Pork balyk at home

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Pork balyk at home
Pork balyk at home

To your attention - a classic step-by-step recipe with a photo of making dry-cured pork balyk at home. Of course, you have to be patient a little, but the final result will exceed all expectations! Video recipe.

Pork loaf at home is dried

A meat loaf is a delicacy that has a delicate texture, specific taste and pleasant aroma. Balyk means salted and then dried meat. You can cook dry-cured balyk at home from any meat: pork, beef, chicken, duck, turkey … An excellent balyk is obtained from pork tenderloin. The appearance of the balyk result is as similar as possible to the finished industrial product, which is a real expensive meat delicacy. And cooking it at home can significantly reduce the cost of a snack. Moreover, it is not at all difficult to do this, the main thing is patience, tk. the recipe takes a fair amount of time, or even days. It turns out the meat is very tender, beautiful color and with a wonderful aroma.

In addition, homemade dry-cured pork balyk is 100% sure that the product is natural and of high quality. Since the entire cooking process is personally supervised by the chef! You don't have to choose pork tenderloin for the recipe. If you want to get a more juicy delicacy, then take the pulp or neck with a small layer of fat. Cutting from them will be with fat streaks, and from the tenderloin with a perfect cut, without fat layers and with a pearlescent overflow. Note that this recipe can be used to cook not only meat, but also the backs of large fish, such as beluga, chum salmon, pink salmon, etc.

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  • Caloric content per 100 g - 95 kcal.
  • Servings - during curing, the meat will dry 25-30% of its original weight
  • Cooking time - 10-15 days


  • Pork tenderloin - 500 g
  • Salt - 500 g
  • Ground black pepper - 1 tablespoon

Step-by-step preparation of dry-cured pork balyk at home, recipe with photo:

Salt is poured into the container

1. Pour half of the salt into a salting dish and smooth it evenly.

Meat is dipped into a container with salt

2. Wash the meat and dry well with a paper towel. Place it in a container of salt and sprinkle with the remaining salt so that the piece is evenly covered with it on all sides.

The meat is salted

3. Close the mold with a lid and refrigerate the pork for 12-15 hours. During this time, their juice will stand out from it, and the piece itself will become denser and tougher.

The meat is washed from salt

4. Wash the meat under running water, well rinsing off all the salt.

Meat dried

5. Dry thoroughly with a paper towel.

Meat smeared with pepper

6. Leave it to lie in the fresh air for a while to dry well. Then lightly coat the meat with ground black pepper. You can also wipe the pork with any spices to taste: coriander, nutmeg.

Meat is wrapped in cotton cloth

7. Wrap the pork with a cotton cloth such as gauze or linen.

Pork loaf at home is dried

8. Leave it to air dry for 10 days. Check readiness periodically. The balyk can hang for a month. Depending on the exposure time, the consistency of dry-cured pork balyk at home will be. The longer it creeps, the denser the meat will turn out, respectively, on the contrary, the fewer days, the softer. Store the finished balyk in the refrigerator, wrapped in parchment paper.

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