What can not be given for the New Year

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What can not be given for the New Year
What can not be given for the New Year

Unwanted gifts for the New Year 2020. What cannot be given on a festive night to children, women, men, old people, superstitious people?

Buying and giving gifts is a pleasant part of the New Year. However, the choice of presents should be taken seriously, so as not to embarrass and ruin the mood of a loved one. Consider the age, tastes and lifestyle of the guest, the environment in which he will open the box. Do not forget about the symbol of 2020 according to the Eastern calendar - the metal white Rat. This animal is considered cautious and picky, so some items may not like it and scare off good luck.

Features of choosing gifts for the New Year 2020

How to choose at for the New Year

During New Year's shopping, the question often arises, which gifts cannot be given for the New Year. After all, the good mood of the guests is a guarantee of the general atmosphere of the holiday, fun and magic.

First of all, guests should not be embarrassed with too expensive or cheap presents. The best option is to agree to abide by the terms of Secret Santa.

The essence of the game consists in the preliminary selection of the recipient of the gift by random drawing of lots. Further, each person buys only one present for a pre-agreed amount and does not sign it. As a result, all guests find themselves in the same position as recipient and giver.

Particular attention should be paid to guests who are serious about the peculiarities of the Eastern calendar or Feng Shui. Check with them what you can't give for New Year 2020 according to their rules. Consider these wishes when choosing surprises for the tree.

Types of unwanted New Year gifts

There are things that are absolutely not suitable as a gift. They are frightening, confusing, disgusting, or embarrassing. There are presentations with a hint or reminder of an unpleasant segment of life. Some gifts are generally good, but given at the wrong time. All these nuances should be taken into account so as not to spoil the atmosphere of the holiday.

What cannot be given for New Year 2020 to children?

Money as an unwantedt for children for the New Year

Children are the most grateful recipients of gifts. Even an inexpensive trinket can delight them. Therefore, it is recommended to buy several items and pack each of them in a separate shiny box. Thus, you will increase the time of anticipation and joy.

But there are presents that make children feel frustrated and bitter:

  • Banknotes… New Year is a time of magic, magic, fulfillment of desires. Even eternally disgruntled teenagers are charged with this atmosphere. Therefore, a child of any age wants to find the gift of his dreams under the tree and immediately enjoy its properties. Money, at best, postpones this moment, and at worst, it leaves a smack of disappointment.
  • School supplies… Winter holidays begin at the end of December. By this time, children are already tired of getting up early, lessons and tests. Therefore, the reminder of school does not make them happy. Even expensive or funny stationery will be immediately thrown on the table and forgotten until the end of the vacation. Such presents are appropriate only by the first of September, when children proudly show their new clothes to classmates.
  • Pets… Only parents can give a child a pet. Do not fall for the persuasion of your nephews or grandchildren, because they are not able to appreciate the complexity of caring for a pet. A particularly unfortunate present is a live rat (the symbol of 2020 according to the Eastern calendar). To take care of her, you need to purchase many things, allocate space in the room, as well as free time for daily cleaning in the cage.
  • Musical instruments… The only exceptions are adolescents who are passionately engaged in a music school. In other cases, the tools will gather dust in the cabinet after the first failure or hitch. The same rule applies to musical toys. Such gifts can tire parents, cause resentment and quarrels.

What should not be gifted for the New Year to older people?

Medicines as a forbiddent for the elderly for the New Year

Elderly people are used to living in their own measured rhythm. They love their habits and rituals, and they do not intend to give up on them. Respect the way of life of grandparents and don’t give them things that they don’t understand. In addition, gifts with a hint of illness and old age are considered undesirable.

What not to give to older people:

  1. Festive services… Older people find it difficult to arrange and tolerate large dinner parties. Communication in the circle of close people is much more important for them. Therefore, holiday sets will most likely never be used. An alternative to this gift is several beautiful bright plates, from which grandparents will eat and remember their grandchildren every day.
  2. Modern gadgets… No matter how gadgets improve your quality of life, refuse to give them to the elderly. It will be difficult for old people to understand the controls and it will be unpleasant to ask again, that is, to seem stupid. Give them the simplest electronic gadgets with large letters and numbers. Moreover, they should not entertain, but control the state of health. In this case, the gift is perceived with gratitude and love.
  3. Medications… Financial assistance in maintaining the health of an elderly person should be discreet and mundane. You should not draw the attention of other guests to the nature of the illness of relatives or your participation in the treatment. However, there are medical devices that are suitable as a New Year's gift - tonometer, glucometer, massager. However, even they are not recommended to be presented in the presence of unfamiliar people.
  4. Slippers… When buying slippers, young people think about the convenience, warmth, and beauty of the product. Modern home shoes can have orthopedic insoles, breathable fabric, and even small flashlights on the soles. But old people can feel sad at the sight of such a gift, imagine an inevitable ritual ceremony. And white slippers (due to the year of the white rat) are likely to cause confusion and resentment.

What can not be given to a woman for the New Year 2020?

Artificial flowers as an unwantedt for a woman for the New Year

It is not difficult for a woman to choose a New Year's gift. After all, they are interested in beauty, fashion, design, sports and much more. But at the same time, the present must be of high quality and stylish. The fair sex will be disappointed with cheap disposable items, as well as tactless vulgar surprises.

What else should not be given to a woman:

  • Problem skin care products… Every woman knows her problem areas on the face and body, but at the same time does not want to draw attention to them. Therefore, she will probably get angry after opening a box of cream for age spots, mimic wrinkles or dandruff in her hair in front of guests. At the same time, any representative of the weaker sex will be happy to receive a general action agent from a world famous brand as a gift.
  • Kitchen utensils… Undoubtedly, a new frying pan or saucepan makes the cooking process easier and faster. However, such a gift is not suitable for New Year's celebrations. It will be especially unpleasant for a woman if her friend receives a piece of jewelry, an elegant handbag or a new smartphone. Therefore, kitchen utensils, even expensive ones, should not be a gift, but an everyday purchase.
  • Smart scales… Every woman, even very beautiful and slender, sometimes doubts her attractiveness and wants to change her appearance. But at the same time, she rarely shares such thoughts with relatives and friends. A smart scale donated in public will surely embarrass your companion, make her feel fat and unattractive.Such a present can ruin not only New Year's Eve, but also your relationship.
  • Artificial flowers… Despite the fact that the stores sell beautiful decorative items in the form of artificial flowers, they cannot be used as a New Year's gift for a woman. Such a present evokes feelings of insincerity, indifference of the partner. Exceptions are jewelry in the shape of a bud or a bouquet. It is also appropriate to present clothes or a headscarf in a floral print.
  • Comic vulgar gifts… When choosing a presentation, you should take into account the general atmosphere of the holiday. Usually they are unpacked at 12 o'clock, after the chimes strikes and making cherished desires. A comic surprise with a hint of sex can ruin your mood, cause confusion or embarrassment. After all, even a cheerful and lively woman at this time wants to feel like a little girl who believes in New Year's magic.

What can not be given to men for the New Year?

Shaving products as an unwantedt for a man for the New Year

During pre-holiday shopping for women, the question arises of what cannot be given to a man for the New Year. The answer to it depends on the characteristics of the character of your chosen one. However, there are gifts that will bewilder any representative of the stronger sex. Therefore, before you buy a present, think about its relevance for the New Year's holiday.

What is better not to give to men:

  1. Any image of horns… Men should not be given both the deer antlers themselves and their image (in a painting, sweater, mug). Such a gift raises unpleasant suspicions that those around him know more about his family than he himself knows. This harmless present can ruin a person's New Year's holiday, become a reason for clarifying relations and conflict with his wife. Even if everything works out, the unpleasant residue will remain for a long time.
  2. Shaving products… Foam or gel is considered the most commonplace gift. It indicates the donor's indifference, unwillingness to take into account the tastes, character and lifestyle of the recipient. It is especially unpleasant for a man when people around him receive original presents, rejoice and are surprised when opening shiny boxes.
  3. Surprise gift for a hobby… Don’t give things that you don’t understand. There is a high probability that this item or device will not please the man, will turn out to be useless and of poor quality. If you decide to please your chosen one with a hobby device, consult with his friends who are keen on the same occupation. Another good presentation option is a gift certificate to a specialized store.
  4. Sharp cutting objects… Knives, pins, forks, scissors are not suitable for a New Year's gift, even if they are packed in a beautiful sturdy box. Firstly, a man will not experience joy when he unpacks this present. It is not a dream or even a pleasant surprise. And secondly, such objects cause displeasure among superstitious people, since they are considered the culprit of quarrels and quarrels.

What is better not to give to superstitious people?

Mirror as an unwantedt for superstitious people for the New Year

If there are people among your guests who are serious about omens and feng shui, check with them what you cannot give the Rat for the New Year. Indeed, for them, an absolutely harmless present in your opinion can be an unpleasant surprise. Respect their beliefs, try to make everyone invited to the holiday feel fun and free.

Unwanted gifts for the New Year:

  • Wrist watch… This gift from the chosen one or the chosen one is especially unpleasant. There is a sign that such a present begins to count down the time until parting. In addition, for many people, snapping a wrist strap into place resembles putting on handcuffs and indicates a desire to "enslave" a person. It is much more pleasant to come together to a jewelry store and choose a piece of jewelry to your liking.
  • Souvenirs with the image of cats… According to the eastern calendar, the year of the white metal Rat is coming. Therefore, you should not give souvenirs with the image of a cat - the main enemy of this rodent.Dishes, clothes, decor items should be white with a shiny metal insert. Thus, you will delight the symbol of the year and attract happiness and good luck to your house.
  • Handkerchiefs and towels… These things have long been associated with funerals. So, people who take out the coffin are presented with a towel, the rest of those who commemorate them - a handkerchief. Therefore, even a fluffy bath towel or the finest lace handkerchiefs and hand embroidery cannot be presented for the New Year. You need to buy such things yourself without unnecessary noise and fanfare.
  • Mirror… Since ancient times, people have been wary of mirrors. Some consider this optical device to be a transition to another dimension or a trap for someone else's energy, including negative energy. Therefore, for them, the choice, purchase and disposal of a mirror is a special ritual. Do not buy this item as a New Year's gift. Indeed, now in stores there is a huge assortment of other beautiful and useful things.

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