilding include muscle failure, but in the bench press and exclusively in the last set. The second phase lasts eight weeks, and it also includes circular trainings.

Plintovich's system for gifted athletes

Athlete performing dumbbell press
Athlete performing dumbbell press

Even such athletes are able to withstand this type of training on pharmacological support. Therefore, this method is suitable for desperate bodybuilding fans. Such classes threaten overtraining. In the original version, Plintovich's system in bodybuilding includes two phases without microperiodization. This means that the athlete trains one hundred percent all the time.

The duration of the first phase is a couple of months, while the athlete trains three times a week, performing the same circuit training. The duration of the second phase is from one and a half to two and a half months. Split is already assumed here. It is during the second phase that the athlete gains muscle mass. He trains four times a week already - on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then on Friday and Saturday. A program aimed at building up the mass of the shoulder girdle and arms is appropriate here. When doing exercises, do not forget about cheating, select the maximum weight. The loads should ideally progress with each workout.

Plintovich system for advanced bodybuilders

Bodybuilder Performs Bench Press
Bodybuilder Performs Bench Press

There are three phases - the first two are similar to the training system for the gifted, and the third allows you to achieve muscle hyperplasia. As a result, the athlete gains permanent rather than temporary muscle mass.

In the first phase, the power press for a couple of repetitions should be done once. Workouts are divided into hard and light, as well as medium:

  • The first one is heavy, exercises during this period are performed with a load of 100% to failure.
  • The second is easy, here the athlete uses half of the weights that were used during the hard phase.
  • On average training uses 75% of the working weight from the loads during hard training.

The duration of the first phase is 60 days. As a result, it is possible to accumulate creatine phosphate and to tire the contractile proteins and the nervous system as much as possible.

The second phase of the Plintovich system in bodybuilding follows the classical scheme, but with the addition of microperiodization.

The third phase is pumping, thanks to which it is possible to grow muscle mass. In the previous two phases, the bodybuilder manages to gain from six to ten kilograms, and in the third, another two to four kilograms of muscle. The duration of the third phase is from one to one and a half months. It is very important here to adhere to the correct exercise technique. You should fit into an hour's workout, and rest no more than forty seconds between sets. There should be no muscle failure, but at the end of the set you will feel a slight burning sensation of the target muscle group.

Plintovich system - training scheme

Creatine Phosphate Supercompensation Schedule
Creatine Phosphate Supercompensation Schedule

Here, the entire program is divided into several micro-cycles - weekly. In one week, there are 3 workouts with repetitive exercises, which differ only in the level of intensity.

An example system is possible in the following version:

  • Barbell Squat - 5 sets and six reps.
  • Bench press - three to six, plus a heavy set for one or two reps.
  • Breeding dumbbells lying - three to six.
  • Lifting the bar for biceps in a standing position - four to six.
  • Press the bar from behind the head - four to six. The same amount of barbell pull to the belt, in the slope.

Such a training system is a strength training option, in addition, with its help, you can gain impressive mass. With the right training, you can, without the help of "chemistry", achieve unprecedented results in achieving goals in bodybuilding. An excellent assistant will be the Plintovich system in bodybuilding. The main thing is to be patient and strive for victory.

Find out more about Plintovich's training complex in this video:

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