Curren - quartz watches for men

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Curren - quartz watches for men
Curren - quartz watches for men

Review of modern stylish men's watches Curren: appearance, specifications, functions and reviews. How much and where can you buy with delivery. Curren wrist watches are more likely to decorate a man's wrist. They are simple with no frills: they indicate the exact time and have an Italian design. But this is enough for daily wearing and maintaining the status of a "man with taste". For those who value simplicity and quality - Kurren watches.

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The appearance of the wrist watch Kurren

The Curren accessory does not differ in the variety of collections, but they can also be distinguished by their characteristic laconicism, stylish everyday life, and efficiency. Definitely, such watches are not worn by elderly people with a full figure, distinguished by their imposingness and gravity - the Curren style is youthful, advanced, impetuous, sporty.

The Kurren wrist watch has a round flat case, it can be black and matte, or it can be made in gilding (or even in gold itself with the same dial). They show seconds (the hand is so graceful that only its tip is practically visible), minutes and hours, that is, they usually have two or three hands, a calendar. Arabic numbers and strokes. The model is indicated in the upper part (for example, Leisure Series) and the brand is indicated in the lower half (the first letter is obligatory, here it is "C" in a red square). More expensive models have a separate circle with a second and / or a chronograph.

Depending on the complexity and high cost of the model, the Curren wrist watch is equipped with a shiny bracelet or a leather (suede) strap. More popular are youth matte leather belts, with a button or a regular buckle. Such an accessory is recognizable and perfectly matches the “Casual” style clothes. By the way, this brand is worn by most of the celestials from Hollywood itself …

Curren watch specifications

Curren Quartz Watch

Flat round stainless steel case, shockproof, and tone-on-tone to the dial. Expensive items are treated with a composition that is resistant to scratches and wear (insured, so to speak, against the owner's negligence). There is only one button on the case, it serves to translate the arrows.

The dial is covered with a protective durable Hardlex glass. Size, diameter, 44 mm, strokes, numbers and hands are backlit.

Quartz movement, quite accurate and a battery, with an energy return period of at least a year. Due to the simplicity of the Curren watch itself, it weighs only 70? 75 grams.

Leather strap or bracelet 23 centimeters long. The clasp is reliable, classic.

Functions that Curren watches have

Like all modern time-stamped accessories, Kurren also boasts versatility. One of them is the exact course of the arrows, simplicity (which is important for quick orientation) and the absence of unnecessary, but chic, details.

In addition to hours and minutes, you can look at the dial to figure out the date. Curren watches have a calendar.

Luminescent composition (Superluminova) is applied to the hands, numbers and their substitutes (strokes). If there is not enough light to see the time readings, then the backlight will come in handy.

Shockproof and waterproof. Without taking off your favorite watch, you can dive. The manufacturer indicates the depth without moisture penetration into the case - 10 meters. The Curren accessory also features stylish Italian design. It is like an addition to your outfit: whether it is business style or casual, more sporty.

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