Designer steroids

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Designer steroids
Designer steroids

Many athletes have probably heard of designer steroids. Find out what these drugs are, what effect they have and whether it makes sense to use them. Not every person who is engaged in bodybuilding for himself and does not set himself serious sports goals wants to use AAS. With professionals, everything is very clear, they cannot do without anabolic steroids. Nowadays more and more often one can come across the opinion that even athletes performing in the category of "men physicists" should use steroids to achieve results. However, this should be regarded as nothing more than an advertising move aimed at increasing the implementation of AAS.

Science, and with it sports pharmacology, has made a big step forward in recent years. For athletes from the already mentioned mens physics category, the use of conventional AAS is no longer the norm. And now a new type of product has appeared on the sports pharmacology market - designer steroids.

If these drugs are compared with anabolic steroids, then the main difference lies in the changed chemical structure, complete safety for health, as well as their legality. To get around the law and make the steroid legal, manufacturers had to change their structure. As a result, athletes were able to use drugs that maintain a high anabolic background, and, consequently, allow accelerating the growth of muscle mass.

Types of legal steroids

Designer steroids in ampoules
Designer steroids in ampoules

In total, there are currently three types of legal steroids:

  • Steroids - substances that are outside the human body in the form of a special composition. They are commercially available and, under the influence of special enzymes synthesized by the body, are able to restore their structure.
  • Prohormones - are the precursors of hormones known to science. In their original form, they are inactive, but once in tissue cells, they are able to convert into a full-fledged hormone, most often testosterone, thereby accelerating the growth of muscle tissue mass and improving cell nutrition.
  • Designer steroids - have a changed structure in comparison with conventional AAS, and, therefore, a composition that is not prohibited by law.

Among designer steroids, we should mention such drugs as Epistan, Superdrol, Methyl-1-Test, 19-norandrostenedion, Phenom, etc.

Features of designer steroids

Designer steroid in a jar
Designer steroid in a jar

Legal steroids are gaining popularity among athletes. This can be explained by the benefits that drugs give athletes:

  • The level of estrogen decreases;
  • There are practically no side effects;
  • Do not pose a health hazard;
  • Available for free sale.

As mentioned above, sports pharmacology has advanced significantly, which allows the development of new effective drugs for athletes. Today, there are a large number of different drugs on the sports pharmacology market, thereby allowing athletes to choose the most optimal one for themselves.

Classification of designer steroids

Tablets of designer steroids in a jar
Tablets of designer steroids in a jar

Like the vast majority of medications, designer steroids are classified by class. Thanks to this, it is possible to determine for which category of athletes this or that drug is best suited. All drugs of this type are divided into four classes:

  • 1st grade is the weakest of all. For solo use, drugs of this class are not suitable, but can be used in combination with others.
  • 2nd and 3rd classes - have medium strength and can be used both solo and in combination with other means. It is worth noting that combined use is still more effective.
  • Grade 4 are the most powerful drugs used alone and with good results.

As for the ways to use designer steroids, everything is extremely simple here. The athlete needs to consume 2 capsules daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. This allows you to maintain the anabolic background at a high and uniform level. It should be remembered, however, that without the right nutritional program, intense training and sufficient rest time, designer steroids will not bring tangible results.

Designer steroid Phenom

Phenom designer steroid in packaging
Phenom designer steroid in packaging

This drug is completely legal and can be used by athletes of all skill levels. Phenom is manufactured in the United States and has already received a lot of positive feedback from athletes. Many athletes do not have good genetic makeup, and at some point in time they have to start using steroids to overcome the limitations in muscle growth.

Thanks to the Phenom preparation, you can achieve very good results, and it will be only a high-quality mass, devoid of fats and liquids. The drug is based on two powerful substances methylstenbolone, as well as dimetazine. Thanks to Phenom, you can increase strength indicators, accelerate muscle growth and get a pumping effect. The only drawback of the drug is an increase in aggressiveness, although most often this is only for the benefit of training. And now a few words about each of the ingredients that make up Phenom:

  1. Methylstenbolone - one of the most powerful prohormones. Contributes to a significant increase in strength performance and contributes to an increase in mass gain. It does not pose a danger to the liver, is not able to convert into estrogens.
  2. Dimetazine - is not inferior to methylstenbolone in its effect on the body and has a unique chemical structure. Produced from dihydrotestosterone. After ingestion, it is rapidly converted to methyldrostanolone. The substance has pronounced androgenic and low estrogenic properties.

Thanks to this combination of active substances, Phenom has shown its effectiveness in practice. Phenom should be started with one capsule daily. After two weeks, the dosage can be doubled. Remember that this is a powerful drug and should not exceed the recommended dosage.

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