The course of steroids and the conception of children - features

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The course of steroids and the conception of children - features
The course of steroids and the conception of children - features

Find out if it is worth planning children if you are on a steroid cycle and what the consequences might be for your child. Most ordinary people believe that conceiving children on a steroid cycle is simply impossible. Today we will consider this issue, because it is important for athletes. It's no secret that all performing athletes use AAC. Of course, not everyone admits this, because steroids are prohibited. It is quite obvious that athletes also become dads or moms. Let's see if it is possible to conceive children on a course of steroids, and what the consequences may be for the child.

How do steroids affect the process of conceiving a child?

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It is quite obvious that due to the physiological characteristics of the female and male body, AAS have a different effect on them. Let's take a look at how drugs can affect each gender.


Strong physical activity can weaken the body, and steroids help athletes recover faster. Based on this, we can say that it is still better to wait for the completion of the course and then try to conceive a baby. In fact, you can already start during the recovery therapy, which is necessary after each cycle.

Since all steroids are derived from testosterone, the child is not in danger. Actually, there are many cases when athletes could conceive children during the course, and they were born completely healthy. The main problem is that all AAS, in fact, are contraceptive drugs for the male body. We will talk in more detail about the results of scientific research in this area.

In the meantime, we note that when using anabolic steroids, sperm activity decreases. In such a situation, conception is practically impossible and now you will understand what this is connected with. Since there is a large amount of exogenous testosterone on the cycle in the body, it makes no sense for the body to synthesize this hormone on its own.

As a result, the hypothalamus receives a signal about a decrease in the production of two hormones of the gonadotropic group - follicle-stimulating and luteinizing. All this leads to the fact that the testicles "fall asleep". Actually, this is the reason that during long courses of steroids it is necessary to periodically use gonadotropin to avoid testicular atrophy.

However, some sperm remain active enough to fertilize an egg. These are those responsible for the conception of girls. They differ from the "boy" spermatozoa in a lower speed of movement, but at the same time they are hardy and tenacious. This can explain the fact that builders often have daughters.


To achieve high results, athletes also have to use AAS. However, the desire to become a mother does not decrease from this. Most of the anabolic steroids that women use have strong fat burning properties. It is clear that in such a situation the amount of adipose tissues decreases. However, scientists have proven that in order for a woman to conceive, a certain amount of fat must be contained in the body.

Adipose tissues act as a protective membrane for the fetus, and are also a source of energy for a rainy day. All this suggests that a woman is not allowed to conceive children on a steroid cycle and must first wait until all AAS metabolites are disposed of. On average, this process takes about three months.

Equally important for the conception of children on a steroid cycle is hormonal levels.Due to the intake of testosterone derivatives, it is very far from normal during the cycle of anabolic steroids. As a result, there is a rather serious risk that the baby will be born with deviations. Directly AAS cannot change DNA, but with such a work of the endocrine system, which is observed on the course, everything is possible and there is no need to risk it. However, tobacco and alcoholic beverages are much more dangerous in this regard.

Also worth noting are a few more facts related to the use of steroids:

  1. AAS is not able to affect the fertility of the female body. However, we have already said that it is worth waiting for the moment when not a single steroid metabolite remains in the body.
  2. Anabolic drugs speed up metabolic processes, but they cannot destroy or alter DNA.
  3. If the conception of children on the course of steroids has occurred, and the woman continues to use the drugs, then you should definitely consult a doctor and monitor the pregnancy process.

Conception of children on a course of steroids: the results of scientific research

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We have already established with you that in theory, conceiving children on a course of steroids is quite possible. However, this matter should be postponed, and this is especially true for athletes. Before we begin to carefully analyze the results of scientific experiments, I would like to briefly say about the spermogram. You must remember that even poor results from this test do not at all speak of sterility.

However, let's get back to science, because in sports you can't do without it. Certain drugs have been shown to damage chromosomes. Although this does not apply to all AAS, their interference with genetics has been established. This applies to all mammals, because all research is carried out on animals first. Among the especially "distinguished" drugs should be noted methyltestosterone, stanozolol, trenbolone, as well as nandrolone.

You can find information on numerous sites that steroids are safe and can be safely taken, but this is not always the case. If you have correctly drawn up the course, then everything will do without side effects. However, the results of scientific research should not be discounted. They tell us that it is better to postpone the conception of children on the course of steroids.

Let's turn to the results of another study, because one experiment cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of its results. However, in the second case, we can talk about possible damage to the DNA located in the spinal cord, liver, leukocytes. The likelihood of possible violations directly depends on the dosage of the steroids used.

It should be noted that DNA can be damaged in a healthy body, but it's all about percentage. For comparison, here are a few numbers:

  • ordinary people - the percentage of DNA damage is 0.3;
  • athletes not using AAS - the percentage of damaged DNA was 0.1;
  • athletes after a course of anabolic steroids - 1.4 percent of the DNA was damaged.

Seeing these numbers, we are convinced of the benefits of playing sports, because natural athletes have a lower percentage of DNA damage in comparison with ordinary people. As for athletes after a steroid cycle, you see the figure. Of course, these indicators seem insignificant and builders, even on the course, can conceive a child, but there is a risk of deviations in the baby.

Thus, the above drugs can harm your genetic material. It turns out that AAS is not harmless candy? We do not want to dissuade you from using these drugs, because everyone is the creator of his own destiny. If you decide to start using anabolic drugs, then always keep in mind the existing risks. If you have health problems or they appeared on the course, stop taking medications. This is especially true for bodybuilding lovers.

During the courses, it is very important to correctly select the load. Many will now probably argue that all professionals use steroids and have no health problems.But you do not take into account the fact that all courses are supervised by a competent specialist. Where do the “chemists” - amateurs get their knowledge, everyone knows very well - from various Internet sources. Most of the information posted on them is transferred from one resource to another.

Let's go further and consider the impact of AAS on the functioning of the reproductive system. Agree that if problems arise with its functioning, then conceiving children on a course of steroids, as well as after, becomes problematic and even impossible. There has been a lot of research done on this topic and we have a lot to choose from.

For example, in one study in athletes who took 15 milligrams of methandienone daily, the number of "defective" sperm doubled. What dosages of methene do you use on the cycle? Further more, there is a lot of information on the network that boldenone is perhaps the safest AAS.

In the course of the study, it was proved that the use of this drug can change the structure of the testicles. The results are obvious - a high risk of infertility. Here it is appropriate to say about the dosages of steroids, because almost all experiments have shown that problems arise during the use of a large number of anabolic steroids. The same boldenone in moderation can and will be safe. However, if you start to put in more than a gram weekly, the consequences will be unpredictable.

We said above that during the cycle, the athlete is most often infertile, but then after the utilization of the AAS metabolites and the restoration of the endocrine system, everything returns to normal. However, there is a risk of conceiving children on a course of steroids, and so that you do not have disappointment, it is better to protect yourself and wait with the child.

You should know that in order to normalize the work of the testicles, gonadotropin must be injected into the course. Although testicular atrophy is considered a reversible process, it should not be brought to this point. If you are a fan of long courses that last more than ten weeks, without fail starting from the fifth week, put gonadotropin.

Note that a rather interesting situation has developed with this drug and there are a lot of opinions about the schemes of its use. Sometimes you can hear that it is enough to inject this drug once every three months. Speech now, as you understand, is about "eternal courses". If you are indifferent to your own health, then you can do so. We are convinced that it is necessary to strive to maintain a high testicular tone.

If you are limited in finances and do not plan to perform, it is worth thinking carefully about why you need AAS? The question of whether it is necessary to conceive children on a course of steroids is up to you. If you want to be sure that the baby is born healthy, then give up steroids for a year or even a year and a half.

We are talking about such a long rest for a reason, because the spermatogenesis cycle takes about three months. It should be remembered here that each steroid has a specific half-life. For example, nandrolone metabolites can be in the body for about 16 months. It is better to conceive a child at a time when you are completely "clean".

For more information on conceiving children on a steroid cycle, see the following video:

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