Secret exercises for gaining muscle mass

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Secret exercises for gaining muscle mass
Secret exercises for gaining muscle mass

Gaining mass and increasing the anabolic background in the body is most facilitated by basic exercises. Find out what exercises Hercules will do for you. Many professional athletes are genetically gifted, which is one of the reasons for their success. In addition, in order to achieve high results, it is necessary to have good psychological preparation and be as purposeful as possible. Well, the third factor that allowed them to achieve great success is knowledge of the basics of bodybuilding. These include secret exercises for gaining muscle mass. These are the movements that professionals constantly use in their training program. We will talk about them now.

Squats for mass gain

Athlete squatting with a barbell on his shoulders

Almost all athletes know that squats are an excellent exercise for developing muscles in the lower body. Unfortunately, not many people do it. This is a very difficult exercise in physical and psychological terms, which requires an enormous amount of energy. But the results to be obtained are definitely worth it.

When doing the exercise, you need to pay a lot of attention to technique. First of all, make sure that the sports equipment is well fixed at the deltas. Do not place a mat or thick towel under the bar of the projectile, as this will increase the risk of the bar sliding off and lead to serious injury.

Taking a step back, contract all major muscles in your torso. During the downward movement, your knee joints should be positioned on top of your feet. When your thigh is parallel to the ground, stop the movement and begin to rise. Do not work with a weight that is too heavy for you. If the movement is stopped until the hip is parallel to the ground, the load on the knee joints will increase significantly.

Many athletes believe that squats can be safely replaced by leg presses. But the bench press allows you to work only the leg muscles, while the squat uses a large number of muscles throughout the body. The leg press can be effective after injury when the athlete is unable to do squats.

Bench press will increase muscle mass

The athlete performs a bench press

Deadlift (we'll talk about it a little later), bench press and squat are basic exercises that involve a large number of muscles. You must remember that they are excellent at stimulating muscle growth. Unfortunately, many athletes attach great importance to only those muscles that are clearly visible. Due to this, other muscle groups suffer. But the bench press is one of the exercises that all athletes perform.

This movement makes it possible to significantly increase the strength and volume of the chest muscles. When performing it, it is necessary to slowly lower the sports equipment to the middle chest, slightly above the level of the nipples, and then squeeze the bar up. Many novice athletes, when performing a bench press, direct the sports equipment away from the chest. This is a common mistake for many, as it is necessary for the projectile to move in an arc back and up. Take a close look at experienced athletes, and you will notice that after touching the chest, the projectile moves in an arc. This movement is reminiscent of when you are about to lower the bar onto a rack. This will maximize the use of the chest muscles and relieve the triceps and shoulder muscles.

The second common mistake when performing a movement is positioning the body on the bench. For maximum effect, your feet should be level and your shoulder blades should be brought together as much as possible, as if you are going to press them into the chest.

Deadlift and muscle mass

Bodybuilder performs deadlift

The deadlift, as well as the squat, makes it possible to develop the maximum number of muscles in the whole body. You can often see how a beginner athlete cannot perform deadlifts with a large working weight, which is quite understandable, and switches to simulators, forgetting about this basic exercise. Of course, simulators are much easier to work with, but they cannot give you the performance that deadlift offers.

When performing the movement, you must make sure that your back is always straight. The easiest way to master the technique of performing the movement is to use the grip "one hand on top and the other on the bottom." This will prevent you from rounding your back, and you will be able to target the target muscles well and reduce the stress on the spinal column. Initially, you should use moderate weights and focus on technique.

Lunges for mass gain

The athlete performs forward lunges with dumbbells

All professionals have a great sense of balance. Lunges are the kind of exercise that will not only work properly the muscles of the thigh and buttocks, but also contribute to the development of balance and coordination.

When mastering the technique, it is necessary to use small weights. This rule is true for any exercise and you should always remember about it. The back should be straight throughout the exercise. Taking a step with your right foot forward, place the foot of this leg in front of you and begin to lower down until the thigh of your right leg is parallel to the ground. After that, return to the starting position and perform the movement with the other leg.

Pull-ups for muscle growth

Bodybuilder pulls up

Beginner athletes most often cannot complete more than two or three repetitions of this exercise. This is due to the need to have powerful muscles in the arms and upper body. There is now one machine that will allow you to regulate the load using the weights on your legs. Unfortunately, not all halls have it. If not, you will need to use a down-pull trainer. Thanks to it, you can perfectly work out the broadest muscles of the back and shoulders. After that, you will be able to pull up. When performing the movement, it is important that the shoulder blades are compressed and the body remains upright. You should not grip the handles with a grip wider than the level of your shoulder joints. This not only reduces the stress on the target muscles, but also increases the risk of shoulder injury.

Take a look at the technique of doing exercises for gaining muscle mass in this video:

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