How to deceive the body to make muscles grow?

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How to deceive the body to make muscles grow?
How to deceive the body to make muscles grow?

Bodybuilders try to trick the body with steroids and training techniques to build muscle. Learn how to trick your body into making your muscles grow. It has long been known that in order to gain muscle mass, it is necessary to diversify your training sessions as much as possible. This is what the training method described today is based on. After reading the article, you will learn how to make muscles grow by deceiving the body.

Probably, this information will not be relevant for the representatives of powerlifting. For powerlifters, first of all, it is necessary to develop strength indicators and their training methods are different from those practiced by bodybuilders. It is muscle mass that is of paramount importance in bodybuilding, and relief is already secondary. If you managed to build big muscles, then you can definitely give them relief.

It should also be said that this technique is designed for experienced athletes and will not work for beginners. It will help athletes who are in muscle congestion to overcome this condition.

Principles of cheating by training

Bodybuilder training with a barbell

Many words have already been said about the need to diversify the training process as much as possible. The body has unique adaptive abilities, and if each workout does not differ from the previous one, then the muscles very quickly adapt to stress and growth will stop.

It should be said that muscles do not want to grow, and a person is devoid of genes that would allow him to have large muscle mass. For this reason, the body will resist muscle growth. So the athletes have to go to various tricks in order to deceive him.

For example, there is a very widespread belief that for effective mass gain, you must always work with a lot of weight. We can agree with this, however, the body adapts to such loads at a certain point, which will lead to a cessation of muscle growth. Even when using a lot of weight, you need to give all your best, especially on the last rep. Between sets, if not the maximum weights are used, you can pause for about one minute or even less. In the case when the weight is large, then the rest time should be increased to five minutes.

It is important to understand that the muscles need to work with both high and low weights. Surely many will agree that after training with an average weight, the muscles can hurt even more than after the maximum. In addition, it is very important that you always have the desire to train. If it is missing, then most likely you made a mistake somewhere. This mainly occurs with frequent exercise, which does not contribute to muscle recovery. If this continues for a long period of time, then you will simply overtrain and you will have to skip a few sessions.

If you still have pain in the muscles, this also applies to those cases when, according to the plan, it is necessary to work on another group of muscles. For example, you have to train your back, and the leg muscles hurt, it is better to skip the lesson and let them recover.

If the rest time is one day longer, then you should not be afraid to lose weight, it will not go anywhere. In this regard, it should be said that strict adherence to the plan of visits to the gym can have a bad effect on the condition of the muscles. It is possible that during the training you put a lot of stress on the muscles, and they simply cannot fully recover until the scheduled day of the next training.

Just learn to hear your body.He does not obey the calendar, and ignoring his desires can lead to overtraining. Very often, it is because of the planned training that overtraining occurs. Most often, athletes train three times throughout the week, but it is better to listen to the body and, if necessary, postpone the lesson for one day. Indeed, if you are overtrained, you will have to skip at least a week of classes.

It is necessary to draw up your training program so that each next training session of one muscle group differs from the previous one. For example, if in the last lesson you worked on the chest and used large weights, then in the next lesson you should lower them.

Professional athletes use a similar principle when working on relief. During the week they use the maximum weights, and the next they use the average. But amateurs should not be equated with this category of athletes. In professional bodybuilding, everything is not the same as in amateur. Try to give your muscles more variety.

Often, athletes use all known exercises for the muscle group during training in order to diversify the load. But it's not right. So you only give the body an opportunity to get acquainted with all types of stress that it can be subjected to. In the future, it will be difficult for you to surprise him with any exercise.

Simply put, do two different exercises for one muscle group in each lesson. By the time you return to the top of the exercise list, the body will already forget about the type of load that was a week or two ago. Even if your training program previously included push-ups on the uneven bars, and then you did other movements, then the next work on the uneven bars for the muscles will already be a new load. So you can avoid adaptation of the body and diversify your activities as much as possible.

A few words should be said about simulators. It is believed that the mass will increase only when working with free weight. Of course, this is difficult to argue about. On average, your training program should be 90 percent free weight exercises. But at the same time, one should not bypass the simulators by the side.

This makes it possible to diversify the loads. Also, many exercise machines can be very effective in speeding up muscle growth. Let's say leg press. The simulator can work with such a weight that you will never submit to squats.

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