Physiological stimulants of anabolism in bodybuilding

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Physiological stimulants of anabolism in bodybuilding
Physiological stimulants of anabolism in bodybuilding

Find out how to influence your dormant anabolism and gain from 5 to 10 kg of muscle mass in a short period of time? If we talk about anabolic drugs, then all of them are used to accelerate anabolic reactions in the body. This can be a variety of medications, herbal substances, steroids and nutritional supplements. They are very often used by athletes who forget that there are physiological methods to increase anabolism.

It should be noted that all physiological stimulants of anabolism in bodybuilding are not drugs, but are certain mechanisms that affect the body. They have a mild effect and are completely free of side effects. The most popular physiological stimulants are the following:

  • Intense running;
  • Influence of high or low temperatures;
  • Short-term fasting, lasting no more than a day;
  • Hypoxic breathing training (HDT);
  • Sleep, etc.

The most popular of them will be discussed today.

Intense running stimulates anabolism

Athlete running
Athlete running

Among all the physiological stimulants of anabolism in bodybuilding, which we talked about above, running is the most popular. This is primarily due to the ease of mastering and implementation of classes in practice.

At the same time, running causes a lot of controversy, and experts cannot find common ground. Some of them are confident in the effectiveness of such exercises, while others claim the exact opposite. We also note that some experts are even confident in the need to exclude jogging from the training program for bodybuilders, as they are confident that this contributes to the acceleration of catabolic reactions.

It is difficult to find the truth and based on the practical application of running classes. Many famous athletes have used running and continue to do so, while achieving great athletic results. At the same time, there are many athletes who, without using this type of cardio exercise, have also achieved a lot. So among the representatives of the first group, I immediately want to recall Yuri Vlasov, who is an ardent supporter of running training. Moreover, he was the first domestic weightlifter to use long runs in his training program.

Temperature loads to stimulate anabolism

The athlete takes a contrast shower after training
The athlete takes a contrast shower after training

This concept should mean exposure to high and low temperatures. Let's take a look at each of these factors separately.

When the body is exposed to low temperatures, the synthesis of protein compounds is accelerated, which leads to muscle growth. It is with this fact that the emergence of a large number of famous athletes born in northern or southern states is associated.

Also, scientists have found that under the influence of low temperatures, the tone of the parasympathetic nervous system increases and the synthesis of the main mediator of neuromuscular activity, acetylcholine, is accelerated. In addition, there is an increase in the concentration of other mediators of hormonal signals. In addition, in many respects, anabolism increases due to an increase in the sensitivity of all human tissues to hormones secreted by the thyroid gland. This not only contributes to an increase in the anabolic background, but also accelerates the lipolysis process.

At the same time, exposure to low temperatures may not always have a positive effect. In general, the situation resembles a run, and great importance should be attached to the periodization of hardening. The most effective hardening can be at a frequency of no more than once a day, but not less than once a week. It is also important that bathing in cold water or wiping off with snow lasts no more than three minutes.

Exposure to high temperatures can also increase the anabolic state. This is primarily due to the improvement of the condition of the skin, which protects our body. Also, an important point when using high temperatures is the acceleration of fat burning reactions, an increase in the quality of tissue nutrition and an increase in metabolism. Note that, despite a fairly large number of positive aspects when using heat loads, this physiological stimulant can hardly be called the most effective. For example, with proper use of running training, you can achieve more significant increases in anabolism.

Short-term fasting and stimulation of anabolism

Empty plate on the table in front of the athlete
Empty plate on the table in front of the athlete

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that fasting must necessarily be short-term. Only in this case can it be used to increase the anabolic background. This is due primarily to the acceleration of the synthesis of growth hormone and male hormone.

The effectiveness of short-term fasting for gaining muscle mass has been proven in a practical way. Most often, after this, there is a temporary loss of mass, after which a period of supercompensation begins. It should also be said that fasting can be used without cleansing the digestive tract to accelerate muscle gain. When using this physiological stimulant of anabolism in bodybuilding, you should fast no more than once every ten days and no more than 24 hours.

For maximum fasting results, you need to give up food for no more than a day, but do not exclude water. Drink plenty of water. Also, after completing the fast, your first meal should not be overly high in calories.

Hypoxic breathing training stimulates anabolism

The athlete performs breathing exercises
The athlete performs breathing exercises

A large number of words have been written and said about the positive effect of hypoxic training on the body. However, in relation to sports, many specialists have questions. The most common argument of opponents of this method is the possibility of impaired brain function. It would certainly be wrong to deny such consequences. However, it is important to remember that such a problem can arise with frequent and prolonged absence of oxygen.

As for the training itself, there are no big secrets in it. You just need to take a comfortable position and relax. Then hold your breath between exhalation and inhalation for a certain amount of time. For most athletes, it is enough to use hypoxic training three times a day, while performing five exercises. Do not hold your breath for more than three minutes.

Pain stimulation of anabolism in the body

Bodybuilder Performs Leg Press
Bodybuilder Performs Leg Press

This physiological stimulant of anabolism is the most controversial of all. For many, it may seem at least strange to want to expose themselves to pain in order to increase anabolism. At the same time, this method has been used since time immemorial.

The mechanism of painful effects on the body is to accelerate the production of endorphins, which produce an effect similar to morphine. Thanks to these substances, the anabolic background increases, lipolysis accelerates and cholesterol balance is normalized. Today it is already possible not to engage in self-flagellation, which was popular in the Middle Ages, but it is better to use simpler and no less effective methods of pain. For example, this could be a regular stretching exercise performed until moderate pain appears, or a device such as a Kuznetsov applicator.

Athletes who regularly visit the steam bath can use a coniferous or nettle broom. The needle must be both firm and moderately sharp. It is important to remember that the dosage of pain should be strictly observed. If you overdo it, then instead of anabolism in the body, the catabolic background will increase. Reasonable limits can only be determined experimentally. It should also be remembered that there are certain contraindications when using this method of stimulating anabolic processes. So, say, strong massage should not be used for diseases of the skeletal system or joints. Of course, it will not be superfluous to consult a doctor before using this method. Otherwise, you can harm your health.

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