Triceps workout: 10 tips from Durrem Charles

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Triceps workout: 10 tips from Durrem Charles
Triceps workout: 10 tips from Durrem Charles

Different muscles respond to training in their own way. Rarely does an athlete manage to pump all the muscles. Check out 10 Triceps Training Tips from Charles Durrem. Famous bodybuilder Charles Darrem has always said that his triceps are very difficult to train. For this reason, he knows many secrets that helped him achieve the task. Today in the article you will learn 10 Durrem Charles triceps training tips. Of course, it took him a long time to analyze his training in order to understand which exercises were more suitable for him. Today he will reveal many secrets.

Tip # 1: Warm Up Well

Man warming up before training

This advice should be taken into account and used at the beginning of each session. The elbows, knees and triceps are highly susceptible to injury. If they are not well warmed up before starting the session, the risk of injury is greatly reduced. For example, Charles himself always performed two warm-up sets to warm up the muscles.

His favorite warm-up exercises were the EZ barbell row or with a rope. In order for the elbow joints to warm up better, they must be rigidly fixed. After that, Charles performed a second warm-up exercise - light lifts (extension of the arms). They pose the least danger to joints and ligaments.

Tip # 2: Train All Triceps

The athlete demonstrates the muscles of the arms and shoulders

The main task of the triceps is to extend the arm, and for this reason, some athletes believe that one large muscle. But in practice, it turns out differently, and the triceps is a complex muscle, consisting of three sections. It is important to note that each of these departments responds differently to one exercise. For example, when doing the barbell pull down, the outer muscle group is engaged.

When pulling down with the rope, it is mainly the inner section that works. The group located close to the elbow joint is used when doing hand extensions with dumbbells on the floor. From all of the above, we can conclude that for the harmonious development of the triceps, it is necessary to extend the arm with a different arrangement of the hand, which will make it possible to qualitatively work out each of the departments.

Tip # 3: Get into the correct starting position

Darrem Charles - famous bodybuilder

The elbow joints, by the principle of their work, resemble hinges, performing movements in the same plane. When working on the triceps, the correct starting position before doing the exercise is to make only the triceps participate in the movement, excluding the other muscles. To do this, it is necessary to ensure that the shoulders, wrists and elbow joints remain motionless, and only the forearms work.

Tip # 4: straighten your arms completely

Darrem Charles Performs Dumbbell Press

Many athletes perform most of the triceps exercises technically incorrectly. They make a pull down, while unbending their arms, without fixing them in a straightened position. This factor greatly affects the effectiveness of the training.

The triceps can only contract as much as possible when the arm is fully extended. Fix your hand in this position for a couple of seconds. It is also important to make sure that the arm is bent as slowly as possible. It is better to keep score not by the movement of the hand, but by the delay in the straightened state. This way, you can fully focus on your triceps.

Tip # 5: use pyramid approaches

Darrem Charles and Jay Cutler

The essence of the method of pyramid approaches is to increase the working weight in each new approach while reducing the number of repetitions. This is a very effective way of training.Thanks to this approach to the training process, the triceps will warm up well and prepare for serious stress. Charles did not use heavy weights while training his biceps, but he always used pyramid approaches.

Tip # 6: Change your exercises

Darrem Charles performs at the tournament

Alternate training with different loads on a weekly basis. It should be noted that the differences should not be in the number of repetitions, but in the exercises themselves. With the abundance of exercise options, training sessions become more varied.

Use exercises that give your muscles a completely different kind of load. Thus, you can significantly accelerate the set of muscle mass. You should not expect much progress by doing the same exercises all the time.

Tip # 7: Work to your limit

Darrem Charles training with an expander

Each set should be performed to the maximum muscle fatigue. Give such a load that the muscles are completely exhausted before the last approaches. The whole point of effective training lies precisely in the latest approaches, performed to the limit. With the initial approaches, you are only preparing the muscles for a strong load. In no case, do not slow down the pace of your workout, as the muscles will gain mass only with maximum fatigue.

Tip # 8: Don't overtrain your body

Darrem Charles demonstrates the muscles of the chest

Make sure that the triceps are not loaded when training other groups. To achieve a good result, you can train triceps once a week, distributing classes so that there is a rest of several days between this day and the training of the shoulder girdle and chest.

Charles also agrees with those athletes who suggest limiting the number of sets. This is especially useful in cases where all sets are brought to complete exhaustion of the muscles. The number of sets should not be more than nine and give the triceps a few days to recover.

Tip # 9: Use posing in training

Darrem Charles posing

Charles is convinced that this exercise should be given sufficient time. This should be done primarily not so that the poses look beautiful, but to gain self-confidence. Also, when posing, the triceps relief is clearly visible and the neuromuscular connection is trained. Allocate at least 20 seconds of posing in each lesson.

Tip # 10: Keep a Diary

Sports workout diary

A workout diary is essential for every athlete. This will allow you to keep track of what exercises were performed, at what number of sets and repetitions. This will help you find the most effective exercises.

Here are 10 tips from Darrem Charles for training triceps you can use in your training.

Watch Darrem Charles perform at the tournament in this video:

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