What oils to use to strengthen nails

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What oils to use to strengthen nails
What oils to use to strengthen nails

Oils for strengthening nails to restore the health and beauty of the nail plate, a wide list of beneficial effects, contraindications for use, advice on the selection of natural oils, a brief description of some vegetable fatty substances, rules of use. Nail-strengthening oil is a fatty substance that can make the nail plate stronger, improve its condition and appearance. Such products are produced in various ways depending on the raw material, which is most often plant-based materials. In the trade in oil for strengthening nails, not only fatty substances are called in their pure form, but also complexes of them in various combinations with auxiliary ingredients. Complex drugs often have a wider list of useful functions.

The Benefits of Firming Oils

Strengthening nails with oils

For all people, from a physiological point of view, nails perform several practical functions. They protect the fingertips from damage, thereby providing a high sensitivity to the fingertips. They allow you to perform some actions in everyday life, for example, scratching, tearing, prying. But for the vast majority of women and some men, they complement the image. Clean, healthy and well-groomed nails are an indicator of a person's culture and often status.

However, for various reasons, the appearance and quality of nails can be inappropriate even for the cleanest person. It is known that the condition of the nail plate is influenced by genetic data, external factors, received nutrition and health status. And if genetics cannot be influenced, then for other cases there are several methods and means to improve the condition of the marigolds.

So, in the complex of measures for the care of hands and nails, oils have been widely used, which can not only improve their appearance, but also strengthen the horny plates on the fingers.

Most oils for nail care have a wide range of health benefits. These include:

  • Matrix nutrition… Daily household chores, exposure to chemicals, nail polish design, extensions make nails much weaker, depriving them of essential useful components. Also, the condition of the nails is affected by the lack of nutrients in the food consumed or metabolic disorders. It is possible to replenish the necessary substances not only by changing the diet, but also by including the external use of natural oils in the daily hand care plan. These can be masks, baths or short-term massages. The most important is the treatment of the lunula area, i.e. visible part of the matrix. Here, in the best way, the nutrients contained in this or that oil penetrate inside.
  • Shine… It is known that the nail, in addition to trace elements, contains water and fats, which provide it with shine. So, under the influence of aggressive chemicals contained in household chemicals, liquids used for processing during design, or for other reasons, nails lose moisture and become dry and lifeless. Oil treatments significantly moisturize the nails, giving them a healthy shine.
  • Softening of the skin of the hands… An important property is the softening of the skin on the hands, but for nails, it is the softening in the cuticle area that plays an important role. This allows you to establish external nutrition and respiration of the cells of the matrix, which is responsible for the growth and quality of marigolds.
  • Strengthening nails… To a greater extent, it occurs due to the nutrition of the matrix, which allows to normalize the growth process and avoid improper development of the nail plate. The lack of any substances leads to disruption of protein synthesis and transformation.
  • Protection against fungal diseases… Many oils have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, preventing the development of inflammatory processes or protecting against fungal diseases.
  • Leveling the surface of the nail… Sometimes marigolds grow with tubercles, the so-called transverse lines or Bo grooves. They appear due to disorders of lipid metabolism in the body or due to improper nutrition of the matrix. Having replenished the supply of useful trace elements with the help of oils, saturating the skin and the matrix itself with vitamins, it is easy to normalize the process of forming the nail plate.
  • Lightening the nail… Some oils are able to remove the yellowing that occurs, giving the nails a natural, healthy color.
  • Deburring… This beneficial effect is achieved by moisturizing the skin around the nail bed, as well as increasing its elasticity, which prevents cuticle growth on the nail plate and skin tearing.

No matter how many useful properties various natural oils have, they are still not able to solve all the problems that arise with the growth of nails. Therefore, do not forget about proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle and precautions when using various chemicals.

Contraindications to the use of nail oils

Almond oil

Along with the beneficial properties, natural oils for nail care have some contraindications. Basically, they are associated with individual intolerance to one or another oil or individual components. If a person is prone to allergic reactions, then it is necessary to conduct a preliminary test for sensitivity to the components of the product.

It is noteworthy that some oils cannot be used in their pure form, i.e. with high concentration, due to the risk of burns.

Each bottle must be accompanied by instructions for use, from which you can learn about the presence of possible contraindications. When buying a product, you should carefully study the manufacturer's recommendations for use and dosage options, which will help you decide if this product is suitable.

How to choose oil to strengthen your nails

Peach oil

Most natural oils have similar properties, but they also have a lot of differences. Not all oils are equally good for nails, but there is a list of those that can significantly improve the growth and quality of the nail plate.

Fatty substances that strengthen nails include castor, olive, lemon, almond, peach, and nut oils. Many others are useful for the strength and health of the nail plate, for example, myrrh, sandalwood, bergamot, eucalyptus, chamomile, tea tree, linseed, burdock, rosemary oil.

Here are some helpful tips for buying a nail-strengthening oil:

  1. It is worth choosing an oil depending on the existing problems with the nails and the desired effect.
  2. When buying this or that product in a store or pharmacy, take time to familiarize yourself with the composition. Natural oils will be more beneficial only if they do not contain any dyes, flavors, preservatives.
  3. Check the expiration date.
  4. Choose a product that has passed certification. The bottle or packaging must have a barcode and detailed information about the manufacturer.
  5. Each oil should have instructions for use with a description of the beneficial effect, options for use and dosage.

What oils to use to strengthen nails

The plant world is a source of a large number of nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the body in general and nails in particular.Thanks to numerous studies, tests and development of technologies, the mass production of useful oils has become possible. But among the variety of products in this category, it is worth making the right choice based on the beneficial properties of a particular natural product. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most useful oils for nail strength.

Castor oil to strengthen nails at home

Castor oil

Castor oil is an excellent choice for healthy nails. It contains triglycerides (fats) of certain acids (ricinoleic, oleic, linoleic), which are involved in maintaining the health and beauty of the nail plates.

Useful properties of castor oil:

  • Strengthening and compaction of the nail plates, giving them strength;
  • Prevention of delamination and brittleness;
  • Improving matrix nutrition;
  • Elimination of defects in the development of the marigold, for example, the formation of grooves;
  • Stimulating growth;
  • Elimination of dryness;
  • Protecting the matrix by repairing damaged cuticles.

The most active components of any oil become after heating, then they are better absorbed, thereby strengthening the nails more effectively.

Castor oil is used to treat peeling lifeless nails, perfectly protects against the harmful effects of household chemicals, and moisturizes the skin.

Olive oil to strengthen and grow nails

Olive oil

Olive oil is the most beneficial nail polish. For cosmetic procedures, you can use both special oil and ordinary food. Therefore, it can be bought not only in cosmetic stores, but also in pharmacies and grocery stores.

This product is used in the treatment of hands and nails due to its composition that provides a wide range of benefits.

Useful properties include:

  1. Replenishment of nutrients in the skin and matrix;
  2. Strengthening the nail plate;
  3. Preventing its delamination;
  4. Saturation of the nail structure;
  5. Reducing fragility.

Olive oil is quite self-sufficient, so great results can be achieved by applying it a couple of times a week in the evening. At the same time, after applying the oil, it is best to wear cotton gloves overnight in order to evaluate the softening effect on the skin and the strengthening effect on the nail plates in the morning.

Lemon cosmetic oil to strengthen nails

Lemon oil

For many, both oil and lemon juice are the first nail care products. possesses a large number of useful substances.

The valuable properties of lemon oil can be described as follows:

  • This product has the ability to strengthen the plate.
  • It stimulates metabolic processes in the skin and matrix.
  • Allows you to accelerate tissue regeneration and nail growth.
  • Lemon oil is often the best product to use after a manicure. but it is able to prevent the development of inflammation in small cuts due to its antiseptic properties.
  • Also, lemon is reasonably credited with the ability to lighten the nail plate.

Precautions when using lemon oil - avoid prolonged exposure to avoid overdrying the treated surface.

Other oils that strengthen nails

Tea tree oil

In addition to the natural oils described above, which can strengthen the nail plates, other types of fatty substances are also used for this purpose, for example:

  1. Jojoba oil… Has a complex effect on the nails - combats delamination, brittleness and changes in structure, while the nails become stronger and look healthier. Often jojoba oil is combined with vitamin E, then the effect is multiplied.
  2. Tea tree oil… In its pure form, this oil is quite aggressive, therefore it is effectively used to combat fungal diseases of the nails, but it can cause burns. To strengthen nails, it is used in a diluted form, for example, 1 drop of the product is taken per 100 ml of water.Before applying, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions, because his recommendations are based on accurate knowledge of the oil concentration level and are set out to prevent the appearance of the effect associated with an overdose.
  3. Peach oil… It is an excellent tool for restoring the nail plate, preventing its destruction due to fungus. After completing the course of procedures with peach oil, the nails acquire a healthy shine, become less susceptible to the effects of the external environment, and stronger. Due to the special structure of the oil and its consistency, it can be used daily to care not only for marigolds, but also for the skin.
  4. Peanut butter… It has a good regenerating effect. When it gets on the nail plate, it is absorbed, saturating the structure of the nail. In the area of ​​the cuticle and lunula, the oil actively nourishes the matrix, contributing to the acceleration of regeneration processes. The result of use is strong nails with a smooth surface.
  5. Avocado oil… Has a regenerating effect. After a light massage, the lunula zone nourishes the matrix, which contributes to the growth of a strong healthy nail. It actively penetrates into the nail plate, strengthening it, and preventing delamination.
  6. Almond oil… Fatty acids and a whole range of vitamins and minerals are contained in almond oil. Therefore, it has a firming effect on the nails and moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing on the cuticles and skin of the hands. Slows down the growth of the cuticle. Greater results can be achieved by increasing the number of procedures.

Complex cosmetic products with oils for nail strength

Almost any oil can be used in combination with another, mixing them in different proportions at home. In this case, the effect is multiplied by expanding the composition with additional useful components. The art of blending oils is embodied in some ready-to-use blends. Consider a few outstanding representatives that have earned popularity among buyers.

Homemade Nail Oil Tea tree and Lemon by Organic Shop

Tea tree and Lemon by Organic Shop

Organic Shop Tea tree and Lemon oil is a complex product because contains several ingredients: tea tree oil, lemon oil, fruit, sunflower oil and flavor. With constant use, this formula allows not only to strengthen the nail plate, but also to give it elasticity, a beautiful appearance, thicken and slightly lighten it. This accelerates the growth of marigolds.

The rules of application are quite simple: a few drops of the product are applied to the surface and rubbed in with massaging movements. It can also be used not only for nail care, but also as an emollient before a manicure procedure. After application, coarse skin particles, pterygium and nail plate acquire a yellowish tint, but it disappears after simple hand washing.

The scent is more of a lemon scent.

The bottle is made of dark glass, which allows you to store the product for 2 years.

The cap is made in the form of a pipette. In order for the consumption to be economical, it is necessary to get used to it and collect the optimal amount of oil.

Some buyers note the fact that the product can be absorbed for a long time, but in general, this oil has an overwhelming majority of positive reviews.

This product can be found on the shelves of cosmetic stores, pharmacies, and online stores. Its cost ranges from 250 to 300 rubles for a 30 ml bottle.

The manufacturer Organic Shop is a Russian company specializing in the production of natural body care products. The company's many years of experience allows us to produce high-quality, safe and effective products for maintaining health and beauty, which have all the necessary quality certificates.

Mixit Strong Oil

dle_image_begin: https://tutknow.ru/uploads/posts/2017-02/1487943730_maslo-dlya-ukrepleniya-nogtey-mixit-strong-oil-j.webp" />

Mixit Strong Oil

Strong Oil is developed by Mixit based on grapefruit and grape seed. But the composition is not limited to these two ingredients. The beneficial formula also includes other natural ingredients: essential oils of verbena, tea tree, lemon, kelp and rosemary extract, sweet almond, soy and olive oil.

Great for daily grooming. The manufacturer promises that the nails will be healthy and beautiful even without a design. And these promises are proven many times over by customer reviews posted online.

The price for one bottle of 25 ml is about 350 rubles. In this case, the purchase will be most profitable if you place an order through the manufacturer's official online store.

A pipette is built into the cap for convenient dispensing of oil. In addition, the use of a pipette ensures the hygienic cleanliness of the mixture remaining in the bottle, which cannot be said about those oils that are applied with brushes.

The consistency of the oil is quite liquid. It is well absorbed into the nail plate, perfectly moisturizes the cuticle, making it less visible, and the hands more well-groomed. But the effect of moisturized skin may disappear after washing your hands with regular soap. Therefore, it is recommended to apply the oil overnight.

Mixit is a unique online laboratory. Its main idea is to create unique products at the request of customers. The site contains not only the necessary comprehensive information on each product, but also ready-made universal products that have already earned the recognition of a huge number of buyers.

Cosmetic oil for strengthening nails Aasha Herbals

Aasha Herbals Nail Strengthening Oil

Aasha Herbals Nail Strengthening Oil is a comprehensive Indian product for nail health. It is indicated for use by the owners of weakened nails, fragile, thin and soft. The rich natural composition of the oil, which includes sesame oil, fatty substances of chamomile, olive and earth almond, provides not only strengthening, but also many other beneficial effects.

So, the complex action is as follows: the product protects against fungus and other pathogens, improves tissue regeneration, thickens the nail plate, provides additional nutrition to the matrix and skin of the hands, restores the structure of the nails after the procedure of building up or varnishing, softens the skin, moisturizing it. Possible weak lightening of the plate.

Customer reviews indicate the high quality of this oil for strengthening nails. Many call it an ambulance for severely weakened nails.

The method of application is the usual one - application with massaging movements. The frequency of application is up to 2 times a day. Does not require mixing with other ingredients, because the composition is carefully balanced and contains all the necessary natural substances.

Transparent plastic bottle with flip-top lid, which allows dispensing oil, reducing consumption.

The aroma is quite specific, spicy, but easily disappears after a while after processing.

The usual oily consistency. The mixture is quickly absorbed into the nail plate and skin, without leaving an unpleasant oily sheen and stickiness.

The volume of the bottle is 30 ml, while the price is about 450 rubles. The product is sold not only in various online stores, but also in some pharmacies and stationary specialized stores.

Aasha Herbals is an Indian manufacturer of medicinal cosmetics based on the power of nature and valuable knowledge of human health. The list of products is wide enough. Among the products of this company you can find products for the care of the body, face skin, hair, oral cavity. At the moment, a large number of specialized online stores and stationary boutiques are selling goods of this brand due to their high quality and growing demand among buyers.

How to strengthen nails with oil: rules of use

Applying oil to your nails

Using oil to strengthen nails is not a tricky business. does not require complex manipulations or the use of additional devices or devices. All you need is nails, oil and a few minutes of free time for the procedure.

However, to get the maximum positive effect, you need to follow simple rules. Let's describe them in more detail:

  • Before the treatment procedure, be sure to cleanse your hands with soap and water so that the nutrients can freely penetrate inside.
  • Processing can be carried out in the presence of extended marigolds or with a design decorated with any type of varnish. So, a direct effect will be exerted on the cuticle and matrix area, which is important for the healthy growth of the plates.
  • Some oils, especially those that are difficult to absorb, are best applied in the evening. You can protect bed linen from greasy marks by wearing cotton gloves, which, in addition to maintaining cleanliness, are designed to improve the effect of the product due to the natural composition of the fabric.
  • Application can be done with a brush. Some manufacturers have the foresight to build them into the lid. Another option is to apply using the fingertips, which allows you to more thoroughly rub the oil into the skin and plates, accelerating the penetration of nutrients. Massaging movements will improve blood circulation in the treated areas around the nail, accelerating metabolism and stimulating tissue regeneration.
  • The frequency of use is determined in accordance with their own needs within the framework of the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Best results are obtained with continued use. In some rare situations, a break may be required - in which case it will be stated in the instructions for use.

How to use nail oil - watch the video:

Ready-to-use oils designed to strengthen nails are the easiest way to protect and restore the nail plate. But sometimes, due to individual intolerance, at least one of the components cannot be used. In this case, it is better to use one suitable oil, or prepare a healthy mixture at home.

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