Ten most dangerous sports

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Ten most dangerous sports
Ten most dangerous sports

Find out which sports to avoid right from the start and why they can cause irreparable harm to your health. Everyone finds something to do to their liking. Some people like to fiddle with cars or bikes in the garage for days, others spend a lot of time playing computer games, and some cannot see life without playing sports. Some sports pose serious health and even life risks. Meet the most dangerous sports - TOP-10.

The most dangerous sports - TOP-10

The guy walks the tightrope over the abyss

10th place - rafting

Rafters carry out rafting on the river

An overview of the most dangerous sports - TOP-10, we will start with the last meta, on which rafting is located. Not all visitors to our site are familiar with this sport. It is a rafting (small rafts) on mountain rivers. The most dangerous here are the rapids, which are usually divided into five categories according to the level of difficulty. If you want to go rafting. It is worth remembering the potential danger to health, and sometimes life.

Here are some of the most common dangerous situations in this sport:

  1. Injury - when the raft crashes into a stone at high speed or fails to pass the threshold well, you can get a severe bruise, fracture or even lose consciousness.
  2. Siphon - this word is understood as an obstacle when the stream completely goes under the rock. If a person fell into a siphon, where he was jammed, then the chances of salvation become minimal.
  3. Toe hook - the greatest danger is a hook on a fast flow. When trying to stand up, the athlete is covered with water and there is a high risk of drowning.
  4. Getting hit by the raft - these are quite common situations during the rafting and it is important not to start to panic.

9th place - surfing

The guy is surfing

Many people know about surfing and on TV it seems very exciting. Professional surfers travel the planet in search of the biggest waves. Of course, this sport makes the body emit large doses of adrenaline. Perhaps you think that there is nothing dangerous about surfing, and you are wrong. Let's take a look at the most dangerous situations that are not uncommon in this sport:

  1. Dangerous head and limb injuries - since surfing is associated with the conquest of high waves, then it is considered and not without reason. One of the most dangerous sports. If the athlete could not stay on the board, then a strong wave may well hit him on the bottom.
  2. Shark - professionals rarely pay attention to their safety and may end up in places where these bloodthirsty predators hunt.
  3. Adrenaline addiction - all sports that are associated with the release of adrenaline can be considered dangerous. A person quickly gets used to those sensations that are caused by high doses of this hormonal substance and after that is no longer able to stop.

8th place - football

Football player strikes the ball

This may seem strange, because almost all boys play football in different countries of the planet. However, it is a contact sport and professional footballers are often injured. Scientists conducted a study and found that football players receive an average of 200 injuries of varying severity during one season. Even minor injuries, such as bruises and abrasions, were taken into account. It should also be recalled about other dangerous factors that lie in wait for football players on the field:

  1. Death - it is not uncommon for the body to withstand the stress and an athlete dies during training or even during a match. This primarily concerns the cardiovascular system.
  2. Heavy object injuries - football fans are known for their aggressive behavior and athletes can suffer from objects thrown by fans.
  3. Head injury - in the air fight for the ball, two football players often collide with the head, as a result of which concussions of varying severity are possible.

7th place - hockey

Professional hockey match

Another very popular sport in our country, the high injury rate of which is quite well known. Moreover, hockey in this matter is significantly superior to football. Hockey players' teeth often suffer. The thrown puck flies at high speed, and even a splash guard is not always able to prevent injury. All hockey fans are waiting for fights between hockey players, as they consider them one of the elements of the game. However, this can lead to various cuts or concussions. Needless to say, how severe the injury can be after meeting a player with a wrestler. In hockey, it is not uncommon for an athlete to leave the ice rink on his own.

6th place - rock climbing

Climbing a climber

This is a rather spectacular sport, but at the same time it is extremely dangerous. Surely you yourself understand what dangers a climber is exposed to. If you start listing them all, then a lot of time will be spent. Most athletes do not even pay attention to such trifles as abrasions and bruises. But the fact that there is always a risk of falling should not be forgotten. Another dangerous factor is the lack of quick help.

5th place - rodeo

The bull throws off his rider

This sport is very popular only in some states of the planet. However, this fact does not diminish the danger of rodeo to humans. According to statistics, about 80 thousand injuries, including deaths, are recorded in this sport throughout the year. Imagine what the statistics would be if rodeos were as popular as soccer, for example! Just in order to sit on the back of a bull, you need to have great courage.

4th place - diving

Five divers

This is a very popular sport, which provides an opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the underwater world and even with a successful coincidence of circumstances to communicate with the "locals". Unfortunately, sometimes such encounters can be lethal. Among the main hazardous factors, we note:

  1. Marine predators - the underwater world is indescribably beautiful and at the same time just as dangerous. Many predators are hiding in the depths of the sea and the matter is not limited to sharks alone. Some marine life can inject poison that paralyzes humans.
  2. Equipment problems - one of the most dangerous troubles that can lie in wait for a diver at depth. If help does not come on time, then death cannot be avoided.
  3. Barotrauma - surfacing is a rather complicated process. At this time, you can not hold your breath, and also fill your lungs with a large amount of air. Otherwise, lung tissue can tear and damage blood vessels. Pressure drops pose a serious danger to the body. So smoothly we came to the three most dangerous sports in our TOP-10.

3rd place - cave diving

Man Cave Diving

If you still consider diving to be a fairly safe sport, then with cave diving the situation is completely different. Athletes do not just dive into the water, but travel through caves, in which a lot of dangers can lurk. Here are some of them:

  • There are a lot of predators in the caves, and they will not welcome intruders.
  • Hardware failures can be fatal.
  • If a diver is stuck or lost, the risks of death increase dramatically.

2nd place - heliski

What Heliski looks like

Not every person even heard this word, let alone familiarity with this sport. Of course, only brave people who can demonstrate outstanding skiing skills can do it. First, the athletes get into a helicopter, which takes them to the mountain peak.Note that none of the athletes are familiar with the surface on which they will have to move.

As a result, it is impossible to predict. What surprises await them under the snow. Do not forget about the possibility of avalanches, which are practically impossible to escape in the mountains. It is more completely possible that athletes will have to face completely impassable terrain and need to look for a way out to survive.

1st place - base jumping

Base jumpers jumping off the cliff

Meet the leader of the TOP 10 most dangerous sports - base jumping. This word should be understood as jumping from ground objects. It can be a mountain, bridge, skyscraper, etc. One of the main hazards is the opening time of the parachute. If this is done late, the athlete will die. In addition, there is a great risk of getting entangled in the slings, and in this case the outcome is death. It should also be remembered that the athlete after the jump is forced to be near the object. You probably already understood yourself that there is a high probability of a collision, the outcome of which is not difficult to predict.

Other dangerous sports

Mountain biking

We have completed our TOP 10 most dangerous sports. However, their list can be continued for a long time. We will limit ourselves to a few.


Professional rugby match

This sport is popular in some countries, for example, New Zealand, Australia, England. Compared to football. Rugby involves more frequent contact between athletes. In such a situation, the risk of fractures increases dramatically. We will not even remember about abrasions and bruises.


The golfer sets the ball

For some, this will come as a surprise, because golf is popularly associated with the recreation of aristocrats. What could be dangerous about walking around the field and hitting the ball? It turns out that there are dangerous factors in golf, and injuries are common in this sport. According to official statistics, around 900 people die on golf courses every year.


American cheerleading team

This sport is especially popular in the United States. Outwardly, it is a combination of dance, aerobics and acrobatics. Charleading is spectacular, but no less dangerous. When performing complex acrobatic elements, there is a high risk of getting a fracture or concussion.


Motorcyclist performs a stunt

It is popular all over the world and the motorsport competition draws a large number of spectators. Athletes are injured quite often, but fortunately, fatalities are rare.

Horseback riding

Girl on horse

Another sport id that is considered aristocratic. At the same time, it is quite dangerous, because a fall from a horse will turn into a minimum fracture. In addition, athletes must find a common language with the animal so that it does not show aggression.


Man doing streetlighing

Not everyone is familiar with this sport, which is downhill on a special skateboard while lying down. It strongly resembles tobogganing. It was born in the seventies and, due to frequent injuries, was even considered illegal for some time. Now athletes use special protective equipment. Which slightly reduced the number of damage. However, it is still one of the most dangerous sports.


What motocross looks like on bicycles

BMX is a bike motocross. Moreover, special bicycles are produced that have certain differences from ordinary ones. The main type of competition in BMX is race, but there is also another offshoot, whose fans compete in the complexity of the tricks they perform. Cyclists perform a complex of acrobatic stunts, and many of them are created individually and there is a high probability of getting a fracture or concussion.

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