Stretch ceiling "Clouds": installation instructions

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Stretch ceiling "Clouds": installation instructions
Stretch ceiling "Clouds": installation instructions

Stretch ceilings "Clouds" for the decoration of premises for various purposes, the choice of images for photo printing on canvas, installation instructions. Stretch ceiling "Clouds" is a structure with an image of the sky with clouds applied to the main material using photo printing. Such decoration products are an excellent opportunity to decorate a room in a style that is partially similar to an open space.

Advantages of the "Clouds" stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling "Sky with branches of flowering trees"

What results can be achieved by installing stretch ceilings in the room in the form of a sky with clouds:

  • Quickly and tastefully finish the surface of the ceiling in any room.
  • Visually expand the parameters of the room.
  • Create an atmosphere of emotional peace, peace. This result is especially important in recreation rooms.
  • Hide the flaws of the main ceiling and various communications.
  • Protect the room during flooding.

Selection of the image for the "Cloudy sky" stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling in the form of a sky with tree branches

Before ordering a stretch ceiling with an image of the sky, you need to decide on the type of material for the canvas, with the image and the mounting option, in order to ultimately obtain a structure that meets the quality and design requirements of a particular room.

Features of the choice of pattern for the canvas:

  1. The image of a clear sky is not very effective, because is a plain surface. Therefore, most often white clouds of various shapes and sizes are depicted on the canvas.
  2. The drawing can be applied both over the entire surface, and in a separate part of the ceiling (along the perimeter, along one or several walls, in the corner, in the center).
  3. Less commonly, images of the sky at sunset or dawn are used, because their color scheme is not universal, in contrast to the daytime sky. Pink, orange, red skies are chosen to support the overall designer room composition.
  4. Depicted on the stretch ceiling in the bedroom, the sun and its rays shining from behind the clouds will make every morning clear even in cloudy weather outside and will contribute to a pleasant awakening.
  5. In the children's room, the "Clouds" stretch ceilings with rainbows, birds, airplanes or abstract drawings, for example, with clouds in the shape of horses or flowers, will be appropriate.
  6. For the living room, an imitation of a window opening in the ceiling is used. If the design of the walls allows, then the sky can be printed on the canvas, which is visible behind the branches of trees.

Clouds on the ceiling are appropriate in any room, but they are more suitable for spacious rooms. In narrow corridors, it is better not to use a heavenly pattern, the exception is the same format for finishing the ceiling in adjacent rooms.

The basis for the canvas is a fabric impregnated with polyurethane, or a PVC film. Any material can create a deep, dramatic cloudy sky.

Installation instructions for the "Clouds" stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling "Sky with Clouds", of course, will decorate any room, if all the work on its installation is done correctly. Installation instructions include preparing the room and floors, marking, fastening the frame, fixing the canvas, creating lighting.

Preparatory work before fastening the "Clouds" stretch ceiling

Ceiling Mount Film Clouds

Before installing the tensioning web, perform the following preparatory work:

  • Clear the room of objects that might interfere with work. Installation of tension structures takes place without the formation of dust, debris.However, it is worth removing those interior items that can deteriorate when the room air warms up to 50-60 degrees in accordance with the technology of working with PVC film.
  • Secure all communications on the ceiling carefully. Do not let the wires hang.
  • If possible, clean the surface from protruding parts. Remove dust.
  • If the canvas is translucent, then it is better to align the color of the main plane. If interior lighting is provided, then make the ceiling light (white or beige), and for better reflection and diffusion of light rays, you can finish the surface with a silver film.
  • Prepare the wiring, install the outdoor lighting fixtures.
  • At the preparatory stage, you can also mark and install interior lighting elements.

Installation of a profile for a stretch ceiling "Sky with clouds"

Stretch fabric frame

Installation of a profile to create a frame includes perimeter marking and direct installation. Correct accurate markings are important for any kind of stretch or false ceiling. An absolutely horizontal ceiling is the decoration of any room. The curved level gives the room a casual look.

Features of mounting the frame:

  1. Because before installing tension structures, there is no need to level the ceiling surface, the lowest corner in the room serves as the basis for marking. From it you should measure down the height required by the instruction.
  2. Using any kind of building level, a long ruler and a pencil or marker, you need to draw a line around the perimeter of the room along which the level of the new ceiling will pass.
  3. The profile is designed to hold the stretched canvas, so it should be carefully secured. Use only high-quality fasteners, the elements of which should be located at a distance of 12 cm if the wall material in the place of marking is metal, tiles, or every 8 cm if the wall is made of plasterboard, concrete or brick.
  4. To reduce the load on the profile, do not join it in the corners. File the back of the baguette and fold it to create a continuous groove. Place the fasteners at the bend closer - 2, then 7 cm from the corner, then continue at the usual distance.

Fastening the "Clouds" stretch ceiling

Installation of stretch ceiling "Sky with clouds"

The installation of the web depends on the selected method of securing it. Each option has its own characteristics that can influence the decision.

Let's consider all three ways:

  • Harpoon method… It is considered the most reliable and durable. If necessary, the harpoon ceilings can be dismantled and reinstalled, as well as combined with plasterboard structures to create the additional effect of expanding the space and distancing the depicted sky with clouds, which gives a more realistic look. However, the cost of installation will be slightly higher than with other methods. The canvas should be of specific dimensions, adjusted to the parameters of the room and the harpoon mounting system, because the harpoon is soldered along the edges of the web during the production phase. The harpoon of the heated cloth is inserted into the profile with a special spatula and fixed there.
  • Clip method… Suitable to a greater extent for the installation of fabrics on the ceiling. On each side, the canvas should have a margin of at least 10 cm. Take this feature into account in order to prevent trimming the pattern around the perimeter. It is better not to apply a drawing on a perimeter strip 5-10 centimeters wide, compressing it to the size of the visible part of the future ceiling. The fabric, cut with a margin, is inserted into the profile, then fixed with the help of special fastening clips-latches. After the completion of the process, the excess is cut end-to-end to the profile.
  • Wedge method… It is the simplest and cheapest mount. But the formation of distortions of the picture happens if the installation is carried out by an unskilled worker.Therefore, manufacturers do not recommend using it for photo-printed ceilings. When fastening with a wedge, a reserve of the perimeter of the blade is also required. The wedge-fixed stretch ceiling cannot be dismantled for further reinstallation. If, despite the contraindication of manufacturers to use wedges to fix the canvas with photo printing, it was decided to choose this method, then it is worth adhering to the sequence of fixing the fabric or film as much as possible. The canvas tucked into the baguette is fixed with a wedge, then the excess is cut off, and the entire structure of the profile is covered with a decorative insert.

The sequence of fastening in the profile allows the stretch ceiling to be stretched to the maximum in order to avoid distortion of the pattern elements. The order is as follows:

  1. Insert the canvas into the profile at one of the corners on the narrowest wall.
  2. Make the second fastening on the opposite one.
  3. The third is in any of the remaining corners, the fourth is in the last.
  4. The fifth is in the middle of the profile on the longest wall, the sixth is on the opposite.
  5. Next, gradually reduce the distance between the fixed sections by inserting and fixing the canvas at the midpoints.
  6. When the distance decreases to 30-40 cm, you can complete the attachment sequentially from one point to the next.

At the final stage, you need to complete the installation of external lamps and make the decorative processing of the frame.

Lighting for the "Clouds" stretch ceiling

Chandelier on a stretch ceiling in the form of the sky

With illumination, the "Clouds" stretch ceiling looks much more spectacular, the whole picture is filled with depth, the visual dimension slightly increases. To properly design a lighting system and install lighting fixtures, follow these tips:

  • A great option is to add LED strip to the perimeter plasterboard box. Choose blue to deepen the sky blue on the canvas.
  • To avoid color unevenness throughout the canvas, in the interceiling space, an LED strip is attached parallel to each other at a distance of 15-20 cm.
  • Lighting fixtures affect the height of the structure. If the base is more than 10 cm, then the total height of the ceilings will have to be reduced by this value. Based on this, it is better to choose lamps with a base up to 4 cm.
  • For indoor lighting to be effective, buy a translucent canvas.
  • If LED strips are used, then their power supplies, due to unreliability, should be located in an accessible place, providing good ventilation.
  • The power of halogen lamps and incandescent lamps for installation in a stretch ceiling should not exceed 40 W. For rotary halogen appliances - not more than 50 W, and rotary incandescent lamps - not more than 60 W.

How to make a "Sky with Clouds" stretch ceiling - watch the video:

Photos of the "Clouds" stretch ceiling will help you appreciate the beauty of such a finish, as well as make sure of the versatility of the celestial image on the upper surface of the room for various interiors.

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