French marriage: care and maintenance

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French marriage: care and maintenance
French marriage: care and maintenance

Data on the appearance of a French marriage, parameters of the breed's appearance, behavior and health, care: walking, diet, training features, interesting facts. Puppy price. Since ancient times, French marriages have helped a person to get food on the hunt. They were always there, completely and without looking back, giving all of themselves to the owner. Now hunting is more of a hobby and it is not as widespread as it once was. But, these dogs are still very popular and love not only in their homeland, but all over the world.

Breed appearance data French marriage

Two French marriages
Two French marriages

In the 11th century, the words "marriage" and "brache" were used to designate hounds and falconry dogs. Pointing dogs mainly appeared later, when there was a round-up hunting and other types of hunting that formed over time. Obviously, our ancestors were more concerned with the efficiency of hunting than learned notes. Of course, it is difficult to say anything definite about the origin of the French marriages, which undoubtedly in that era lived on the slopes of the Pyrenees. They may have come to Southwest France from Spain.

Back in 1944, they were reported to be light dogs flying above the ground. It is believed that there were two types of French marriages at that time: heavy and light. That is, they were not created later. Such canines were already highly valued at that time. We meet their images in numerous paintings by famous artists.

In the 19th century, Henri de Labrancher wrote that French marriage, or French marriage, is a true local breed. These dogs could work in the water like spaniels and walk into thorny bushes like griffons. They were considered the best breed in the world. Many representatives of the variety owe their qualities to crossing with the blue French hound. Experts believe that from her, the French marriage inherited the long ears, wrapped in a tube, which are a feature of the Gascon type.

In 1919, the French Marriage Club was established. In 1971, the division of breed individuals by height appeared. The Gascon type emerged, which began with a "G" as a large "grande". And the Pyrenean type starting with "P", like the small "ptil". The dogs have not lost their dignity. They kept their intelligence and obedience. In modern life, small breeds are valued a little higher because there is less hunting space and more dogs, and thus it is possible to better explore all the grounds. Plus, big dogs are much calmer.

The Gascon type is an excellent continental dog. This four-legged hunter perfectly knows how to work by smell. The Pyrenean type also has an excellent sense of smell. He attracts with his mobility and determination. These canines can work in pairs. They recognize the owner. But, it is a little better if they work with a familiar dog. The second pet of the same owner or his friend's dog.

Pyrenees dogs are soft in movement and character. They follow the trail smoothly, and even their stance is very flexible. The animal starts to slow down, cuddles to the ground and makes a stance. His manner of holding his head is such that one single continuous line with a tail is formed.

In a French marriage of the Gascon type, the look should always be expressive, the head is elongated, there are folds on the forehead, the ears are slightly raised. The tail does not have a straight outline, like in the German marriage. When the dog sneaks up, it should fall to the ground and move forward smoothly. Sneaking is quite slow.

These dogs, especially the Pyrenean type, adapt very well to heat. They appeared in the South, East or West of France. Therefore, the selection took into account how they tolerate hot weather. So, in hot climates, dogs hunt well in rocky terrain and in the forest.

These dogs are able to perfectly hunt both partridge and quail. It all depends on the training and subsequent training. In the forest, the Pyrenees, and especially the Gascon cops, are very good at running birds: woodcock, pheasant, which are excellent game.

Description of the parameters of the appearance of a French marriage

External standard of French marriage
External standard of French marriage

The French marriage is the only breed that can be divided into two types: a small Iberian marriage, and a large Gascon type marriage.

The height at the withers of the small Pyrenean type is 47–58 cm, and of the large Gascon type is 58–68 cm. The weight of the Gascon dogs is 25–32 kg, and of the Pyrenees 20–28 kg.

The Gascon type is heavier and taller. The Pyrenean type is a small athlete, almost completely inscribed in a square.

  1. Head moderately enlarged, rectangular. The skull is almost flat. There is a furrow in the forehead. The occipital protuberance is not significant. The cheekbones are dry. The brows are low.
  2. Muzzle - rectangular, the same length as the head. The bridge of the nose has a slight hump. The stop is slightly noticeable. In the Gascon type, the flews are slightly thicker and looser than in the Pyrenees.
  3. Nose - developed, brown or light brown.
  4. Eyes French marriages are on the front line of the facial part of the head, golden almond-shaped and middle.
  5. Ears set above eye level, medium, thin, elastic cartilage, rounded at the ends, forming many folds.
  6. Neck the dog is tall, strong. The suspension is weak.
  7. Frame - strong, muscular. The chest is extended, oval. Rounded ribs. The back is straight. The loin is strong. The croup is sloping.
  8. Tail - low, elongated, elastic, even. Can be docked.
  9. Front legs - long, strong, dense. The hind ones stand slightly wider than the front ones with developed hips.
  10. Paws - compact, rounded shape.
  11. Coat French marriages are short, without undercoat, grows dense and dense.
  12. Color the two types of French marriages are different. It can range from a monochrome brown with tan on the legs and above the eyes, to a white-brown color with more or less noticeable specks. The head is usually completely solid brown (in French marriage) or with a comma-shaped patch between the eyes.

Behavior of French marriages

French marriage lies
French marriage lies

Breeders of the breed note that these dogs are very affectionate. Pets are strongly attached to the house, the owner and what surrounds them. Puppies are trained from an early age and so that they have two families - his family and the trainer's family.

French marriages are gregarious animals, so they are an integral part of the family. They can be wonderful friends and protectors for a child. Pets are not aggressive, do not bite, do not attack. They will protect their owner and his family members, but without showing undue anger.

When adjusting the behavior of the dog, you need to be able to dose the punishment. That is, to punish at the right time because he will remember it forever. They say that they are born already trained. French marriages are employees of people who strive to understand your desires. When the pet understands them, it becomes for the owner exactly what the person wanted him to be - a real and faithful friend.

French marriage health

Small French marriage
Small French marriage

French marriages are not a problem for their owners. This means that they are in excellent health. These dogs do not have diseases specific to this particular breed. However, it should be noted that in their younger years they may develop juvenile demodicosis. Such a disease is hereditary, parasitic in nature, disappearing over the years.

Femoral dysplasia, which now affects many dog breeds, can also be affected. For French marriage, classes A and B are allowed. Group A is individuals not affected by dysplasia, and group B is individuals with mild signs of this disease. They do not allow us to say that over time the dog will have any problems.

But, the owner needs to be vigilant. It is best to do an x-ray of the dog once a year. Only then, in the event of an illness, the orthopedic veterinarian will be able to make the correct diagnosis and begin treatment.

The earlier manifestations of hip dysplasia are detected, the greater the likelihood of curing it without resorting to surgical intervention. The doctor can prescribe medicamentous internal and external drugs, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy procedures, and also choose the right exercises.

These dogs are muscular, well built and can run for a long time. But, you need to be careful about two things. First of all, these are paws - they have a heavy load.

It is necessary to carefully look so that there are no cuts, spikelets stuck into the pads. That is, nothing abnormal - no foreign particles. If the pads are scratched, they must be disinfected and bandaged with healing ointment. Deeper wounds need to be sutured in the clinic. The second thing to look out for is the pet's eyes. This is a hunting dog and may have conjunctivitis or blepharitis. In situations like this, you can use an eye wash. This will increase all the chances of keeping the dog healthy. You cannot cure more serious eye diseases yourself. Only an ophthalmologist can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

French marriages are aging well. On average, they easily live up to thirteen, fourteen years old. Sometimes, there are even specimens that have already lived for fifteen, sixteen years and at the same time do not have any serious diseases. French marriages always remain in good shape and this is why they are attractive to the owners. But, and the owners, in turn, are obliged to give them their wholehearted care and love.

French Marriage Care Rules

French marriage to a landlord
French marriage to a landlord
  1. Wool such a canine is short and requires a minimum of attention. The fur of pets is combed out once a week, and during molting, several times a week using a rubber mitt, the so-called brush-gloves. This device is very convenient and even useful. While you, putting it on your hand, stroke the dog, it takes care of its coat, stimulates blood circulation, removes lost hair and dust. Its use is great when the dog is not very good at brushing. The glove has a special form of teeth, which provides for better removal of dead hairs from short-haired animals. In addition, the glove brush removes minor dirt, combs and gives the coat of French marriages a shiny appearance. In addition to such simple manipulations as combing, you will simultaneously massage your pet's skin. The glove will perfectly adapt to the shape of the muscles, and the structure of your dog and will not injure the skin when in close contact with it.
  2. Bathe dogs rarely, once a month or when heavily soiled. Before washing, the shampoo is diluted with water (so as not to dry the skin) to obtain a thick foam. After soaping, the foam is thoroughly washed off under the pressure of water. Conditioners for short-haired dogs are not required. The pet dries indoors without drafts. To make the wool shine, you need to wipe it with a flannel cloth. If the marriage is not very dirty, but you still need to wash it, now there are wonderful remedies that you can use without using water. It comes in the form of a powder or spray. Best for short-haired dogs. It is used simply, powdered or sprayed on the dog, and then simply combed and the dirt disappears.
  3. Teeth French marriages need to be cleaned constantly to keep them healthy. Bad smell from a dog's mouth is a bad symptom. This means that there is some kind of infection in the animal's mouth. There are owners who do not think about what will happen if such procedures are not carried out. Many dogs have to have their tartar removed by a veterinarian. It is not so easy. Not every dog will lie on the table and calmly endure the removal of the stone by ultrasound. Before the procedure, the animal must be given an immobilizing injection. These procedures are a kind of stress for the dog. Therefore, teach your dog to clean them from an early age. Buy special brushes and toothpastes from the pet store and brush his teeth two to three times a week.
  4. Ears should be cleaned regularly with softening lotions, as they are dangling and therefore less well ventilated. Such procedures will protect your French marriage from inflammation and purulent otitis media, especially since they are not difficult to perform.
  5. Eyes check after going into forest areas for mechanical injuries or foreign particles. If there is irritation, rub your eyes with a sedative. In case of injuries, it is better to bring the dog to the vet. Trying to heal your dog yourself can lead to complications and even blindness to your four-legged friend.
  6. Claws cut as soon as they grow back. The dog is not a woman, and she does not need a manicure. Excessively long claws will injure the paw pads, causing pain in the dog.
  7. Feeding French marriages should be, first of all, well selected and of high quality, so that you do not prefer ready-made dry food or natural food. Vitamins are needed with natural food. Outside of the hunting season, give your dog smaller portions or it will get fat. Being overweight will lead to health problems for your dog. His joints will start to hurt, he will have problems with his heart and stomach.
  8. Walking long-lasting and active. If such dogs live in a city apartment, then they are trained for at least two hours a day on the street, and once a week they are taken to forest zones.

Features of teaching French marriage

French marriage on a walk
French marriage on a walk

French marriages, dogs with a lively mind. But in order to make virtuoso hunters out of them, training must be started from puppyhood. The genetic abilities of the puppies are tested using a fishing rod with a game wing attached to it.

A puppy's stance is natural, but maintaining it depends on training. Since the stance is what all carnivores have. This is the moment before the predator pounces on its prey. Thanks to this instinct, modern cops are so good at making a stance.

Do not get too carried away with fishing with a fishing rod, so as not to make your pet very susceptible. Then the dog will try to perform a stand on any white spot. You should use this as a test, not as a daily exercise.

The Gascon type is sometimes compared to the republic, meaning that dogs cannot be manipulated and rude with them. They cannot be pressured and forced to execute commands, they need affection. This old breed is very sensitive and receptive.

The Pyrenees have been inoculated with English blood and are trained more directly. You can't start right away with technique and obedience. It is necessary to establish friendly relations, teach to see the game. This dog has many innate virtues, only he does not like coercion. This means that the pet is capable of a lot. But, if you demand from him to do something, then he will not do it.

Interesting facts about French marriages

French marriage on the hunt
French marriage on the hunt

Since the time when the division of the French marriage by type took place, it is forbidden to interbreed with each other. But, of course, this was the case before, and will continue to affect for many generations for a long time. A litter of Pyrenean-type dogs may contain "Gascons", and a litter of dogs of a Gascon-type may contain "Pyrenees".

Experts carry out confirmation of the standard at the age of one year of the animal, then it is possible to determine which type a particular dog should be attributed to. Subsequently, they are knitted with dogs of a similar type. This selection must be continued in order to maintain both the small and large varieties of French marriage.

French marriage cost

French marriage puppies
French marriage puppies

The best French marriages are found in nurseries in their homeland, France. The price for a puppy is $ 500-800.

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