Learning to sew at home is easy

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Learning to sew at home is easy
Learning to sew at home is easy

An article for those who want to learn how to sew at home. You will learn what to make out of old jeans, how to sew a sock-cap, culottes, scarves from T-shirts. If you want to learn how to sew at home, then we suggest mastering this interesting science. Create a hat, vest, trousers and other new items quickly using the latest technology.

Hat-sock at home: master class

Homemade hat on a mannequin

It is very easy to create such a headdress. To do this, you need to have:

  • knitted fabric;
  • pattern;
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • threads;
  • sewing machine.

To make the hat fit in cold weather, make the hat double. To do this, bend the canvas in half up, with the front sides inward. Then bend from left to right.

Measurements for cutting

This pattern is designed for a head size 54-56. One panel is 28 cm high and 22–23 cm wide. Pin the pattern to the fabric with pins, cut the canvas, leaving 1 cm seam allowances.

Pin piercing points

This model will help you learn how to sew from scratch on your own, you can repeat this master class at home. To do this, we continue the description of the work.

Take out the pins, immediately stick them into the pincushion so as not to drop or lose. Expand the fabric blank, it should turn out like this for you.

Workpiece appearance

Now fold it in half, right sides in, stitch here using overlock or a special stitch that is used to overcast the edges of the product.

Billet folded in half

Sew the semicircular seams on the top and bottom of the cap. Now fold it in half so that one of the pieces becomes the lining of the hat. Pin together at the top with pins, sew using the same overlock stitch.

The workpiece after the second piercing with pins

Here's how to learn how to sew a hat and cut it from scratch. You will get a stylish new thing, which will take a little time to make. Turn it on the front side, put it on and you can go for a walk.

Finished hat

How to make a scarf with your own hands?

A knitted scarf is perfect for such a headdress. You can do it in 5 minutes. To do this, cut the lower part from the T-shirt under the armhole, squeeze this part slightly from top to bottom to make drapery elements. Then you can try on a new thing.

T-shirt scarves

If you want the scarf to be fringed, then proceed as follows: Trim a section of the T-shirt from the armpits. At the bottom, chop it into strips 1 wide, 17–20 cm long. Tie each pair of the resulting ribbons in a knot. Then make the same knots in a checkerboard pattern, backing down 7 cm.

Blue T-shirt scarf

By the way, you can design a T-shirt with such a fringe to give it a more original look.

Fringe on a white t-shirt

As for how to make a similar scarf snood with your own hands, you can decorate it with beads. To do this, the cut out fragment of the T-shirt must first be cut from the top and bottom into strips 2 cm wide, then put on a bead on each, and fix it with a knot from the bottom.

Gray fringed scarf

If you like having a lot of fringe on the scarf, then cut the blank into long strips. Then each of them needs to be stretched slightly, giving the desired shape. To make a snood scarf, you need to sew the sides of these blanks with your own hands. This seam will be at the back.

Fringed scarf making process

But these are not all ideas that will tell you how easy it is to learn how to sew at home using unnecessary T-shirts. To implement the following you will need:

  • a lid from a saucepan or frying pan;
  • simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • T-shirt.

Attach the lid to the front of the product, draw a circle with a pencil, cut out. Now, with the help of scissors, you need to make a spiral from this knitted blank. Stretch it a little, and now the original scarf around your neck is ready. You can make more than one such detail, but several, it will turn out smartly and festively.

Wavy scarf from white t-shirt

The next scarf is no less original.

Scarf of two T-shirts of different colors

To do it, take:

  • two T-shirts of different colors;
  • a needle and thread;
  • centimeter tape;
  • scissors.
Measurements for creating a scarf from a t-shirt

Crop the T-shirts along the red dotted lines. Cut out one of the sidewalls on both pieces to make two pieces. Fold each in half lengthwise and sew along the long edge.

Now see how to make a braid. To do this, place the middle of the first piece in the center of the second. Putting your hand here, you will bring the loop of the first workpiece up. Create the braid further in the same way. It remains to sew the edges of the two blanks, this seam will be at the back.

Combining two T-shirts into one scarf

You will get a beautiful snood scarf if you sew openwork sewing to a cut strip of a T-shirt with your own hands.

Scarf from a T-shirt and openwork embroidery

Cut many stripes from different colors of T-shirts for another original scarf. There are several ways to tie it.

Here's how to learn how to sew clothes at home. The following ideas are also very simple to implement, suitable for novice dressmakers, will allow them to fall in love with this type of needlework.

How to learn how to sew a top, vest at home?

For aspiring dressmakers, the following idea will also be easy to follow.

Original homemade vest

To sew a vest of this type, you will need:

  • rather dense fabric;
  • 2 large buttons;
  • thread with a needle or overlock;
  • scissors.

Cut out a square with sides 70 cm from the fabric.To make the slits for the arms, step back 15 cm from the upper right corner, put a point, and put another 20 cm down from it. The slit for each hand will be 20 cm long.

Divide the top segment into three equal parts to mark the location of the slots. Follow them. If the fabric is wrinkled, then overcast the armholes, and if it is a cloth like a drape, then you can leave the slots in their original form.

And the loop must be swept so that it does not stretch. Sew on the buttons, the second one can be swept for decoration, the vest is ready.

Now how to sew a top for the summer with a beautiful flower. For it you will need:

  • knitted fabric;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • sewing machine;
  • tailor's needle.
Homemade top decorated with a flower

The back and front, in this case, are two rectangles. To make a pattern according to your size, attach an unfolded newspaper to the back, determine the width and length of the future top in this part. Make a pattern for the front in the same way.

To make it more convenient to form a flower, while the shelf and back do not sew on the sidewalls.

  1. For the shoulder straps, cut two strips 10 cm wide by 50 cm long. Join each in half lengthwise, with the right sides inward. Stitch along the long edge, turn the straps over your face, and sew on the wrong side of the front.
  2. Finish the top of the garment by tucking it up twice and sewing. Here's how to sew a top with your own hands further.
  3. Start shaping the flower. Cut into strips 10 cm wide. In total, you will need about 2 meters of such blanks.
  4. Fold them in half lengthwise, right side up, and iron in this position. Start sewing the flower in a large circle, gradually moving towards the center. Make a frill out of the tape, securing it in this position with pins. Then each circle is sewn on a sewing machine.
The process of creating a flower for a top

When you have completed it, process the top of the back, sew the straps here, sew the sidewalls. Here's how to sew a top. For beginners, such work will not be difficult. The next one should also be easy.

For her you will need:

  • well draped fabric;
  • sewing machine;
  • crayon;
  • ruler;
  • needle with thread;
  • scissors.
Sketches of women's tops

From the fabric, cut 2 squares with sides of 80 cm. Determine according to your size where you need to sew on the right and left sides to separate the arms from the sides. Then you need to sew a top on the shoulders, after which the product can be put on.

If you have old jeans that are bored or frayed in some places, you can make a fashionable vest-top out of them. The photo shows in red how you need to cut out a new product.

Layout for creating a vest from jeans

It can be worn as a stand-alone item, worn over a T-shirt, turtleneck, or made such a top as the top of a sundress.

The appearance of the finished jeans vest

In this case, for the bottom, you need to cut out a rectangle of cotton fabric, the width of which is one and a half times the volume of the thighs. At the top, it is smoothed and sewn to the bottom of the top.

Openwork decoration of a denim vest

If you already have a denim vest, you want to update and decorate it, then sew lace in the collar area, and narrower ones? on the bottom and on the bar.

Denim vest with openwork embroidery

In general, for those who want to learn how to sew from scratch on their own, reworking old things is a very fertile topic. The process will be easy and interesting, so you can consider it in more detail.

What to make out of old jeans?

If you want to sew an apron, and you have had unnecessary jeans for a year, use them.

Denim apron dressed on a woman

The main part of the apron will be the upper part of the jeans. If you want to sew it with the breast, then rip it out with a rip on one side of the leg, unrolling that. Such an apron is trimmed with braid or a strip of colored fabric, having gathered it. Cut out the ties at the waist and neck from the same material.

If you want to create a flirty apron, then make the bottom frill longer. Pass the belt through the belt loops to emphasize the waistline.

Denim apron design option

A brisket apron looks great too. It can be decorated with ruffle and a belt made of other fabrics.

Chestless apron design

In order not to sew on pockets separately and have a comfortable apron, use the back of your jeans. By the way, from the front and from the panels, you can create a couple more aprons.

Two aprons from jeans

If you want to quickly turn white jeans into romantic ones with clouds, then take:

  • a bowl;
  • sponge;
  • acrylic paints for fabric;
  • gloves.

This method of decorating light-colored jeans is perfect if you want to get a new product, hide spots on your trousers.

Pour water into a bowl, add quite a bit of blue acrylic paint, literally a few drops, you should get a sky blue shade.

Put jeans on cellophane, dipping a sponge into the prepared solution, apply it to the fabric.

Now dilute the paint in a different proportion to get a drawing of a slightly different shade. Apply this solution with a sponge to the jeans.

Start painting jeans

When the background is ready, take white acrylic paint, do not dilute it with water, paint the clouds themselves.

Drawing clouds on jeans

Now wait for the garment to dry, then iron it with a hot iron and you can put on beautiful jeans with clouds.

Ready-to-wear jeans with clouds

But back to the main topic. Old jeans can be used to make a wonderful organizer for little things.

Jeans organizer

Take the back of the trousers with patch pockets, cut it off. If the organizer needs to be vertical, as in this case, then cut the back of the pants in half, sew one to the other vertically. If you want the organizer to have several compartments, then wash the pockets on the leg. Sew a jeans belt around the edges of the garment so that it does not stretch in different directions.

And here is the option with a vertical arrangement of pockets, for which you need to cut the back of the trousers to the knees, sew additional pockets.

The practicality of a jeans organizer

Of course, there are many options for what to make out of old jeans. You can make a bag, potholders, sitting on a chair and much more from them. For beginners, this is a great opportunity to learn an interesting craft.

Once you get your hand full, you can create other things, such as pants.

How to sew culottes, leggings?

Leggings do not hold back movement, they are comfortable to play sports, work in the garden and just walk. Slender young ladies can wear a short top, a turtleneck with a vest under such trousers. Ladies with curvaceous shapes can be advised to wear a loose shirt on top with cutouts on the sides, which covers the hips. They will be comfortable in such clothes.

To sew leggings you will need:

  • knitted fabric;
  • threads;
  • underwear elastic;
  • scissors and related small equipment.

To make it easier for you to determine your size, the table below is presented.

size table

The following is a universal pattern for several sizes, for:

  • XL is yellow;
  • L is shown in green;
  • blue is M;
  • and pink is S.
Pattern pattern

If you have a pattern, transfer the pattern to it. If not, tape the two newspapers together, draw it here. You can draw squares on white paper or whatman paper. The side of the small squares is 2 cm, and the side of the large ones is 10 cm.

On the left of the pattern is the back of the leggings, on the right? front. To learn how to sew at home, fold the knitted fabric in half with the right sides inward. Place the pattern on it, pin it around the edges with pins, cut it out, leaving 7 mm seam allowances on all sides. Overcast the edges of the parts.

Finished pattern

Now sew the right half, then the left half on the sides on the wrong side, then sew on the front and back, and then? step seams. Fold up the pants at the bottom and hem here. Fold in the top of the pants, sew, then insert the elastic and you can put on trendy leggings.

The look of homemade leggings

In another way, culottes are called skirt-trousers. This is a versatile clothing that will be comfortable for women of different sizes.

To sew culottes, reshoot the following pattern.

Pattern for sewing culottes

As you can see, it is given for several sizes at once, for 44–42 and 46. On top you will lay folds, sew the step seams of the left and right halves of the legs. Then sew the new thing on the sides and center at the back and front.

Sew the belt to the folds laid on top, bending it in half.

If you want to see how to quickly make a pattern and create culottes, watch the video below:

In the second, you will learn how to sew an off-the-shoulder top:

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