Ural Rex: the origin of the breed and the rules of care

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Ural Rex: the origin of the breed and the rules of care
Ural Rex: the origin of the breed and the rules of care

The history of the appearance of the Ural Rex breed, a description of the standard of appearance, features of the character of the cat, possible health problems, rules for caring for a pet, the price of a kitten. Disqualified from a number of purebred Ural Rex cats, whose wool is represented by colors: chocolate, cinnamon, Abyssinian ticking and Burmese color.

The nature of the Ural rex

The appearance of the Ural Rex

About the representatives of this breed, we can say that they are true aristocrats, it seems that the cats took some additional courses in etiquette, they are so cute, restrained, but at the same time they have an incredible openness to the world around them, devotion to their master, a desire to learn something - something new and meet new people.

Urals rex is very hard to endure loneliness, the owners of such a pet need to give their friend the proper amount of attention. But no matter how much the cat wants you to play with him, he will never get bored if the owner is busy with something. Another thing is when you are just lying around on the couch, then expect an insistent invitation to the game.

These cats happily go into the arms of the guests of your house, even if he sees them for the first time in his life, quickly adapts to a new place of residence and the rules that reign in the house. With children, he shows some kind of unearthly patience, and if the child also plays with him, then most likely he will become the best friend for a curly pet.

Ural Rex cat health

Photo of a cat Ural Rex

Quite a long study of the breed proved that these cats have no hereditary diseases at all, moreover, they have not been identified in those animals that were born from crossing of close relatives. These cats are aboriginal, which were created by nature itself, maybe that's why they were lucky enough to become the owners of such good health and well-developed immunity.

Bringing any representative of the world fauna to the house, a person must remember the holy truth: "We are responsible for those whom we have tamed." No matter how smart the cat is, she will not go to the doctor and will not drink pills on her own, it all depends on you and the health of your pet, including. Do not forget about the calendar of mandatory vaccinations, show your Ural Rex to the veterinarian at least once every six months for general prevention, feed and play with it correctly. Your attention is not only a guarantee of excellent psychological health of the animal, but also physical, active games are necessary for urals rex to maintain physical shape and in order to prevent excess weight, to which these curly-haired pets tend to.

Rules for keeping cats of the Ural Rex breed

Ural rex lies

These curly cats do not really need some kind of supernatural care, but some of the nuances of keeping such a pet still have a place to be.

  1. Hair care - this is probably the only thing with which you have to tinker a little, but it's not scary. The "fur coat" of the Ural Rex must be combed out, but this should not be done very often, since any mechanical intervention can affect the cat's most beautiful curls. So the optimal frequency of brushing is 2 times a week, as well as during the shedding period. The fact is that the hairs are so tightly attached to the skin of the animal that during the period when the hair of all cats simply crumbles, the skin-wool connection weakens in the Ural Rex, so in order to remove the excess, you need to scratch the cat.This must be done with a brush with natural bristles; it is better to refuse metal and plastic combs. In order for your pet's curls to shine with their characteristic glossy shine, it is recommended from time to time to smooth them with a piece of natural suede. As for bathing, this is rather an individual question, the Ural Rex does not experience a panic fear of water, but such hygienic procedures should not be abused. Urals rex will be enough to wash once every two to three months, and then this is only in order to refresh the cat's fur, these pets perfectly maintain the purity of their bodies on their own. It is very important to choose the right shampoo for your curly exotic, it should be remembered that the skin of the Ural cat is not just prone to dryness, it is dry, so you need to give preference to shampoo and conditioner designed for dry and very dry skin. If you wash this purr with whatever comes to hand, it is not even an hour, as small erosion will form on its body, and this will add to your trouble and the animal will experience discomfort.
  2. Ear care urals rex implies regular mechanical cleaning of the auricles from earwax accumulations, this issue must be approached with great responsibility. If you neglect this procedure, then after some time your pet runs the risk of getting partial or absolute hearing loss. It is not difficult to do this, for this you will need ear sticks and a means for liquefying sulfur, it can be either a special substance that is sold in veterinary pharmacies, or petroleum jelly or liquid paraffin. But keep in mind that the sensitive skin of the animal can react negatively to the means at hand.
  3. Eye care. In order for the eyes of your Ural Rex to shine with beauty and, most importantly, health, it will be quite enough for you to wipe them once a week with a cotton pad soaked in herbal broth or in a black tea brew.
  4. Oral hygiene - this is an equally important component of a cat's health. Urals rex also need brushing, if you teach them to brush your teeth from early childhood, then there should usually be no problems. The best option would be a soft toothbrush and a special tooth powder for cats, but it is not always possible to feel the effectiveness of this procedure with the help of a brush. In such cases, you can use a piece of clean, dense tissue wrapped around your finger, so you can thoroughly clean both your pet's teeth from the Urals and the soft tissues of the oral cavity. This process is not one of those that cats love, so you need to act as quickly as possible, but do not forget about caution. In order not to test the nerves of the animal, you can alternate mechanical cleaning of the oral cavity with feeding your pet with food, the main purpose of which is to prevent diseases of the teeth and gums. Among natural products, these include boiled chicken necks.
  5. Claws. In order to avoid problems with damage to furniture, get a scratching post and try to teach the kitten to use it. If the Ural Rex ignores this device point-blank, you can sprinkle a few drops of valerian on its surface. In the event that your pet uses a scratching post, but continues to grind its claws on the sofa, you can buy another one, but in the form of an overlay on the favorite surface of this "pest".
  6. Toilet. As for accustoming the urals rex to relieve themselves in a designated area, this usually goes without problems. These purrs are very quick-witted and by their nature try to get praise from their master by all kinds of methods, so once you explain to him what kind of container it is and why it is and he will quickly learn everything.
  7. Diet. It would be best to opt for ready-made industrial feeds, since they contain in the correct proportions all the micro and macro elements, vitamins and minerals necessary for health and development. The main thing is that this food is always fresh and of high quality; for the Ural Rex it is worth buying premium or super premium food.

If you are faced with the choice of dry and wet, then this, in principle, does not matter, the main thing is not to translate urals rex abruptly from one to another. It would be better to combine them, canned food can be a great dinner, so you can remove the leftovers from the plate so that the food does not spoil, and dry food can be left to the cat for the whole day, but whether it is worth doing is a difficult question. These curly-haired pets are very fond of eating everything at once, so it is recommended to feed them often, but in small portions.

Purchase and price of a Ural Rex kitten

Three kittens of the Ural Rex

This is a rather rare breed, therefore the prices for them are quite high, besides, a lot depends on the class, so pet-class kittens will cost 16,000-35,000 rubles, breed-class - from 30,000 to 40,000 rubles, but the price show-class cats starts from 50,000 rubles.

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