Plum jam with spices for the winter

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Plum jam with spices for the winter
Plum jam with spices for the winter

What to serve pancakes or pancakes with? You will be delighted with delicious plum jam with spices - this is exactly what you need to prepare for the winter!

Spoon of spiced plum jam

Jams and jams are something that is closed in families where there are sweet tooth or children. I suggest you try to cook plum jam with spices for the winter. Such a delicacy with an unusual aftertaste will appeal to even the most demanding sweet tooth. You can flavor pancakes or thin pancakes with fragrant jam - children will definitely thank you and ask for more. You can cook it from any kind of plum, take for processing both soft and frankly overripe fruits. You can choose spices to your taste, I personally settled on the classics: cinnamon stick and star anise.

  • Caloric content per 100 g - 290 kcal.
  • Servings - 2 cans
  • Cooking time - 1 hour 30 minutes


  • Plums - 2 kg
  • Sugar - 1 kg
  • Cinnamon stick - 1 pc.
  • Star anise - 1 pc.

A simple recipe for making plum jam with spices for the winter

Pitted plums in a saucepan

We prepare the plums for processing: wash them, remove the tails and bones. We put them in a saucepan with a thick bottom.

Plums after heat treatment

Simmer the fruit over low heat, covered with a lid, for about 15–20 minutes, so that they are thoroughly softened.

The plum mass is mashed

When the halves of the plums have turned into gruel, remove the pan from the heat, let them cool slightly (to about 70-80 degrees) and puree with a submersible blender. You can make the jam completely homogeneous by carefully breaking the pulp and skin, or you can, if you like, leave small uncrushed fragments.

Spices added to plum puree

Add sugar and spices to the plum puree. Cook jam with spices, stirring constantly and not letting the sugar stick to the bottom, for about 20 minutes, and then we take out a cinnamon stick and an star anise star so that the aroma is not too intrusive.

Plum mass brought to thickening

If you want the plum jam to be thicker, continue to cook it over low heat for another 15 minutes.

Plum jam poured into a jar

Pour jam into sterile, well-heated jars and close them with lids. We wrap the jars and leave to cool completely.

What does a ready-made plum jam with spices look like?

Fragrant plum jam with a delicate pleasant aftertaste is ready. Now you can happily while away winter evenings with a cup of strong tea and spicy jam.

Plum jam with spices served at the table

Filled with vibrant color and warmth of oriental aromas, plum jam with spices will become your favorite delicacy! Have a nice tea party!

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