Furniture in a nursery for a child from almost nothing

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Furniture in a nursery for a child from almost nothing
Furniture in a nursery for a child from almost nothing

Make furniture for the nursery for the child out of cardboard and wheels with the help of our workshops and 44 photos. Learn how to make a kitchen for toddlers. If you need to buy furniture for the nursery, but there is not enough money for it, make it from scrap materials. After all, the child is growing rapidly, over time he will need other household items, and these can be thrown away, because they cost almost nothing.

How to make a do-it-yourself transforming sofa for a child?

You can make a universal one so that, if desired, the child can turn it into a comfortable chair. When a friend or girlfriend comes to the baby, they will be happy to play with such pieces of furniture, placing them in a row or one in front of the other, in order to imagine themselves as the driver and passenger of the vehicle.

When the child gets tired, he will put the chairs nearby to lie down and relax, turning them into a comfortable sofa.

A sofa for a child from armchairs

To create such transformer furniture, take:

  • several cardboard boxes;
  • glue;
  • stationery knife with replaceable blades;
  • ruler;
  • white paper;
  • pencil or marker;
  • PVA glue;
  • foam rubber;
  • fabric for furniture.

Based on the height of the child, you need to make chairs that fit him in size. You can craft not 2, but three.

For each, using a ruler or marker and a clerical knife, you need to cut out about 50 blanks. This will be both a back and a seat.

Blanks for a transforming sofa

Cut strips 2 cm wide from the remains of cardboard, glue them in pairs. These blanks must be placed between the large parts of the chair, glued to them.

Details for the sofa-transformer

Here's how to make a transforming sofa for a child next. In the process of gluing the parts, the chair will lie on its side. Place a weighting agent on it, leave the workpiece so that the glue is completely dry. At this stage, there is no need to rush so that the parts are firmly attached to each other.

The basis of a transforming sofa with a weighting agent

Now cover your creation with sheets of white paper. Wait for it to dry as well.

The base of the transforming sofa pasted over with paper

Cut the foam to fit your chair. As you can see, rectangular strips are glued on top, and where the seat and back are squares. It is also better to paste over the chair at the back; you do not need to cover it with foam rubber from the sides and bottom.

The base of the transforming sofa glued with foam rubber

Be patient again to wait until the glue on the blanks is completely dry. It is better to do this without the child, since it will be difficult for him to wait so long, he will sooner want to play with the sofa that is not yet ready. Create armchairs in another room or when the baby is visiting, for example, at the grandmother's.

And so as not to waste time while the glue dries, sew the seat covers. To do this, you need to measure each one, since they are unlikely to get exactly the same size. Put the beginning of the measuring tape to the bottom point of the chair in front, lift it up through the bottom of the sofa, then through the seat, the front of the back. Now lower the centimeter back to the very bottom. Cut out a rectangle according to this marking, having previously measured the width of the chair, adding seam allowances on both sides.

You will need to cut out two sidewalls for each. To do this, put the fabric on the floor, place the chair on top, turned on its side, trace the borders on the canvas using a pencil. Also cut with seam allowances.

You just need to stitch two sidewalls to the central part of the cover. To make it convenient for the child to move the chairs, sew ribbons from the back of the same fabric, you can use a wide braid for this.

Ready-made chairs for a transforming sofa

The child will certainly be delighted with such furniture, which will become the subject of his fascinating game, and you will know how to make a transformer sofa from scrap materials.

How to make a rack for a child's room?

You can also make it from cardboard, especially since you are already familiar with the gluing process and you may have this material from creating a sofa.

From childhood, a child will learn to be neat, because it is a pleasure to lay out your toys not such a rack.

Rack in the nursery

Here's what you need to get started:

  • cardboard boxes or their cuttings;
  • joiner's glue Moment;
  • construction knife and blades to it;
  • pencil;
  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic paints;
  • newspapers.

Decide on the dimensions that the rack will have. To make this furniture for a child's room for a girl, put a ruler on cardboard, cut the strip with a construction knife. Thus, cut many of these blanks. Glue them together in a stack, these are the walls of the rack. The shelves are created this way, but they are larger and lower so you can create them faster.

Glue the strips and shelves together to create a shelving unit.

Blank shelving from boxes

But he is not yet fully ready. To hide the ribbed surface of the shelves and walls, glue them with several layers of newspaper pieces, this technique is similar to papier-mâché.

Papier-mâché wrapping

Now you need to forget about your brainchild for a while so that the shelving blank dries out completely. Only after that, look further on how to make furniture in a nursery for a child. If it's a girl, you can use pink tones, for boys, blue will do. And ask the child's opinion. Perhaps he wants to make a multi-colored rack so that each shelf has a certain color.

But first, you need to paint the blank with white acrylic paint.

Opening the blank with acrylic paint

Then the other paint will fit better. Wait for this first layer to dry, then start creating using your desired colors.

Coloring the shelving in the nursery

You can make such or a similar rack for a nursery.

A beautiful simple shelving unit can also be obtained from boxes. Take:

  • wooden boxes;
  • screws with nuts;
  • sandpaper;
  • acrylic paint;
  • brush.
Rack in the children's room from boxes

First, the boxes should be sanded so that the child cannot splinter his hand while playing here. Go over the inner and outer surface of the board with sandpaper, first you need to use coarse sanding, then fine. Now paint each drawer the desired color or tone. When the solution is dry, reassemble the structure.

As you can see, you can alternate the open surfaces of the boxes, place them horizontally or vertically. It is necessary to firmly fix the structure, make holes with a drill, fix screws and bolts here.

How to make a shelf for a child?

It will also be appropriate in a children's room. For babies, you can put it on the floor, let them place their toys here. For teenage kids, hang it on the wall so they can stack their books neatly here.

Shelf in the nursery for a child

To make a shelf, take:

  • 15 planks with a long edge of 30 cm;
  • joiner's glue;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • antiseptic;
  • brush;
  • small corners.

When trimming the planks, cut them along a small edge at a 30-degree angle so that they fit well together when joining. Lubricate the ends of the two boards with wood glue, attach them to each other, fix with self-tapping screws. Thus, collect all 6 faces of one honeycomb. Do the rest using the same technology. Connect them together using self-tapping screws.

Inside some honeycomb blanks, you can fix one horizontal board so that you can also put some objects here.

Blanks for honeycombs

To make the shelf for the children's room further, you just have to paint it with a stain, and when it dries, fix it against the wall with the help of corners.

Shelf fasteners

By the way, such shelves for books can be made from junk material. If you have an old TV or guitar body, post your books here.

Shelves for books from the body of the guitar and TV

Make shelves for toys or books from pallets by sawing them.

Pallet book shelves

Some of the household items of the room for girls and boys can become an interesting game at the same time, such as the following.

How to make a children's kitchen for a child with your own hands?

Let the children learn to work from an early age. They will certainly want to cook in adulthood if they play with kitchen furniture made especially for toddlers as a child.

You can turn an old bedside table into a sink and a stove at the same time. To do this, you need to have:

  • bedside table;
  • acrylic paints with a brush;
  • furniture oblong handle;
  • a sheet of black rubber or a garbage bag of this color;
  • colored tape;
  • a stainless steel bowl;
  • miter saw.

Take the top drawer out of the nightstand, we will transform the lower one into an oven.

Creating a children's kitchen

Here's how to make a kid's kitchen. Using a large-diameter miter saw, drill a hole for the sink to fit the enamel bowl well. Paint the bedside table the color you want. If you want the toy kitchen to look like a real one, then attach a vertical panel to the back of the nightstand. To do this, you can use the top drawer by disassembling it, or a sheet of thick plywood and a shelf for the shelf.

Blank for children's kitchen

Cut out two circles of different diameters from a garbage bag or from a sheet of rubber, glue them so that they turn into two burners of an electric stove.

Tile for children's kitchen

Cover the outer part of the lower drawer with silver paint, and the inner part with black paint, put a small box in this makeshift oven, put foam rubber cakes, papier-mâché, eclairs from plastic bottles here. As if they are being baked in the oven.

Children's kitchen utensils drawer

Mark the circles with white paint to make them look like hotplates. In a switch for them, you will convert the caps for the back of the iron bed. Paint the other two silver to turn them into hot and cold water switches. A faucet may well be the round part of the handle from a wooden umbrella, which you saw off and cover with metal paint.

Children's kitchen sink and sink

Attach a box on the top panel so that the child can put spices in jars here, fix the hooks where he will hang his toy pots and pans.

Ready-made bedside table for children's kitchen

Cover the area where the top drawer was with a curtain. The child can also store kitchen utensils in this recess.

Even if you do not have the accompanying materials and an unnecessary bedside table, you still look at how to make a children's kitchen, because you can even turn a box into it with your own hands.

Tile for children's kitchen

For this you will need:

  • large cardboard box;
  • plain fabric;
  • felt-tip pens or markers;
  • stencil.

Sew the cover to fit the cardboard box. If you want your child to put something in it, put this object on its side so that the opening doors look at the young cook. Together with him, you can paste over these sashes with paper.

You can sew a cover on the box, draw on it with a stencil burner, oven door.

Even a rectangular stool can be turned into a children's stove. To do this, first paint it, attach hooks on the side, make a horizontal bar in the middle, where you can put baking sheets. With the stencil attached to the top of the stool, draw black slab circles here.

Table with tiles for a children's kitchen

If you wish, you can make a children's kitchen with your own hands, not only from boxes and stools, but also from such a two-story shop. It needs to be painted, then fixed inside the middle of a metal basket. Glue the rubber burners and you can give such a wonderful piece of children's furniture to your child.

Gas stove for children's kitchen

How to make a table, accessories for a nursery?

You can sew a canopy for the girl's bed to make her feel like a real princess. Turn the boy's sleeping bed into a wigwam. To do this, you need to fix several wooden blocks on the wall, tie a fabric triangle to them. Sew a little in the front of its side so that it turns into a little Indian's house. This is what furniture for a boy's room can be.

Baby cot with wigwam

If you have a bicycle wheel, use it as a table for your child.

Bicycle wheel table

To do this, you will need:

  • wheel rim;
  • dye;
  • 4 rounded sticks;
  • plexiglass or tempered glass circle;
  • bolts with screws;
  • drill;
  • brush.

Paint the rim the desired color. When this coating stops sticking to your hands, you can continue working. Make a drill in each block with a drill along the hole, attach these grooves to one of the grooves of the wheel rim. Secure with nut and screw. In this way, secure all four legs.

Step-by-step formation of a table from a bicycle wheel

Place a plexiglass or tempered glass circle on top.

Ready-made table from a bicycle wheel

This is how wonderful the table will turn out. If you are worried that your child might break glass, then make this piece of furniture a little differently.

Also paint the rim, fix the legs, but instead of a glass table top, weave the wheel axles using braid or a wide satin ribbon. You will get a very original table for a children's room.

Braid table

If you have bases from old skateboards, they will also turn into a comfortable table. It can be placed outdoors or indoors. If there are four boards, then they will simultaneously become a table and benches for two children.

Table and benches made of boards

Even if there is only one available, turn it into a small shop or table for your beloved child.

Plank benches

Even an old suitcase will turn into beautiful furniture for a child's room. Paint it in the desired color, put it on the table. The beloved child will put his toys here, get used to order.

Old suitcase from the table

If you have a lot of old books that no one else reads, don't throw them away. Make an original table. Perhaps in a few years the child will want to familiarize himself with the books that will always be at his fingertips.

Original table from books

If the kid was presented with several cubes with letters at once, help him learn to read. After gluing these objects together, create an original chair out of them. Letters and numbers will always be in front of the child's eyes, so he will quickly learn to read not only in Russian, but also in a foreign language, it will be good to count.

Armchair made of cubes

The above described how you can give a second life to the guitar. If no one has been playing the piano for a long time, attach the edging of this instrument and keys to the wall, make shelves to also store books here.

Piano shelves

So, from almost nothing or from junk material, you can make furniture for a children's room, the photo probably helped you understand the ideas presented. If you want to see firsthand how the masters do it, then open the video player.

In the first plot, you will see how to make a car bed for a boy.

The second will tell you how to make a children's kitchen out of cardboard boxes with your own hands.

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