Insomnia in bodybuilding

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Insomnia in bodybuilding
Insomnia in bodybuilding

All athletes know about the need to comply with the regime, but situations are possible when it is violated. Find out what to do for bodybuilding insomnia. Many people are familiar with the situation when they want to sleep, but they just can't fall asleep. There are a lot of stressful situations in the life of a modern person, which, of course, have a strong effect on sleep patterns. But athletes experience stress at every session, and for them insomnia in bodybuilding can be a big problem.

There are many ways to suppress the synthesis of cortisol, which is known to be a stress hormone. It not only causes the destruction of muscle tissue, but can also lead to insomnia. But it is during sleep that muscles recover the fastest.

With frequent lack of sleep, all desire to visit the gym disappears, concentration decreases, which can lead to injury. Unfortunately, insomnia can be difficult to combat. But there are also quite effective ways. Today we will deal with how insomnia in bodybuilding can be defeated.

What to do if you have insomnia?

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It should be said right away that today we will not remember about powerful sleeping pills. The challenge is not to fall asleep in any way. In addition, it is very difficult to wake up after such medications. You may experience a headache, increased sweating, and a feeling of extreme dryness in the mouth.

It is important to return to a healthy and full sleep, which is able to relieve all daytime excitement and stress. The only drug that can be used in extreme cases is Phenobarbital. It is a mild sleeping pill that is prescribed even for children.

To overcome insomnia, you need to understand the causes of its occurrence. It is very important to understand why your nervous system is depressed or overexcited. It is possible that you just overtrained, in which case you should reduce the load. However, it is not always possible to identify or eliminate the cause of bodybuilding insomnia. No one is able to predict possible problems at work or at home. In addition, travel or flights can negatively affect sleep patterns. If at the same time a person is forced to move between time zones, then this can definitely cause insomnia.

Preparation for tournaments is very stressful for athletes. The severity of stress increases as the day of the start of the competition approaches and, especially on the last night before this event, the nervous system is very tense. Able to disrupt sleep and low-carb eating programs. In general, there can be a lot of reasons for the occurrence.

Melatonin is the main remedy for insomnia

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Melatonin is a drug that is unable to relieve stress from the nervous system or calm it down. Thanks to him, you can do exactly what we need, namely, return to normal sleep. This substance is synthesized by the pineal gland, or as it is also called, the pineal gland.

The speed of its production directly depends on the degree of illumination. If there is a lot of light, then the synthesis of melatonin slows down or even stops. But when the illumination decreases, then melatonin begins to be synthesized in large quantities. At night, the body produces about 70 percent of the daily value of this hormone, which was the reason for the recommendation to sleep in the dark.

You need to know that with age, the body begins to produce less and less hormone, which is the reason for the shorter sleep in older people, compared to young people.When the level of hormone synthesis begins to decline, then we can talk about the beginning of human aging.

Also, scientists have found that a decrease in melatonin production contributes to the development of malignant tumors. This is due to the high antioxidant properties of the substance.

It has been proven that only melatonin has the ability to enter any cell of the body, and contributes to their recovery. Thus, we can safely say that with a low level of melatonin, tissue repair is very slow. If insomnia begins to torment you, then about an hour before bedtime, you should drink one tablet of the drug. In the time remaining after taking Melatonin, you should drink less and try not to eat. You should also limit your mobility. You can buy Melatonin at a regular pharmacy, but the most important thing is to determine the correct dosage.

Start with one milligram, and if this is not enough, then you should gradually increase the dosage. It's just very important not to do it abruptly. If there are competitions ahead of you or you have moved to a new apartment, then take Melatonin for a couple of days.

It should also be said that the level of the hormone can be determined independently and it is quite simple to do this. If you can wake up at the right time without alarms, then your melatonin levels are normal.

Other ways to combat insomnia

Valerian extract tablets

One of the easiest ways to combat insomnia is to walk. For about an hour or two, walk for about half an hour. This is a great way to prevent insomnia. Of course, you should not drink alcohol before going to bed, eat less food. It is very good to take a hot bath and massage. Many people fall asleep well when reading literature containing complex terms, and if at the same time try to understand the essence of what they read, then the chances of a healthy sleep increase.

We should not forget about traditional medicine. There are herbs that can help you sleep. The most famous remedy is valerian tincture. The drug can also be produced in tablet form, in which case two tablets should be taken half an hour before bedtime. If you are using a tincture, then you need to take about 20 drops.

There are many preparations containing valerian. Mint also has a very good effect on sleep patterns. These are the remedies for fighting insomnia in bodybuilding that can help you.

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