Bodybuilders women: training, nutrition, preparation

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Bodybuilders women: training, nutrition, preparation
Bodybuilders women: training, nutrition, preparation

How to prepare a girl for bodybuilding and fitness competitions? What do you need to consider in nutrition and training to get to peak shape? Hurry to find out! The demands of women have undergone significant changes and bodybuilding needs to change in order to adapt to the new wishes of athletes. Famous bodybuilders, say Rachel McLeish, had an excellent physique. But pharmacology managed to destroy this image, and many women stopped doing bodybuilding.

It is important to understand that if you are striving to gain muscle mass, then you are a woman bodybuilder, even if you do not plan to participate in tournaments. Many girls are already tired of asking why they do it. They just want to gain muscle mass and look good.

How did female bodybuilding begin?

Famous female bodybuilder Rachel McLish

At the beginning of the article, we remembered Rachel McLish for a reason. It is she who is the first woman bodybuilder in the modern history of this sport. After winning Miss Olympia, she left the big sport and just in time. Recently, women's bodybuilding has become more like men's.

Her training was hard and she just worked on her body without thinking about what the jury would say. Of course, at present there are girls who can take part in competitions in those nominations where they are not required to have a masculine figure.

There are also those who persistently train in the hall for themselves and do not think about high places in tournaments. And they will continue to do this, because they want it and not being able to participate in competitions makes them visit the hall, instead of the usual for many watching the evening soap opera on TV.

A real woman bodybuilder will continue to engage in any sport and the judges' marks mean nothing to her, who now award first places only to those who are more like a man.

It should be admitted that many girls are afraid of bodybuilding, because they are afraid to give their figure a masculine look. This stereotype must be destroyed as soon as possible. "Steroid" women and bodybuilders are different concepts.

What women need to know about bodybuilding?

Women's bodybuilding tournament

First of all, it is important to understand that with resistance training and the correct nutrition program, your figure will never resemble a man's. McLeish proved this when she took the stage. What is happening now in women's bodybuilding cannot be called anything other than a farce. Girls should stop being afraid of the word "muscles" by using the expression "maintain tone." Women can train hard and build as much muscle mass as possible. At the same time, they will not lose, but, on the contrary, emphasize their beauty and sexuality. The very name of our sport - bodybuilding, implies building the body. A moderately powerful figure will only add confidence to the girls. By creating your own body for yourself, you do not need to worry about the opinion of the jury, just work in order to please yourself.

Many girls are sure that in order to build a beautiful body, it is necessary to often resort to cardio training, use various newfangled dietary nutrition programs, constantly use weights, tracking every kilogram of weight, and you may even have to spend money on a personal instructor. But this is completely wrong.

It should be said right away that you can safely do without a coach. Also, if you are sure that a beautiful female body must be thin, then reconsider your views.If this is not done, then you will not only be unable to create your body, but destroy what you already have by nature.

Girls who are engaged in bodybuilding can confirm that they are completely indifferent to the readings of the scales. When your muscles have become larger, your metabolism has increased and with proper nutrition you will not be at risk of obesity.

Remember that the concept of "bodybuilding" is quite broad and if your abs lacks six cubes, then you should not worry about it. You can continue to do your favorite things in parallel with classes in the hall, for example, attend a dance section or cook delicious food for loved ones. In this regard, it is very appropriate to recall again Rachel McLeish, who said that bodybuilding is a demonstration of human genetics. This means that you should not compare yourself to others and try to achieve someone else's results. Just develop your body as much as your genetics allows.

If you want to participate in competitions, then sign up for tournaments. Just use the competition to reinforce your own motivation and responsibility. It should not be assumed that bodybuilding is a small thing that people do on a daily basis. Most athletes, starting to train, already imagine how they want to look.

To create a beautiful shape of balls, ribbons and exercise bikes will not be enough. For this you have to work hard and hard in the hall with the "iron". Of course, you will need some exercise equipment, but it is auxiliary, and you have to do most of the work with free weights.

You can train with aesthetics in mind, but that doesn't mean you can't set other goals for yourself. Challenge yourself and strive to tackle big challenges. It is important to remember that life is not only about the beauty of your figure, but the muscles can give confidence in their abilities. Muscle mass is the indicator of your progress.

You visit the gym not only for the sake of a sexy figure, but also for other purposes. Bodybuilding can help you gain confidence at work and in your personal life. You will make your body healthy and prolong life, forgetting about various diseases. You will always have a lot of energy to achieve your goals in your daily life outside the gym. You are training your body and yourself, remember this.

You can watch the posing of women at the bodybuilding championship here:

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