11 persistent misconceptions about Korean cosmetics

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11 persistent misconceptions about Korean cosmetics
11 persistent misconceptions about Korean cosmetics

What are the common misconceptions about Korean cosmetics? Pros and cons of using funds from Korea. 11 myths and their debunking.

Myths about Korean cosmetics are common misconceptions that make some people afraid to try it, while others place too high expectations on it. Both the first and second approaches are fundamentally wrong, since among such products there are really valuable means, but they are not miraculous, not a panacea for all problems. Here are 11 common misconceptions about Korean cosmetics.

Korean cosmetics are suitable only for Asian women

Korean cosmetics are suitable only for Asian women

When looking into cosmetic stores, many women immediately notice products from Korea. They differ at least in that the inscriptions on them are made in hieroglyphs. Korean cosmetics are eye-catching and curious. However, not every customer is in a hurry to try it. And first of all, this is due to the fact that girls are convinced that such funds will not suit their skin. Just because they belong to a different race.

The ladies are seriously convinced that the products created in Korea help only the residents of Asian countries. For the reason that they have different skin. Curiously, there are two completely opposite beliefs on this score:

  1. Asian women have much denser skin;
  2. Representatives of Asian countries have softer and thinner skin.

Accordingly, some women do not buy Korean cosmetics, fearing that they are overly aggressive. They say that the composition is so active that the epidermis of the Caucasian race may even suffer.

Other women think that the best Korean cosmetics will be completely useless. They are guided by the opinion that girls from Asian countries have such thin and delicate skin that very delicate products are produced there. Useful substances easily penetrate inside, and a minimum dose of careful components is enough to get the desired effect. But women of other nations will not feel it - as if the epidermis is rougher.

Both versions are completely contrived. Korean cosmetics are perfect for women of all races and peoples. There are no significant differences in the epidermis. Just like in Europe, Asia produces products for dry and oily, sensitive and mature skin. Therefore, the most important thing is to choose the composition for the specifics of your own skin.

Korean cosmetics - an analogue of Made in China: it's scary to smear on your face

Korean cosmetics - analogue of Made in China

Although almost all self-respecting and self-respecting stores are already full of packages with hieroglyphs, there are still buyers who treat them with prejudice. Without really thinking about whether myths or reality are the effect of Korean cosmetics, girls dismiss such products, believing that Asia will not offer a good remedy.

It's time to forget about this prejudice! By the way, some European brands willingly buy up the rights to issue funds from Korean companies. So it is possible that the cream that was bought in the Benefit jar was not actually released according to the recipe invented in South Korea.

Low prices - questionable quality

Low prices for Korean cosmetics - questionable quality

While some ladies leave rave reviews about Korean cosmetics, others are in no hurry to buy, because they are afraid they will be disappointed. And all due to the fact that the products are much cheaper than the products of well-known European brands.

And in general, if you look at the level of prices in the world market, Korean cosmetics for the face looks relatively cheap. Therefore, there is a concern: are not manufacturers saving at the expense of dubious ingredients?

Incidentally, among the Korean funds there are expensive ones that can be classified as luxury.But in general, they are cheaper than counterparts of the promoted brands, for the simple reason that the buyer pays exclusively for the product, and not for the manufacturer's name. Just for the fact that a lady picks up a jar from Dior, they take more from her. Plus there is a markup for packaging. So we can say that Korean cosmetics for the skin are in every sense a good purchase. The customer pays exclusively for the contents, and not for the jar and the inscriptions on it.

There is another factor that explains the low prices for Korean cosmetics. Already now we can say that such funds have flooded the domestic market. But only a small fraction of the companies that produce creams and serums, tonics and lotions in Korea are represented on it.

Competition keeps prices attractive. When suppliers of Korean cosmetics come to Europe and other countries, they also cannot greatly increase the cost, since foreigners do not know anything at all about products from Korea, and there are also many competitors in the domestic market. So you have to lure buyers with cost. Most importantly, this is not a reason to doubt the quality.

Korean cosmetics whiten skin

Korean cosmetics whiten skin

For many Korean women, these are white-faced fragile beauties whose skin resembles expensive porcelain, white to transparency. Therefore, it is scary to order Korean cosmetics: probably all products include whitening ingredients? Suddenly, after application, a slight swarthiness and tan will go away, your favorite freckles will disappear?

But this is nothing more than a common misconception. Indeed, you can find a lightening ruler. But this is just one segment for customers looking for a whitening effect. In fact, the richest assortment of Korean cosmetics contains creams, serums, masks, patches with various compositions. It is not a problem to find a product in which the components used for clarification are completely absent.

By the way, do not immediately dismiss such creams and tonics. With the right bleaching agent, you can get very valuable results:

  • Eliminate age-related pigmentation;
  • Align tone;
  • Remove irritation and rashes.

The only thing to remember is that in some cases, bleaching agents are contraindicated. Then don't experiment.

Korean care is difficult and harmful

Korean care is difficult and harmful

Getting to know more about Korean cosmetics for care, many girls get scared and do not even dare to experiment. Every self-respecting brand from Korea offers multi-stage skin cleansing products. And this is just one of the stages of care! And this fact is confusing and frightening. Domestic girls are not used to such complex multi-stage manipulations.

Some ladies think that skin care with Korean cosmetics is too complicated. How much time will have to be spent every day to first remove deep dirt with hydrophilic oil, then use the foam. After it, you still need to apply a peeling roll. And that is not all! Further, Korean women also use a cleansing mask. It looks like it will take about an hour to cleanse, no less!

Other women seriously believe that such diligence can be harmful. What will happen to the skin if it is tortured and tormented every day?

Cosmetologists in this regard calm down, assuring that our epidermis not only will not suffer, but will also be grateful for careful care. In modern cities with dust and exhaust fumes, poor water and stress, the skin needs careful regular care. And in fact, quick and hasty measures, like a quick wash with lotion or tonic, are often sorely lacking.

Specialists also remind about an individual approach. A full range of care measures using the arsenal of original Korean cosmetics is definitely necessary after make-up.Whether it is everyday or solemn make-up - after it you need to thoroughly cleanse the skin twice. If the girl practically does not paint, or even does not use decorative means at all, you can limit yourself to minimal measures.

In this case, in everyday care, a tonic or lotion chosen for the skin type is sufficient. And periodically, you can perform more effective cleansing by purchasing a scrub, peeling or other Korean cosmetics for the corresponding purpose.

Cosmetics from Korea cause allergies

Cosmetics from Korea cause allergies

More recently, ladies have been chasing natural remedies. Now, many have heard that artificial components are not as bad as we used to think. But from natural gifts, you can expect a catch. For example, many of them cause allergies. And just the best brands of Korean cosmetics prefer to use natural ingredients to the maximum. Some of them are completely exotic, which cannot but cause concern.

Cosmetologists and on account of this misconception express themselves unequivocally: fears about allergies are not justified. In most cases, the correct use of funds is beneficial and eliminates harm. Only if a person's body itself is prone to allergies, this should be taken into account when choosing products, it is important to exercise caution during the first test.

In general, Korean cosmetics brands are very responsible in the development and creation of each product. They scrupulously select the components, then meticulously carry out processing and cleaning.

To worry and fear less, you should adhere to these recommendations:

  • You can start with products for sensitive skin.
  • In order not to waste money, if you are not sure that an allergic reaction will not occur, it is better to buy a probe.
  • It is important to remember that everyone has their own threshold of sensitivity, other features of the skin. So you definitely don't need to buy anti-aging Korean cosmetics or other products just because they fit a friend or relative.

Cannot be used simultaneously with European cosmetics

Korean cosmetics cannot be used simultaneously with European ones

Some ladies look at Korean cosmetics for hair, face, body, but do not dare to buy. For the reason that they do not want to completely switch to products from Asia. At the same time, they are afraid to combine products released in Korea and, for example, created in Europe, Sweden, Great Britain, in the care arsenal. They say that sharing can have unpredictable consequences.

However, experts assure that there is nothing supernatural in the products that come to our stores from the East. This is just the case when the myths about Korean cosmetics are not in the hands of manufacturers. After all, they do not add the blood of salamanders or the tears of a dragon to the composition - if you wish, you can study the ingredients by meeting many familiar words in them. So nothing terrible will happen if you apply a serum from Korean cosmetics under your favorite Lancome cream. The only rule: the products must be suitable for the skin type.

Anti-aging Korean cosmetics accelerate aging

Anti-aging Korean cosmetics accelerate aging

The TOP Korean cosmetics includes a variety of products aimed at preventing aging and eliminating its first signs. Moreover, Korean women begin to use them quite early - at the age of 20-25. But for some reason, our ladies are faithful to the belief that age-related Korean cosmetics can only age if they are added to the arsenal before the first wrinkles appear. While they themselves wonder why oriental women, even in old age, keep their skin smooth and radiant.

Practice proves that Korean cosmetics for wrinkles are really effective. And there is nothing wrong with starting to use it when the first mesh is only outlined. And in this case, it is imperative to take into account the type of skin. It is also worth choosing the composition by age.Still, the set of ingredients for young women who want to prevent aging is significantly different from the cocktail of ingredients that is observed in creams and serums for older women.

Korean cosmetics will give eternal beauty and youth

Korean cosmetics will give eternal beauty and youth

Looking at Korean women, it is often impossible to understand at all the ages of girls and women. It seems that they are all equally cute, pretty and surprisingly fresh. Therefore, our compatriots willingly buy the best Korean cosmetics from the rating of leading brands, relying on its miraculousness. Then, alas, they are quite expectedly disappointed.

The whole truth about Korean cosmetics is that the inhabitants of this mysterious country in East Asia begin to take care of their skin very early and in the most active way. They do not wait for problems to appear, and do everything to prevent them. Therefore, it is impossible to rejuvenate at once, if up to 30-40 years old the epidermis almost did not receive proper care. For the result, it is important from youth to learn how to cleanse the skin, select for it according to the season, for the type and characteristics of the integument, means for nutrition, moisturizing, and protection.

It is worth discovering another secret of the beauty and youth of Korean women. The fact is that this nation does not disdain the services of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. So often everything that is reflected on the face is the result of many years of systematic self-care plus high-quality and timely work to tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

Korean masks and patches are a waste of money

Korean masks and patches are a waste of money

These are probably the most sensational products. You can find very positive and even enthusiastic responses about patches, masks and other Korean cosmetics. But in the same way, there are many expressed negative reviews. Mature women and teenage girls complain that the tightening and glowing effects of the other advertisements are not actually achievable. And, therefore, there is no point in spending money on Korean cosmetics such as patches and masks.

This prejudice is not without foundation. In fact, there are no miraculous components in masks and patches. Therefore, you should not rely on them as on manna from heaven. The problem is that initially the customer expects how one mask will transform her appearance. Then, disappointed, she gets angry and blames the makeup for everything.

In order not to be disappointed, getting acquainted with the truth and myths about Korean cosmetics, it is important to remember the following rules for applying masks and patches:

  1. Such products are presented in a huge variety. To get the desired effect, it is first important to study different types, to understand their purpose. And only then to choose a specific mask or patches, taking into account the characteristics of the skin, the problems that are observed.
  2. In the vast majority of cases, these funds are nothing more than an ambulance to quickly restore a radiant appearance before a responsible event. You can use a mask or patches to shine at a corporate party, to be the most beautiful at your own wedding. However, the effect of the application passes as quickly as it appears. To fix it, you need a whole range of procedures: the course includes 10-15 sessions.
  3. It is worth remembering that neither masks nor patches are basic care products. They do not eliminate the need for facial cleansing, nutrition and hydration. To fully get rid of specific skin problems, effectively eliminate wrinkles or prevent their appearance, you need an integrated approach and constant systematic care. You may need Korean cosmetics for acne, such as lotions, a full complex for cleansing, creams for nourishing and moisturizing.

Too many funds - you can replace one with another

One Korean cosmetic product can be replaced with another

If you want a miraculous effect, but there is no time or desire to deal with the myths about Korean cosmetics and care, it is tempting to buy a couple of products with familiar names and use at your own discretion.And, unfortunately, disappointment will almost certainly follow.

For example, many girls are sincerely convinced that serum, essence and emulsion are one and the same. At least, they are convinced that their function is the same. Others refuse the toner, believing that it does not play a special role in the care, and even confusing it with a tonic. However, in order not to be disappointed, it is useful to find out the whole truth about Korean cosmetics in Russia, to figure out how it works, and only then to collect the complex necessary for your specific skin:

  • Serum is a concentrate that targets a specific problem. For example, to fight acne, acne, wrinkles.
  • Essence is a less concentrated composition, but with a similar function. Usually it is used as a course.
  • Emulsion is a means for nourishing the skin, which is applied under the cream.
  • Toner is a product that restores the pH balance and serves as a conductor for all products that are subsequently applied to the skin.

Watch a video about the best Korean cosmetics:

Do not discount the likelihood of buying fake Korean cosmetics. Of course, you won't have to wait for a miraculous effect from her. Therefore, it is better to purchase funds in a trusted store.

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