Frozen corn kernels

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Frozen corn kernels
Frozen corn kernels

To feast on corn side dishes all year round, this versatile vegetable needs to be frozen for future use. How to properly freeze corn in grains and useful tips, read the step-by-step recipe with a photo. Video recipe.

Ready frozen corn kernels

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Corn is a unique product that can be an independent dish or be harmoniously combined with various additives. These are cheese sauce and butter, ham and mushrooms, chicken and shrimps … All kinds of salads, stews and other delicious dishes are made from corn. Because of this, the number of fans of this product is increasing every day. Therefore, the production of frozen corn is gaining momentum. At the same time, good housewives procure it for future use on their own. Freezing corn is a simple and convenient way to preserve grains or cobs, as well as nutrients until cold weather. Frozen corn at its peak of maturity does not lose its taste, aroma and health.

Frozen corn is practical and can always come in handy. It will complement any side dish and can be added to any dish. The effort spent on freezing will fully pay off. Corn frozen in grains is almost identical to fresh corn. When buying corn for harvesting, pay attention to its variety. For freezing, exclusively sweet, specially selected varieties of corn are used. Sugar subspecies are ideal. There are several ways to reheat and cook frozen corn: fry, steam, use the microwave or oven. Depending on the method chosen, the taste and texture of the beans may vary slightly. We will learn how to properly freeze corn.

  • Caloric content per 100 g - 94 kcal.
  • Servings - Any Amount
  • Cooking time - 1 hour, plus freezing time


  • Corn - any quantity
  • Salt to taste

Step by step preparation of frozen corn kernels, recipe with photo:

The corn is husked

1. Peel the corn cob and remove the fibrous leaves. It is better to start doing this from the bottom of the cob, where its tassel is located.

The corn is husked

2. Wash the ears under running water.

The corn is divided into parts

3. If the cooking pot is small, break the corn into suitable sized pieces.

Corn is stacked in a saucepan

4. Place the corn in the cooking pot.

Corn covered with water

5. Fill it with water to cover the ears, add salt and place the pot on the stove.

Boiled corn

6. After boiling, cook it over low heat for half an hour, covered. Young sweet corn varieties cook quickly. If you make the harvest from old corn, then it will take longer to cook.

The corn is cooling

7. Remove the corn from the boiling water and leave to cool.

Grains are cut from the corn cob

8. Carefully husk the kernels, pressing the knife to the cob as much as possible and cutting them off.

The grains are packed in a freezer bag

9. Place the beans in a bag or freezer container and place them in the freezer. Pan the bag every hour so that the grains do not stick together when freezing. Finished frozen corn kernels can be stored in the freezer throughout the winter.

See also a video recipe on how to freeze corn for the winter (2 ways).

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