Painting walls in marble

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Painting walls in marble
Painting walls in marble

What is marble-like wall painting, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this method of surface finishing, how to properly prepare the base and the features of the choice of paint and tools, the technology of applying paints and varnishes.

Surface decor options with marble patterns

Marbled paint

To date, there are several ways to decorate a marbled wall. This is, first of all, the use of a mixture of paint and oil glaze, as well as decorative tint paints, for example, from Sadolin Marble, and wall decoration with solutions with marble chips.

The basis of the coating is Sadolin Marble copolymer dispersions. In order to give the material the required consistency, manufacturers advise using plain water. It is much easier to do such a marbled painting with your own hands than using mixtures of paints and glaze. This paint has many advantages, the main one of which is that the entire painting process is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. In addition, all used working tools can then be easily cleaned of paint with water. In order to work with such marbled paint, you do not need any special skills, even a beginner can cope with the task. Apply a light shade of paint to the surface using a spatula or trowel. The layer should not be perfectly even, slight relief is allowed. After drying, apply a darker tone to the wall, filling the reliefs in the previous layer. We are waiting for complete drying. After that, sand the wall surface well with sandpaper. Thus, on the wall as a decor, you will get an excellent marble pattern, consisting of three layers and several color shades. You can buy a ready-made product with marble filler at any building materials store. Of course, the price of the product is high, but the result of its application is simply excellent. Finishing with such material can be done in two ways: mechanically using a hopper and manually using a trowel.

The material is very durable, when applied to the wall, it forms a kind of monolith with it. Before applying with a trowel paint with marble chips, you can paint the surface to match the chips. This will save you expensive money. Watch the marbled paint tutorial video:

Marble painting is a rather complicated process that requires some skill. Therefore, before you start painting the walls, you can first practice on a plywood or wooden surface. Follow the suggested staining schemes and you will get the original finish. The interior of the room will be authentic and individual.

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