Basic data on female bodybuilding training

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Basic data on female bodybuilding training
Basic data on female bodybuilding training

Everyone understands that women's strength training has a lot of features compared to men's. Find out how girls should train? On all specialized resources on the network, you can find a large amount of information about strength training. But all the techniques described there can only be used by men. The female body responds differently to work with weights and for this reason, the training session must be structured differently. Today we are going to share some basic data on women's bodybuilding training.

Features of the female body that affect training

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Most of the girls, unfortunately, use the wrong training methods. For this reason, it is often not possible to achieve good results after several years of training. Many coaches simply do not know how to build a training process for girls.

It is very common to see women using male circuits, but with lower working weights. This approach is fundamentally wrong, since the body of a woman and a man is very different. Today we will try to tell you the basic data on women's training in bodybuilding in the most detailed and intelligible way and focus on the differences with men's. But first, you need to understand the characteristics of the girls' bodies, which directly affect the entire training process.


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First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that in the female body, the ratio of fat and muscle mass is always in favor of the former. This fact can only indicate that the metabolism of girls is noticeably lower than that of guys. If a woman wants to lose weight, and this is why they mainly visit the halls, then it is necessary to keep track of the calorie content of the diet. It is desirable for men to do this, but for them it is not so critical.

It is very important for girls to adhere to the required ratio of nutrients, since with excessive consumption of carbohydrates, the likelihood of the appearance of new fat deposits is high. One of the reasons for this is the low metabolic rate, which we have already mentioned. In addition, the female body has a special insulin response in comparison with men.

Muscular tissue of women is much more active in storing glycogen, however, in the same way as fats. Since glycogen reserves are restored quickly enough, it makes sense to use high-repetition training in the classroom. This will not only increase the storage of glycogen, but also teach the body to use it more efficiently.

Endocrine system

Schematic representation of the endocrine system of a man and a woman

Everyone knows that little testosterone is present in girls' bodies. Its production rate is about ten times less than that of men. Therefore, you should not be afraid that strength training will turn you into a masculine creature. Your endocrine system will not allow this. Of course, a girl can gain a decent amount of muscle mass, but this is possible only with the use of anabolic steroids. In her right mind, not a single girl who studies for herself will do this. It is important to remind women that rejection training is not suitable for women. Here it is not only a low concentration of testosterone, but also of norepinephrine. By the way, precisely because of the low content of the latter, girls do not have high aggressiveness. Most often, women perform several repetitions less than the maximum in the approach.

Menstrual cycle

Schematic representation of a woman's menstrual cycle

The performance of women is clearly limited by the menstrual cycle. For example, the maximum performance in girls is observed immediately after menstruation and continues until ovulation.After that, the body goes into an energy-saving mode, which leads to a decrease in performance. During this period of time, you can safely reduce the load, since there will be no benefit from high-intensity exercises. Simply put, girls should increase the load for two weeks after menstruation, and then decrease it for the same period of time. In general, during the menstrual phase, it is best to focus on the state of your body. It is often best to skip a workout.

Features of women's training

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We figured out the peculiarities of the girls' bodies, and now we can talk about the differences in their training. I would like to say right away that for effective fat burning, girls are better off using continuous cardio exercise with a heart rate located at the lower limit of the target aerobic zone. Interval cardio training very often does not bring the desired results.

It is important to remember that most of the girls' muscles are located in the lower half of the body. If the fat mass is low, then the lower part of the musculature will progress quickly enough. But in the upper half of the body, visual changes are very difficult to achieve. Women's muscles have fewer myofibrils than men. Let us also recall the low testosterone concentration. All this suggests that male training schemes for girls are not suitable. Simply put, you don't get the bang for your buck when using high weights and low rep training.

This fact is primarily due to its low energy consumption. However, with an appropriate nutrition program, with significant working weights, cardio loads and repetitions within seven, you can achieve good results.

If there is a large amount of subcutaneous fat in the lower half of the girl's body, then you can change the figure with the help of carefully selected training and nutrition programs. But it is better to forget about fasting, since you will not get a big effect from this. In this case, you should not focus on the buttocks. You need to develop all the muscles evenly. This is due to the fact that with a large fat mass in the lower body, powerful buttocks will only worsen the appearance.

In conclusion, I would like to say both the female breast and the muscles located in this area. Most girls are confident that upper body strength training will lead to breast enlargement. It is clear that every girl wants to increase her breast size. However, if you actively work on your chest muscles, then you can only make things worse. Since women's breasts are gland and fat, it is simply impossible to increase their size.

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