Ojos azules: history of the breed, rules for keeping pets

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Ojos azules: history of the breed, rules for keeping pets
Ojos azules: history of the breed, rules for keeping pets

The history of the origin of the variety and the characteristics of the standard, features of the temperament of cats of the Ojos Azules breed, health and recommendations for caring for them, the price of a kitten.

Character of cats of the Ojos Azules breed

Ojos azules face

Representatives of this species are just a godsend for people with a calm disposition who prefer to spend time in a quiet, homely atmosphere. These animals are extremely kind, peaceful, sometimes it seems that the ojos azules simply radiate some kind of unearthly harmony and peace. Such a pet will not demand anything from you, he likes to spend time in an apartment, moreover, the smaller your housing is in area, the more comfortable he is. They will not look sadly out the window in anticipation of the next walk, at this time the cat will better settle down on the sofa and purr happily to itself.

Despite this calmness, ojos azules do not mind running after a ball or string. They get along well with children, but if you have a noisy children's company in your house, then, most likely, your pet will simply hide from everyone in some secluded place. As for other animals in the house, you shouldn't worry too much about their common living, ojos azules will easily find a common language with other cats or a dog, and they will become bosom friends in the shortest possible time, but birds and, more importantly, rodents should be removed from his eyes. His hunting instincts, of course, do not rush out, but nevertheless a cat is a cat and, having played, she can pounce on a hamster or a parrot, even if not from malice, but the result of such a game can be unpleasant.

Ojos azules health

Photo of ojos azules

Over the years of studying cats of the ojos azules breed, no special health problems have been identified, except that scientists have come to the conclusion that it is strictly forbidden to cross these fluffy blue-eyed purrs with each other, the result of this experiment will be kittens with many congenital diseases and defects in appearance … But these cats are strong and healthy by nature, but they can easily get some kind of sore, and so that such unpleasant situations do not arise, this is exclusively your concern.

Representatives of this species are in no way insured against feline diseases such as helminthiases. It is wrong to believe that by locking your pet within the walls of your apartment, you are protecting it from all kinds of parasites. The fact is that in domestic cats that are not on the street, the risk of infection with helminths is significantly reduced, but in no way reduced to zero. The whole secret is that the infection of a pet with parasites can be provoked by none other than its owner. You can bring many types of helminths to your ojos azules from work or from a walk on the sole of your shoes, without knowing it.

In addition, with many food products, worms, such as meat and offal, can also enter the cat's body. Firstly, such food, even for cats, must be bought exclusively in stores, in the markets you can buy not only meat, but also three-inels in addition, and secondly, in no case should you feed your pet raw meat. You can offer the cat either a boiled product or frozen. Tap water is dangerous not only for humans, but also for your pet, he should also be poured with water, either boiled or filtered.

In the event that you suspect that you have done something wrong and your home ojos azules has a risk of developing helminthiasis, then you need to keep your ears open and familiarize yourself with the main signs of this pathology. In a cat, in whose body someone else has entered, usually there is a deterioration in general condition, a noticeable decrease in appetite or its complete absence. But it happens that with some types of parasites, the animal simply does not leave the plate, in the corners of the eyes there is an excessive accumulation of dried brown crusts, loss and deterioration of the appearance of the coat, rapid weight loss, noticeable bloating (the cat's stomach becomes like a ball). As well as symptoms indicating intestinal obstruction (the cat, sitting on the tray, meows plaintively, but in the end does not cope), constipation alternates with diarrhea, there is a slight admixture of blood in the stool, or the parasites themselves, the urge to vomit and vomiting, the pallor of the mucous membranes membranes as a sign of anemia.

In more severe and advanced cases, convulsive seizures may occur, due to the effect on the nervous system of the decay products of helminths and their waste products. If you have at least a couple of symptoms, it is better to show your ojos azules to a specialist, in a medical institution it is possible to establish the degree of the disease, the type of parasite and prescribe the most effective treatment.

But even if you adhere to all the rules of hygiene and nutrition, regular prophylaxis against helminths will not be superfluous, consult your veterinarian and he will choose the right drug for you and its correct dosage.

Ojos azules care

Ojos azules on a walk

These cats are not particularly demanding of their person, they need everything to a minimum, for them your attention is more important.

  1. Hair care. In order for the ojos azules coat to look neat and well-groomed, it needs to be washed regularly, but regularly - this is not often, it will be more than enough for them to take a bath once every two to three months. These blue-eyed pussies are terribly afraid of water, so it is better to teach them to wash from early childhood, and the process of bathing an adult cat is better done "in four hands", and it will turn out to be washed properly, and you do not risk being scratched or running on apartment, trying to catch a soapy, wet pet. Brushing is another part of the beauty of ojos azules and the cleanliness of your home. This procedure should be carried out about three times a week, but during the molting period, the cat will need to comb at least twice a day. In order for your blue-eyed pet to enjoy brushing, it is best to opt for either a massage brush or a rubber glove.
  2. Hygiene. In order for your ojos azules to not only look beautiful, but also healthy, special attention must be paid to its comprehensive hygiene. Set aside an hour or so twice a week to groom your cat. To begin with, the eyes - they need to be regularly wiped with a cotton pad, previously soaked either in herbal broth, or in tea leaves, or simply in boiled water. Caring for the ears of ojos azules is equally simple, but the animal may not like it. In order to thoroughly clean your ears from sulfur, dirt and dead skin particles, you need to use ear sticks, preferably those designed for children and a special means for cleaning the ears of cats. Such a substance can be purchased at any veterinary pharmacy, it is not expensive and the result is very effective. And the most important thing is the teeth and oral cavity. Ojos azules often have problems such as the formation of tartar and inflammation of the soft tissues of the oral cavity, so hygiene is very important. Of course, it would be best to clean your fluffy teeth with a soft toothbrush and special tooth powder, but whether you can do it is another matter.If the cat is struggling to resist this procedure, then it is better to use either a bandage soaked in chamomile broth and wound around your finger, or food with the inscription "To brush teeth" on the package, the food of the Royal Canin brand has proven itself quite well.
  3. Toilet. By nature, cats of the Ojos Azules breed did not get some kind of intelligence, these purrs can easily be taught some tricks, then training to the tray for them is sheer trifles, the main thing is to approach this issue correctly. In no case should you raise your voice to the animal, let alone beat it, so you will not achieve anything except resentment and disappointment of your blue-eyed pet. If your kitten did not go to the toilet in the tray, you do not need to panic, it would be best to sprinkle this place with lemon juice so that the purr does not go there again, and immediately take the culprit to the tray and explain everything to him in an educational tone.
  4. Claws. Representatives of the ojos azules breed are very calm and are not at all inclined to do something harmful, if you make it clear to the cat that you cannot scratch the sofa - he will not do this, but he needs to sharpen his claws, so that your sofa will remain safe and sound, only in the case of an equivalent replacement. Buy your kitten a scratching post and there will be no problems.
  5. Nutrition. For the good health of your fluffy exotic, it is necessary that its diet is healthy, tasty and balanced. Feeding a cat, even the most thoroughbred and capricious in our time, is absolutely not a problem. Pet shop windows display a wide variety of foods, with different tastes and different consistencies. A kitten like the Ojos Azules can be fed with commercial food on a regular basis, the only thing that is important is that this prepared food is of high quality. So it's better to choose premium food. The representative of ojos azules will not refuse home products either. The list of products allowed to him contains the following: lean meats (chicken, rabbit, turkey, veal), offal, sour milk products, milk, sea fish (no more than once a week), vegetables, cereals (buckwheat, corn, barley and wheat).

Do not forget about additional courses of vitamins and minerals, especially in the spring-autumn period.

Purchase and price of a kitten of the Ojos Azules breed

Ojos azules' kitten

Since not a single cattery is registered either in Russia or in neighboring countries, where these kittens would be bred, so you need to buy this fluffy exclusively on his native land, in this regard, the price of such a pet will not be the most affordable. The average cost of such a purr is 50,000 rubles, show-class kittens will cost you about 80,000-100,000 rubles.

For more information on the Ojos Azules breed, see the video below:

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