Learning to distinguish chemists from straight people in the gym

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Learning to distinguish chemists from straight people in the gym
Learning to distinguish chemists from straight people in the gym

Find out what are the main traits of chemical athletes that will help you easily distinguish these guys from the crowd of training in the gym. The question of how to swing - naturally or "chemically" is very relevant today. The fact is that, despite the bans on the sale of sports pharmacology, it is not difficult to acquire these drugs. Surely you know that there are many stores on the network where you can safely buy steroids. However, many athletes choose the path of natural training, but are often not satisfied with the results obtained. Today we will talk about how to distinguish a chemist from a natural in the gym and how to progress without the use of sports pharmacology.

The main differences between a chemist and a natural person in the gym

What does a natural athlete and a chemist look like?

Professional athletes rarely admit to doping. This happens most often after the end of a career, which is understandable. Bodybuilding lovers can also hide this fact and are in no hurry to share their secrets with colleagues in terms of the training process. If you want to know how to distinguish a chemist from a natural in the gym, then this can be done according to several signs, which will now be discussed.

  1. The speed of progress. When using sports pharmacology, the athlete progresses rapidly. However, if you stop training, the results obtained during the course also rapidly disappear. If your friend is gaining mass quickly, then he is definitely "cheating". No matter how competently the training and nutrition program was drawn up, natural exercises do not allow you to progress quickly. Most often, the first results in a straight person appear only after six months of active exercises, and significant changes in the physique are possible after a few years.
  2. Dimensions. Unnaturally large body sizes and swollen muscles are further indications of steroid use. Of course, with excellent genetic data, this is possible with natural training, but such people are rare. Naturals most often cannot significantly change their original dimensions, but after a long break in their studies, they can quickly regain their lost shape in comparison with “chemists”.
  3. Proportions. Another sign of AAC use is body imbalance. For example, an athlete may have well-inflated shoulders or back, but legs remain thin. With natural training, such disproportions are impossible due to hormonal levels. At the same time, if you only naturally swing your arms and forget about your legs, then the proportions of the body will also be violated. If you pump the whole body, then no problems will arise. When using anabolic steroids, the likelihood of imbalance in the physique is very high.
  4. Sports performance. Many "chemists" have a serious mismatch between the size of the muscles and the physical parameters. If you train naturally, then the strength of your muscles corresponds to their volume. When using AAS, the muscles are often "empty". They look impressive, but they cannot develop sufficient strength and are not distinguished by great endurance. As a result, under the influence of any physical activity, such athletes quickly develop fatigue, and even shortness of breath.
  5. Muscle structure. Often, "chemical" athletes with prolonged contact of the skin with an object appear redness. The skin becomes extremely sensitive.For example, when doing squats on a straight, the redness disappears quickly at the point of contact of the skin with the barbell, and the "chemist" may need at least five minutes to do this. This is due to the large amount of excess fluid in the body.

Here are the main signs that answer the question of how to distinguish a chemist from a straight person in the gym. If, while observing someone, you find a match on at least three points, then the conclusion is obvious.

How to progress with natural training?

The athlete holds the bar on his shoulders

Natural bodybuilding is a real art in practice. There are many factors to consider in order to progress. First of all, these are competent training and nutrition programs, as well as sufficient time for rest. We have already said that many straight athletes are unhappy with the speed of their progress, and this is especially true at a time when their results are approaching the genetic limit.

We already know how to distinguish a chemist from a natural person in the gym, let's figure out the basics of proper training without the use of sports pharmacology. If in professional sports it is impossible to count on high results without the use of these drugs, then this is not at all necessary for amateurs.

Load progression

One of the basic principles of muscle growth is the progression of stress. Very often, it is not adherence to this rule that leads to a lack of progress for the builders. The fact is that for a straight person, this is, in fact, the only way to create sufficient stress for the body. You probably know that the body responds to physical activity by releasing anabolic hormones.

The stronger the stress, the more hormonal substances will be synthesized. If "chemists" solve the problem of low testosterone concentration by introducing an exogenous substance, then natural people need to train intensively for this. If the load does not change over time, then the body adapts and no longer produces testosterone in large quantities.

However, the increase in the load should be systematic and a sharp increase should not be allowed. To control this process, you need to keep a training diary. The load can be increased not only with the help of working scales. To solve this problem, you can manipulate the number of sets and reps. Agree that it is physically impossible to remember all these numbers.

How to overcome genetic limits?

Novice athletes, with a properly organized training process, progress quickly enough. However, the growth rate of sports indicators is gradually slowing down. As we said above, the closer you get to your genetic limit, the harder it is to gain mass. Steroids can help solve this problem.

But the question arises, how to do it straight? In fact, there is only one way out - the use of basic movements. If you actively work on simulators, then you will not get much benefit. The thing is that when performing basic movements, a large number of muscles take part in the work. This leads to the fact that the body's hormonal response to training is stronger.

Also an important factor for a straight person is the duration of the sessions. However, you need to be extremely careful, as excessive exercise will lead to overtraining. The sex glands are capable of synthesizing only a certain amount of hormonal substances per unit of time. If the classes are very long, then the body will not be able to cope with such a load. We recommend training for 40 minutes or an hour maximum. This is an individual indicator, but for many builders it is enough to work actively for 45 minutes.

Natures need to take a responsible approach to physical activity.For example, if, in addition to bodybuilding, you are engaged in swimming or jogging, then the body may not withstand such loads. It is with this that the advice of experienced trainers is connected, during the period of mass collection, do not actively use cardio loads. Don't forget about psychological stress, which can also negatively affect your progress. Of course, it is impossible to completely avoid stressful situations, but try to minimize them.


Another way of continually progressing into natural training conditions is periodization. As mentioned above, the rate of production of anabolic hormonal substances can only increase up to a certain level. This is actually your genetic ceiling. To overcome it, it is necessary to create a situation in which relatively low stress will lead to the release of the required amount of hormones.

This can be achieved by training the muscles, or in simpler terms, you must make them weaker. As a result, the body will perceive even light stress as strong. As a result, you will be able to return to your previous working weights and surpass them. This alternation of loads is called periodization.

There are many ways to achieve this goal. We recommend that you understand the essence of the technique itself, after which you will be able to use periodization. This principle can be compared to a wave. For constant progress, you must move towards your goal not evenly, but in waves - a step back is replaced by two forward.

Periodization can be used at different time intervals. When your hard work is replaced by an easy one, then this is microperiodization. However, you can work in a light mode for a week or even a month, and then increase the load. This will be macro-periodization. These two methods are the main ones, but there are also many others. They combine macro- and microperiodization.

Note that the principle of periodization is used in all sports disciplines, and you can be sure of its effectiveness. Another thing is that the implementation of this technique does not always bring positive results. It should be noted right away that for straight people the scheme used in weightlifting or powerlifting can bring the best result. You can divide your activities into two or three types - easy, hard and medium. After that, you begin to alternate them while working on each muscle group.

For example, today you did heavy squats with maximum weight to refuse, doing 6 to 8 reps. In the next lesson, reduce the weight of the weights by about a third, but do 10 repetitions already. At the same time, during a light lesson, you cannot work on failure. This is a common mistake made by athletes and negates the whole point of periodization.


The nutrition program is of great importance for straight people. When compiling it, you need to proceed from the tasks set. When you gain mass, the energy value should be high, and during the drying period it should be reduced. Some athletes try to get rid of fat when gaining mass, which, in principle, is impossible without the use of sports pharmacology. It is better to gain muscle mass with a small percentage of fat than to exercise in vain.

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