The benefits of mustard and harm to the body

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The benefits of mustard and harm to the body
The benefits of mustard and harm to the body

Find out what the benefits of mustard are, how to take it correctly, and which variety to choose. Let's talk about white, black and sarepta mustard, table mustard and mustard powder. Mustard is considered an indispensable seasoning for spicy dishes, which is characterized by a pronounced pungent aftertaste. Mustard has not only an interesting and piquant taste, but also has great benefits for the human body.

For centuries, mustard seasoning has been used in food. Many ancient peoples used the grains of this plant as a symbol of energy, as well as for making healthy oils and delicious sauces. Not only folk, but also official medicine claim that this plant has invaluable medicinal properties.

In the Middle Ages, European doctors began to actively use mustard, which is of great benefit to the body. Mustard helps in the treatment of colds, pains, and diseases of the digestive system.

Types of mustard, their benefits

Bowls with different types of mustard
Bowls with different types of mustard

Today, several types of mustard are known, which have a certain effect on the human body.


The seeds contain essential oils (1%), fatty oils (35%), sinalbin and potassium. This type of mustard is widespread in European countries. Most commonly referred to as English mustard, it has a slightly sweet and mild flavor. It is used in medicine not only for treatment, but also as a prophylaxis for various diseases of the vessels, digestion, liver, biliary tract, rheumatism and flatulence.

Black mustard

The black variety contains essential and fatty oils, glycoside and potassium. The grains are used to make Dijon mustard. It is this type of French mustard that is used in pharmacy during the production of herbal preparations, as well as mustard plasters intended for the treatment of rheumatism.

Sarepta mustard

This is the sharpest type of mustard, which contains the maximum amount of fatty oils (about 50%). Sarepta mustard has excellent taste and healing properties. The product contains about 3% of essential oils, including sinigrin, vitamin C, myrosine enzyme, carotene, iron, calcium. This type of product is used in the production of powder, oil, and mustard plasters for the treatment of colds, neuralgia, muscle cramps and hypertension.

The benefits and harms of mustard

Bowl with mustard and mustard seeds
Bowl with mustard and mustard seeds

Mustard is not only very tasty, but also a healthy spice, which at the same time can cause serious harm to the body. To avoid health problems, you need to know about the beneficial qualities and contraindications of the use and use of mustard.

The composition of the product

A plant such as mustard is a valuable oil and honey crop, which contains proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, calcium, iron, carotene and B vitamins.

Mustard seeds are used to make oil, which is widely used for technical, cosmetic and food purposes. The plant has excellent bactericidal properties and an interesting pungent taste due to the chemical reactions of myrosine enzyme and glycoside.

The benefits of mustard leaf

The leaves of the plant are widely used today in folk medicine as mustard plasters, indispensable in the treatment of various colds. It is the salad type of mustard that is characterized by a high content of vitamin K, which is necessary for strengthening bones and joints, and is an excellent therapeutic and prophylactic agent for such a dangerous disease as Alzheimer's. If the leaves of the plant are eaten raw, it becomes possible to quickly lose weight without harm to health.

Mustard leaves are often used as a side dish to main dishes and are a great addition to salads. Such dishes contribute to the activation of the gastrointestinal tract, an increase in appetite occurs. The fresh plant contains a large amount of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. Thanks to this, effective prevention of cancer is carried out. The product also contains folic acid, glycosinolates, helps to lower blood cholesterol levels, and provides reliable protection of the cardiovascular system.

The benefits of mustard seeds

The seeds of the plant have a lot of positive qualities, but the most valuable are antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The seeds also contain a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins.

It is recommended to regularly consume mustard seeds for people who suffer from frequent migraine attacks and high blood pressure. The seeds contain potassium and magnesium, which help to reduce inflammation, and also reduce acute attacks of arthritis, rheumatism, arthrosis, asthma.

Mustard seeds become indispensable helpers in the fight against liver diseases, flatulence, diseases associated with the state of blood vessels and biliary tract, frequent constipation and lack of appetite.

Very healthy French mustard and whole grains for those looking to lose weight. Thanks to its use, metabolic processes are accelerated and calories are burned much faster. It is enough to consume only 3 tsp per day. French mustard seeds and the desired result will not keep you waiting long.

Mustard seeds are also widely used in cooking during the preparation of a variety of aromatic vegetable, meat and fish dishes. It is added for the preservation of mushrooms and vegetables, as well as for the manufacture of bakery products.

The daily rate cannot exceed 5 tsp. mustard seeds. If you exceed the permissible dosage and consume this product too often, there is a risk of serious burns to the esophagus.

Table mustard: benefits and harms

Store-bought mustard is quite popular and is used as a seasoning for various dishes, giving them a piquant spiciness. For the manufacture of table mustard, pre-ground or whole plant grains are used, with the addition of salt, water, sugar, vegetable oils, vinegar. It is an ideal seasoning for heavy, oily and difficult to digest foods.

The product contains unique enzymes that promote faster breakdown of fats, making it much easier for the body to digest food. Mustard seasoning is one of the emulsifiers used for roasting fish or meat. If you grease fish or meat with mustard before heat treatment, the finished dish turns out to be more aromatic and juicy.

It is strictly forbidden to eat very spicy food for people who suffer from allergies to this plant. It is worth giving up mustard in the presence of gastric and intestinal colitis, ulcers of the digestive system, problems associated with the work of blood vessels, kidneys and heart. A contraindication to the use of mustard is the presence of diseases such as hypertension, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

If the product is to be used for cosmetic purposes, be sure to pay attention to the absence of wounds and damage on the skin. Do not allow the spice to come into contact with mucous membranes. If mustard is used incorrectly and in large quantities, there is a risk of severe skin burns.

The benefits and harms of mustard powder

For bronchitis, myositis, colds, pleurisy, pneumonia, neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis, rheumatism, diseases of the skin and bones, as well as tuberculosis, it is recommended to use hot mustard baths for treatment. This procedure helps to accelerate the healing of insect vinegars and skin wounds, and is useful in case of poisoning. You can apply a mixture of mustard powder and water directly to the affected areas. To this end, you need to take 500 g of mustard powder and dilute in a small amount of warm water until a thick mass of homogeneous consistency is obtained (all lumps must be broken). The resulting composition is added to a hot bath. The duration of the procedure is no longer than 10 minutes. This time is quite enough to relieve an attack of pain and effectively warm up the body. After such a procedure, it is imperative to observe bed rest under a warm blanket.

When confirming the diagnosis of cancer of the respiratory organs, it is recommended to take a special mustard-milk drink in the following proportions - 1 tsp is taken in a glass of milk (warm). dry mustard powder.

To get rid of migraine attacks, 1 tbsp is taken. l. dry mustard and dissolve in hot water. In the bath, you need to lower your hands along the wrist and after a few minutes even a severe headache is relieved.

During the treatment of gout, it is recommended to mix salt with mustard powder and refined kerosene. All components are taken in equal amounts and mixed thoroughly, after which the resulting composition is applied directly to the diseased areas.

For various colds, mustard powder should be poured into socks - this procedure allows you to quickly warm your legs. For the treatment of rheumatism, camphor oil is mixed with mustard powder in equal quantities (100 g each), after which one egg and alcohol (20 ml) are added, then the composition is applied to problem areas.

Mustard helps to get rid of hiccups. In this case, you need to mix mustard powder and vinegar, then the composition is applied to the tongue and left for exactly one minute.

Mustard oil: benefits for the body

Not only for the treatment, but also for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, you can take mustard oil. This product contains polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, due to which the strength and elasticity of blood vessels is ensured. Omega fatty acids help accelerate the growth of brain cells, as well as the retina, are responsible for the condition and health of the skin, joints and bones.

How to choose mustard?

Jar of mustard close up
Jar of mustard close up

In order for mustard to bring only health benefits, especially if a store-bought product is purchased, the following nuances must be taken into account:

  1. It is worth abandoning a product that contains non-natural flavors.
  2. The taste of the product directly depends on how much vinegar is included in its composition. That is why it is worth stopping the choice on the seasoning, where vinegar is indicated in the last place in the composition, since in this case its amount is minimal.
  3. The appearance of the product is also important. It is important that the mustard has a dark, rich shade and a uniform consistency.
  4. Attention should also be paid to the country of manufacture of the product. Polish and Russian spices will be more spicy than European and American counterparts.
  5. The shelf life of a natural and high-quality product should not exceed 1.5 months. However, if the expiration date is much longer, it means that during the preparation of the seasoning, harmful preservatives were used that can be hazardous to health.

Mustard will be beneficial for the body only if you choose a high-quality and natural product. If desired, the seasoning can be prepared independently at home using simple and affordable recipes.

For more information on the benefits and dangers of mustard, see the video below:

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