What dress to choose for the New Year 2016

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What dress to choose for the New Year 2016
What dress to choose for the New Year 2016

New Year is coming, which means it's time to think about the outfit in which you will spend the main night of the year. Consider what shades and models of dresses are relevant in winter 2015-2016. We will choose an outfit so as to please the mistress of the celebration, the Fire Monkey, and feel like a queen. Content:

  1. Actual colors of dresses

    • Fiery colors
    • For the signs of the zodiac
    • Red dress
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Gold
    • Brown
    • Redhead
  2. Style of dresses for the New Year

    • Short
    • Long
    • With a train
    • For obese women
  3. Selection of accessories for the dress

The coming year of the Fire Monkey promises to be bright and active. There is not much time left before it, and therefore the question of choosing a New Year's outfit is becoming more and more relevant. The best option is, of course, a dress. It is suitable for celebrating the New Year at a restaurant, at a party or just at home, with your family. However, to look stunning on New Year's Eve, you need to create a harmonious look. And first of all, decide what color of the dress is suitable for celebrating the New Year 2016.

Actual colors of dresses for the New 2016

On New Year's Eve 2016, all the tones of the flame are fashionable: from bright orange to rich chocolate. At the same time, you can choose the most suitable shade depending on the color type of your appearance: warm - "Autumn" and "Spring", cold - "Winter" and "Summer". Flame shades can be combined to create a magical look.

Selection of dresses of fire colors for the New Year

Burgundy dress for New Year 2016
Burgundy dress for New Year 2016

Think about buying an outfit in advance so that you have time to pick it up to your liking. First, it is important to choose the hue and color saturation of the flame. Give preference to radiant yellow, bright scarlet, cheerful orange, deep red, soft brown and deep burgundy. The combination of several shades will also look original.

You can dilute bright colors with all variants of calm gray, stylish purple, deep blue, light blue colors. To keep the year calm and profitable, you can combine fiery colors with green. If desired, the main color can be diluted with a print of a different tone or accessories.

For the rest, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • The outfit should be comfortable, not restrict movement and not hang. You need to feel comfortable in it so that nothing distracts from the fun during the holiday.
  • Approach the creation of an image holistically, think over its "zest" in advance, select the appropriate accessories (shoes, jewelry), model a suitable hairstyle. It will not be superfluous to take care of the manicure first.
  • Choose a dress that is practical to attend other events or go to a restaurant.

Fiery shades for zodiac signs in New Year 2016

Pink dress for New Years celebration
Pink dress for New Years celebration

Choosing a New Year's outfit in accordance with your astrological sign, you can emphasize your individuality and feel like a queen. To do this, you need to know what color the dress will suit each of the signs:

  1. Aries … A red mini dress made of silk or other natural fabrics combined with gold jewelry will make you the center of attention this New Year's Eve.
  2. Taurus … Fiery shades in clothing are not the best choice for Taurus. Therefore, you should opt for more suitable, "cool" colors, and you can "satisfy" the Fire Monkey with jewelry of gold flowers. Look amazing in a mint, loose-fitting dress. Give preference to massive jewelry (ring and necklace). You should not overload the image with accessories too much.
  3. Twins … They belong to the air element, and therefore also prefer cold colors. A light and airy blue dress with silver accessories will create an elegant look at a New Year's party.
  4. Cancer … The best option for this zodiac sign is a pale pink dress and white (silver) accessories. However, you can add “fire” with golden decorations. They will go well with pink.
  5. a lion … Look luxurious on New Year's Eve in a dark blue or green dress. Accessories made of wood and leather will be very useful. They can be selected in bright, warm colors - orange, chocolate, fiery shades.
  6. Virgo … In a discreet turquoise dress, complemented by white metal jewelry, Virgos will feel as comfortable as possible and look stunning.
  7. scales … An original light blue or purple New Year's dress can be complemented with a hat, handbag and gloves. Choose jewelry with a moonstone. Perfect for completing the look of fur. They can be matched in warm colors. A fox tail will look great.
  8. Scorpion … The best option for celebrating the New Year 2016 is a traditional little black dress with a deep neckline. You can complete the look with a variety of bright accessories, best of all if they are in gold shades.
  9. Sagittarius … When choosing an outfit for New Year's Eve, give preference to a silver or gold dress on the floor. You should not overdo it with accessories, such a bright outfit does not require an abundance of jewelry.
  10. Capricorn … A dark red or black dress, studded shoes, silver jewelry are the perfect look for this sign for the New Year.
  11. Aquarius … An interesting look can be created by combining a gray dress with black accessories. Massive gold chains and bracelets are perfect as jewelry.
  12. A fish … The original solution is a chameleon dress in cold shades combined with massive silver jewelry. In this way, you will amaze others with extravagance all evening.

Complementing the proposed options with interesting details and thinking over the original hairstyle, you will create a unique image.

Red Dress for the New Year of the Fire Monkey

Red christmas dress
Red christmas dress

Red is the color of flames, and therefore it is most preferable for the New Year 2016. You can choose any shade - from exciting coral to chic scarlet or luxurious burgundy. These shades are suitable for women with any type of figure.

These dresses will look best on brunettes, especially dark-skinned ones.

It is believed that red outfits will bring you a violent manifestation of passion and love next year, because this is the color of power and fertility. Clothes in a fashionable shade of Marsala are also perfect for celebrating the New Year.

Orange dress for the New 2016

Orange dress for New Year's Eve 2016
Orange dress for New Year's Eve 2016

An excellent option for red-haired and fair-haired girls with a "warm" appearance. This outfit will look especially impressive on the owners of fair skin and light gray eyes. It is desirable to complement the image with bright decorations in a contrasting color.

A dress in orange colors will contribute to your learning and development success.

Yellow dress on New Year's Eve 2016

Yellow festive dress for the new year
Yellow festive dress for the new year

This outfit is perfect for dark-skinned girls with brown hair and will accentuate the skin tone. But pale-faced people are not recommended to choose such a shade. Depending on your color type, you can choose shades from acid yellow to mustard.

In Feng Shui, such an outfit on New Year's Eve will give you health for the whole year.

Gold dress for New Year 2016 celebration

Golden christmas dress
Golden christmas dress

This look will look luxurious. A sand-colored outfit is the best option for women with a "cold" type of appearance. Also, golden shades are ideal for blondes.

You can dilute the image with bright decorations in red, blue or green. Don't overdo it, though, as the gold outfit itself is very provocative. The best option that emphasizes the dignity of the figure is a sheath dress.

The color gold symbolizes abundance and wealth.

Brown dress in the New Year of the Fire Monkey

Brown dress for New Years celebration
Brown dress for New Years celebration

Brown is the color of the hostess of the New Year's celebration. It is worth choosing such an outfit with special care. It suits brown-haired and red-haired women with matte skin.

So that the image does not look too simple, it is advisable to choose a dress of this color with sequins, shiny beads and transparent inserts. It can be complemented with luxurious gold jewelry.

This color promotes career advancement.

Red New Year's dress 2016

Red dress for a holiday
Red dress for a holiday

This outfit is perfect for girls with any color type of appearance. Carefully you need to pick up a dress of this shade for redheads. The tone should be different from the hair color. Otherwise, you will blend in with the dress.

It is better to refuse gold jewelry in such a dress. The red color goes well with the dark green and blue shades.

It is advisable to give preference to this color if you want drastic changes in your life.

Style of dresses for the New Year of the Fire Monkey

The outfit for this night must be original, exotic and extravagant. It is advisable to select expensive fabrics (silk, satin, organza, chiffon). A dress with a one-shoulder sleeve is perfect. In general, it is recommended to give preference to shocking and extraordinary outfits made of shiny fabrics with lurex inserts and voluminous laces. But it is not at all appropriate to wear an office or strict dress of classic tones on New Year's Eve.

Short dresses for the New Year 2016

Short dress for New Year
Short dress for New Year

The monkey is an active animal. Therefore, you also need to celebrate the holiday in a noisy and cheerful atmosphere. For incendiary dances, a short, fluffy or tight dress that does not hinder movement is ideal. In such a practical and comfortable outfit, you can relax in a club, in a restaurant and at a party.

Excellent models were presented in their collection by Barbara Tfank and Jonatan Saunders. Decorated with glittery accents, brocade and floral prints, translucent fabrics in foliage green or bottle glass will make you the queen of the party. However, keep in mind that the length must first of all be selected in accordance with your figure.

Long New Year Dresses 2016

Long dress
Long dress

A luxurious look can be created by combining an evening maxi dress with precious jewelry. It is hardly suitable for visiting a club and dancing. However, spending New Year's Eve in a restaurant in such a dress is a great solution, especially if the model is complemented by a thigh-length slit or a deep cut on the back.

Choose shiny, iridescent, asymmetrical outfits with embroidery and rhinestones. For example, a dress with a corset and a light golden cape is the best option for celebrating the New Year 2016. Models with leather or guipure inserts are also suitable.

Dresses with a train for the New Year of the Fire Monkey

Mint dress with a train for the New Year
Mint dress with a train for the New Year

Such an outfit is perfect for slender girls to celebrate a party, but it is unlikely that you will be able to dance in it. Although, if you choose a transforming dress, then you can amaze others in a luxurious way, and not miss the incendiary dances.

It is advisable to choose a train from a fabric that differs from the outfit. It can be made of translucent golden or iridescent fabric and symbolize a kind of flames.

Asymmetric dresses, cropped at the front and complemented by a train at the back, are relevant this winter.

New Year's outfit 2016 for obese women

Outfit for the New Year of the Fire Monkey for a fat woman
Outfit for the New Year of the Fire Monkey for a fat woman

Dresses in dark colors with a deep neckline and lace sleeves are perfect for celebrating puffy girls. It is advisable to give preference to a model made of light fabrics, for example, chiffon, in the floor or below the knee length. However, don't go for layered, puffy evening dresses.

You can emphasize the waist and make a fiery accent using a golden belt, which is recommended to be complemented with jewelry to match. The bottom should be flared to hide the fullness of the hips and abdomen. High-heeled shoes and a graceful handbag will complete the look.

Selection of accessories for the dress for the New Year 2016

Fashionable image for the New Year 2016
Fashionable image for the New Year 2016

Whichever dress you choose for the New Year's party, it is important to correctly complete the image and emphasize its originality. To do this, you need to choose the right jewelry, shoes, handbag, taking into account the basic rules:

  • The more bright details on the dress, the less of them should be on the shoes or purse.
  • It is not recommended to use three or more primary colors in the image. Don't compete in brightness with the Christmas tree.
  • A large bag is not appropriate for a celebration, but a neat clutch is the best option.
  • A simple dress can be decorated with massive embellishments. At the same time, it is better to complement a bright outfit with a modest detail.
  • Large earrings in combination with long beads and bracelets on both hands are perfect for celebrating the New Year. Jewelry with natural stones is very relevant this winter.
  • It is advisable to give preference to golden accessories in the New Year: a chiffon scarf, a clutch and even shoes. Shoes are preferable to choose with heels.

As for the New Year's hairstyle, here you can show all your imagination. Decorate curled locks with a fashionable floral wreath. If your dress and jewelry are shocking enough, then style your hair more restrained. In makeup, it is advisable to use pearlescent shades, glitters and bright lipstick. How to choose a dress for the New Year - watch the video:

Correctly selected color and style of the dress, as well as accessories for it will allow you to create a unique image. Remember that the main criterion for a New Year's dress is convenience. You should feel comfortable, because tugging at the outfit every 15 minutes will be annoying and ruin the overall holiday experience.

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