The benefits and harms of strength training for women of age

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The benefits and harms of strength training for women of age
The benefits and harms of strength training for women of age

Muscle building for women at an age who are not in age or physically fit for strength training. From the article you will learn the subtleties of female physiology and how to adapt them to the training process of the beautiful half of humanity. It is much easier for a woman to get rid of excess body fat than to build muscle mass, especially for the upper body. The task is twofold more complicated when it comes to the beautiful half of mankind of mature age, who are prohibited from power loads, but it is necessary to increase muscle tone and increase the structure of muscle tissue. Before answering this question, it is necessary to describe the characteristics and physiological potential of the female body.

  1. The female body has a limited content of hormones such as norepinephrine and testosterone, this is completely normal. But this is precisely what prevents the female sex from using strength training. For example, if a man performs the exercise until complete failure, the woman will stop within two repetitions at least. Thus, there is a saving of energy reserves necessary for feeding the unborn child.
  2. In addition to low testosterone, female muscles have an order of magnitude less myofibrils, in other words, muscle fibers. Now attention, it is this physiological difference that suggests that strength training for women, especially the elderly, is useless. Eight repetitive weight training should be completely eliminated.

    "We can conclude that regardless of age and physical injury, any woman can choose a set of exercises with high repetitions and work out even injured parts of the body."

  3. Uneven distribution of muscle mass, the fair sex has a well-developed lower body, it is in the thighs and buttocks that there are many muscle fibers. The top of the female body, has a small percentage of muscles and does not respond well to physical activity. In connection with this feature, even ladies of Balzac age are able to perform some exercises aimed at developing the hips and buttocks.
  4. Slow metabolism, the rate of biochemical processes is much lower than in the male body. As a result, the energy consumption per kilogram of the body is significantly lower than that of a man. The muscular apparatus of a woman is much smaller than that of a man, which explains the above differences. It should be said that an elderly person can gain muscle mass and maintain body tone only if they perform resistance training, the weight of which is limited to high repetitions. This approach prevents injury and by increasing the volume of training and high repetitions, it makes it possible to increase muscle mass.

Aerobics cannot cause muscle hypertrophy, and there are strong doubts that an older woman will be able to run or take active walks for 45 minutes.

How is the training of older ladies going?

How is the training of elderly ladies

The main thing is to understand that it is almost impossible for women of age to build muscle tissue, some trainers will say it is even unrealistic. And there are many reasons for this, in addition to those listed earlier. For the human body, the process of anabolism itself is a very complex procedure and you need to try hard so that it wants to accumulate excess muscle tissue, which will have to spend nutrients.

Another important reason is the increased use of protein foods for muscle growth, if you do not ensure an uninterrupted supply of building materials, nothing will work, growth will not happen. For example, a sixty-year-old woman simply will not be able to consume a large amount of protein food, the body will not assimilate and will not be able to digest such a volume of food.

Therefore, training can only increase muscle tone, women, whose age has crossed the fifty-year mark. The training should take place in the gym under the supervision of a professional trainer and strictly monitor the condition of the person and his recovery abilities.

Algorithm for constructing women's workouts

Algorithm for constructing women's workouts
  1. Using high-volume training, many repetitions and exercises, this method works best on muscle fibers, because the female body, even in adulthood, is able to more actively accumulate energy and quickly restore glycogen stores.
  2. You can use the following approach, in each subsequent set, reduce the weight of the projectile, this will increase the intensity and reduce the overall load, the trained muscle group can work hard and start the anabolic mechanism.
  3. Nutrition also needs to be adjusted, taking a moderate amount of carbohydrates so that they do not lead to excess body fat, which is very quickly deposited in old age.
  4. The load of training for an older woman should be long and low intensity, this will increase muscle tone and help burn subcutaneous fat.

Summing up all of the above, we can state that targeted resistance training can only increase muscle tone and remove subcutaneous fat. It is simply impossible for an elderly woman to increase muscle mass, and it is not clear whether this is necessary. Dear ladies, remember that no other type of exercise, shaping, running, dancing, is able to build muscle and tone the body. Make going to the gym an integral part of your life if you want to have a body worthy of your spirit.

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