How to get rid of a compulsive suitor

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How to get rid of a compulsive suitor
How to get rid of a compulsive suitor

An annoying gentleman and the reasons for the beginning of unnecessary contact with him. The article will give recommendations for aggressive and correct getting rid of claims on the part of a man whose sympathy is one-sided. An obsessive boyfriend is a phenomenon that is initially quite pleasant for any woman, but then brings a lot of problems to the object of adoration. We may not always be pleased with the excessive attention of a member of the opposite sex, which can literally cut off the oxygen of any lady. It is necessary to figure out how to avoid unnecessary pursuit of an ardent suitor, which sometimes becomes a manic syndrome.

Reasons for initial favors for a lover in love

Annoying guy
Annoying guy

In most cases, women are conceited creatures who love signs of attention from their gentlemen. According to psychologists, they usually like such worship at the first stage of flirting for the following reasons:

  • Skillful play of a flatterer … Many representatives of the stronger sex like to splurge in the eyes of the lady they like, so they diligently practice their eloquence. The first impression is very important for a woman, which is very subtly understood by smart men. For experienced ladies' men, the main factor is the conquest of a woman for an exceptionally intimate relationship. If the chosen object of passion really fell in love, then the person in love begins to openly flatter the woman. Any lady will like a similar treatment to her from a person who does not even like her, which will be pleasant only for a certain period of time.
  • Pity for the unfortunate cavalier … Women often like to take pity on those who make them feel compassionate. If the admirer does not shine with external data or cannot impress with any oratorical abilities, then for some time he can attract attention to himself from the object he liked. However, for a long time such an argument will not work, because all their lives they pity weak men exclusively for the personality of the “woman-mother” or masochist type.
  • Inability to say no … The causes of this problem should be sought in the family model of behavior, which has become familiar to a woman since her childhood. Firstly, her mother could not love her father, agreeing to get married because of her weak character or inability to cast off her persistent suitor. Secondly, the above sounded scheme “we are all human, we are all human”, which in most cases is developed due to the excessive compassion of the lady, works.
  • Collecting men … A vamp woman or just an outspoken predator loves to surround herself with as many admirers as possible. The classic type of such a nymph is the legendary Scarlett O'Hara, who knew a lot not only about doing business, but also about making fans absolutely unnecessary for her. She definitely did not know what to do with them in the future, but she acted according to the principle "a whim - I want a new toy - I take a present - I throw it away."
  • Creation of a certain status … This phenomenon is very similar to the factor described above, in which a woman constantly needs attention from the opposite sex. However, in the previous case, she needs as many gentlemen as possible without any conscious purpose. In this situation, an annoying admirer may not interfere for a while if it elevates a certain lady in status.

Top 10 anti-tips for getting rid of a gentleman

Feminine thoughts
Feminine thoughts

Boris Zakhoder once created an interesting interpretation of harmful recommendations on certain children's topics. In the voiced case, you can try to follow his literary example to show what you should not do if you want to get out of a delicate situation:

  1. Increased empathy … In order to forever bind a disgusted admirer to yourself, you must constantly support him in all his endeavors. It is best to sigh heavily and meaningfully pat the poor fellow on the shoulder. Ideally, in the most touching moments of the conversation, it is recommended to shed a tear, showing the full depth of comprehension of the voiced problem.
  2. Interest in personal life … Always and for any reason, it is necessary to show increased attention to all events that in some way relate to an annoying admirer. It is very important to clarify who and how of the ladies looked at the annoying boyfriend. After all, he is a super-man, therefore, on the topic and out of place, he should be reminded of this.
  3. Questions about relatives … All people like it when they are interested in their families in the correct form. Even if the disgusted gentleman is an orphan, then you should not despair. All your free time should be devoted to the man's family tree, while building a number of meaningful questions about this.
  4. Home visits … In no case should you meet with a bored boyfriend on neutral territory. Long conversations over a cup of coffee in his home are ideal for him to become attached to such a sweet and understanding person in body and soul.
  5. Familiarity with the family … If an annoying admirer suggests a meeting with his family, then you need to urgently agree. Even if there is a hint of matchmaking, you should say a clear "yes" to such a proposal.
  6. Being in a common company … Such actions will bring a woman closer to the man she wants to get rid of. It is recommended that you re-acquaint the annoying adorer with all your friends. It is not worth dwelling on this, making attempts to find contact with the close circle of an unwanted applicant for further relations.
  7. Courtship during illness … A runny nose is a mortal danger for a man who clung to his chosen one against her will with a burp. It is necessary to urgently appoint the victim to bed rest, solder him with tea with raspberries, and ideally call the resuscitation team.
  8. Joint leisure … Joint trips to the theater, fishing, to your favorite sports club, Velcro men will provide an excellent chance never to get rid of him. To consolidate the result obtained, it is worth visiting only those places where the annoying gentleman likes to be.
  9. Requests for help … A burnt out light bulb, a faulty iron and a broken heel are a great reason to shout out loud "SOS" in the direction of the would-be suitor. In Batman's cloak, a burdock man will fly to the rescue and will never again leave the lady he likes.
  10. Frank coquetry … In this case, light flirting will be completely inappropriate. You should triple your charms and cunning female tricks in relation to the annoying gentleman. More charm - and the man whom they want to turn off will become the faithful slave of his victim.

Note! Very often, women who find it a burden to be courted by a boyfriend who is not interesting to them, make voiced mistakes. In most cases, an incorrect model of behavior of this kind does not solve the problem that has arisen, but only exacerbates it.

Methods for getting rid of the harassment of an annoying man

After a woman has understood what she should not do if she wants to get freedom from unnecessary courtship, she should figure out the tactics of further actions. In this case, she will be helped by the recommendations of psychologists to resolve the issue of how to get rid of the obsessive boyfriend.

Self-elimination of the obsessive gentleman

Removing a fan on your own
Removing a fan on your own

First of all, it is worth remembering that in this case the lady will have to work hard if she wants to solve the problem. Experts advise taking the following measures to get rid of an ardent admirer who begins to strain with his increased attention:

  • More tantrums … Even with the most angelic character, it is worth for a while to turn into an evil fury. Throwing dishes at a bored man is not worth it, but it is imperative to continue communication with screams and tears. It is recommended to perform such actions in front of outsiders in order to fully consolidate the expected success.
  • Constant whims … Men prefer women who demand little of them. Unselfishness and unpretentiousness are highly valued by representatives of the stronger sex when choosing their life partner. Therefore, it is necessary to behave exactly the opposite in order to show all the greed and selfishness of your nature.
  • Regular refusals in everything … "No!" should become the main word in a lady's communication with an obsessive admirer. Let it be said not even in the subject, but with all the categoricalness and inflexibility. Men do not like rejections, which become systematic and unjustified in their understanding.
  • Rejection of interests and life values … Nothing brings people together like common concepts and hobbies. In this case, it is useless, because we are not talking about the reunification of two tormented souls. It is necessary to clearly make it clear to the unfortunate lover that his addictions and worldviews are of little interest to the lady he liked.
  • "Translation of arrows" … At the same time, a woman should act decisively and with the utmost insight. It should be his girlfriend and annoying boyfriend regularly and under a terrible secret to paint all the delights of their possible union. Properly organized acquaintance of the voiced persons can lead to their mutual enthusiasm for each other.
  • Clearly identifying perspectives … Registry office - period! Such a categorical statement should be supported by the statement that you are a girl not for love, but for home - family - the birth of numerous offspring. Ideally, you can invite the gentleman, dumbfounded by the information, to a children's clothing store to choose new things for the unborn child. And also offer him to become a happy daddy of five or six kids. Moreover, almost immediately after the coveted stamp in the passport.
  • Outright lie … This tactic will work if an overly passionate fan is told a wonderful fable about a potential competitor. In this case, you should be as convincing as possible, suggesting to try cookies, which are made according to the recipe of the future "mother-in-law".
  • Criticism in everything … "We swam - we know" in this case will be too soft a motive to hit the annoying gentleman on his pride. It is recommended to walk the chainsaw through all the voiced prospects of the would-be gentleman. It is necessary not to leave a stone unturned when talking about his plans for the future, in order to show all the uncertainty in him and his capabilities.
  • Demonstration of bad habits … Only a masochist with an extreme vision of the world will be interested in a woman with a similar pattern of behavior. Once in a lifetime, you can suffer a hangover in the morning, because in this case, the end clearly justifies the means. In the same cafe or restaurant it is necessary to show that "my lady really wants a glass of cognac." The famous phrase from the movie "Hello, I am your aunt" should be supported by a request for the addition of a strong drink. If the liver allows such a barbaric attitude towards it, then the experiment can be repeated several times.
  • Changing your image … A guy-shirt instead of a quivering doe is liked by a very limited number of men. They prefer friendship with such persons, rather than romantic relationships. Therefore, it is necessary for a while to discard the habits of the Turgenev girl and turn into a creature in which there is not a drop of femininity.
  • Increased emotionality … Always and everywhere it is necessary to demonstrate your exceptional bad manners. In disgusting weather, you need to angrily express your discontent for hours, diluting your speech with curses in relation to the Hydrometeorological Center. You shouldn't giggle politely in public, because it won't impress your Velcro boyfriend. It is recommended to make the sounds of a regimental horse, which will definitely scare away an ardent admirer. Being rude to passers-by, provoking conflicts and responding impartially is an excellent trump card in a new image. And in order to surely "finish off" the annoying admirer, you can gently hint that you will never have his mother's legs in the house.

Important! With all the voiced actions, there is no need to be afraid to go too far in relation to the obsessive suitor. If his attention becomes demonstrative and tedious, then you should by all means free yourself from such worship.

Help the cavalier to abandon further intrusive claims

Conversation with a fan
Conversation with a fan

In some cases, you can help break a romantic bond without resorting to drastic measures. Experts recommend using the following techniques to resolve the brewing conflict between a woman and her disliked admirer:

  1. Straight Talk … In a civilized society, you can agree on many things if you approach the discussion of the problem correctly. It should be as tactful as possible to explain to the applicant for attention that he is an excellent person, but does not at all fit the image of her life partner created by the lady. In this case, you should not get personal, because such actions will bring the current situation to a critical point.
  2. Announcement of possible prospects … The previously voiced intimidation by the registry office does not always work, because the would-be gentleman can happily agree to the proposed option for the further development of relations. It is necessary to briefly, but quite clearly articulate to him the possible ending of such communication. It should be explained to a man in an accessible form that people of different views and tastes cannot create a strong couple.
  3. Complete cessation of communication … If all methods have already been tried, and the result remains zero, you can resort to the voiced method of solving the problem. It is necessary with all the conveniences to place the annoying boyfriend on the "black list" in the existing social networks and put his phone number on the block. Over time, even the most persistent man will understand the futility of his persecution and switch to a new object of passion. Of course, if the couple doesn't work together. In this case, you can defiantly and in front of everyone begin to scoff at his feelings. But it’s important not to go too far in order not to earn an unnecessary reputation with colleagues.

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[media = v = 9I2ZJ5L2N34] In life, there are often times when people strive for completely different goals when choosing a partner. No person can be liked by absolutely everyone, so you should accept this fact with complete peace of mind. When deciding how to get rid of an obsessive boyfriend, you need to be the most convincing and decisive woman. However, in this case, you should be tactful, because it is not about getting rid of an annoying object, but about the soul and feelings of a living person.

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