Diet "Favorite" - menu and reviews

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Diet "Favorite" - menu and reviews
Diet "Favorite" - menu and reviews

Features, advantages and disadvantages of the "Favorite" diet. Which foods are allowed and which ones are prohibited? A detailed menu for one and two weeks, reviews of those who have lost weight.

Diet "Favorite" is a food system for several days, which includes fruit, vegetable, protein and drinking ration. Losing weight takes place in accordance with the daily calorie intake, and alternating days will help you not to get bored.

Features and rules of the "Favorite" diet

Favorite weight loss diet

"Favorite" diet can be followed for a week, 10-14 days and even a month. If she really becomes beloved, then you can carry it out, gradually increasing the duration.

Every day of the diet is a new product. It is best to divide your meals so that the break is 2-3 hours. Then the feeling of hunger will not be very noticeable or will not appear at all.

The daily calorie intake during the diet should be 1000-1500 calories, depending on your normal weight.

Features of the "Favorite" diet:

  • 1 day - drinking;
  • Day 2 - vegetable;
  • Day 3 - drinking;
  • 4th day - fruit;
  • Day 5 - protein;
  • Day 6 - drinking;
  • Day 7 - balanced.

Mono diets are quite difficult to tolerate, but very effective. They will not only help you lose weight in a short time, but also speed up your metabolism. On the "Favorite" diet, the body adjusts every day to new, unusual dishes. Confused, he begins to expend more energy, thereby speeding up weight loss. It is important that the foods in the diet are low-calorie - thereby reducing the usual daily calorie intake, and excess weight goes away.

A few points that are important when carrying out the "Favorite" diet:

  • it is not advisable to change the products in the menu in places;
  • you cannot eat prohibited foods, otherwise the result will go down the drain;
  • it is advisable to consume 1.5-2 liters of water per day;
  • you should not take on a long-term diet option if you are a beginner;
  • it is better to carry out a diet once every 3 months.

Of course, the "Favorite" diet has contraindications that cannot be ignored. You cannot switch to it if:

  • the body is infected with an infection;
  • losing weight is prone to hungry fainting;
  • he has problems with the digestive organs or serious illnesses (gastritis, colitis, ulcer);
  • liver and kidneys work problematic;
  • lowered blood pressure;
  • have problems with the cardiovascular system.
  • losing weight is pregnant or breastfeeding.

See also the features of the orange diet.

Advantages and disadvantages of the "Favorite" diet

Improving health on a Favorite diet

The "Favorite" diet is very popular among girls, because it has a number of impressive advantages, such as:

  1. Rapidity… Losing weight takes place at a fast pace. The result can be noticeable the very next day, and after a week the figure will acquire a very noticeable slender outline. The difference before and after the "Favorite" diet is quite impressive.
  2. Simplicity… The dishes are very unpretentious to prepare, so you don't have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In addition, the products for them are familiar to everyone, and they can be bought in any store, without much spending.
  3. Diversity… A very important point, because many diets break down precisely because they get bored with eating this or that product. When you eat something new every day, the body does not experience severe stress.
  4. Quick addiction… Since they eat on a diet in small portions, the stomach quickly gets used to the small size of food. In the future, this will help you feel full faster, which means you eat much fewer calories. This is important to maintain your weight gain after completing the diet.
  5. Better health… The diet uses only healthy foods and cooking methods. This will help make your body healthier and improve the quality of your skin and hair.

But this wonderful "Favorite" diet has a couple of disadvantages:

  1. Body load… The body spends a lot of energy on a diet, so it's best not to burden yourself with grueling exercise in the gym or hard physical labor. This does not mean that you need to give up sports completely: no, exercise is even useful, but you need to know when to stop.
  2. Nuances with the digestive system… Out of habit, the body can react violently to a new diet, so losing weight is best done when you are freed from working days.

The correct way out of the "Favorite" diet:

  1. Try not to change your diet dramatically - gradually add one product at a time.
  2. If you feel like you are starving, gradually increase your daily calorie intake until you feel good.
  3. Spend fasting days.

Permitted and prohibited foods on the "Favorite" diet

Allowed foods on the Favorite diet

"Favorite" diet involves a fairly balanced diet. We will tell you what products are allowed on it, but you can select your favorite ones for yourself.

List of permitted foods on the "Favorite" diet:

  1. Lean meats… Meat is very important for the diet as it is high in protein. On a diet, it is important to choose lean meats, because they are low in calories. Such meat can be turkey, rabbit, chicken, lean veal and beef.
  2. Chicken eggs… The second most important source of protein. Do not forget that the yolk in an egg contains a lot of fat, so it is important to include it in your daily calorie intake. But egg white can be eaten almost as much as you want.
  3. Lean fish… An excellent source of protein and many minerals. Do not forget the main rule - the fish should be lean.
  4. Non-starchy vegetables and fruits… Apples, kiwi, oranges, grapefruits - these are the heroes of the "Favorite" diet. They are practically calorie-free and can easily satisfy hunger between meals.
  5. Non-calorie drinks… Unfortunately, you will have to give up most of the drinks, such as soda, cocoa, juices, and others. Coffee and tea can be drunk without sugar and fatty additives, and those with a sweet tooth can sweeten the drink with a sweetener.
  6. Porridge… Carbohydrates are a scary word, but our body also needs them. We give the green light to complex carbohydrates: oatmeal and buckwheat, as well as bran.
  7. Low-calorie dairy products… And again the protein. You should choose low-fat dairy products - from 0 to 2.5%. In addition to a variety of diets, they will have an excellent effect on the state of the digestive system.
  8. Nuts… Healthy vegetable fat that you shouldn't give up. A small handful of nuts between meals or added to porridge will make the diet healthier and more varied.

List of prohibited foods on the "Favorite" diet:

  1. Sugar… Our body needs it in very small quantities, and it can find it in almost any familiar food, at least in fruits. But adding white sugar familiar from childhood is harmful not only for the figure, but also for health. Let those with a sweet tooth not be afraid: the less sugar a person eats, the less he feels the need for it. Either way, there's a salvation: no-calorie sweeteners.
  2. Flour… Fast carbohydrates are the real enemy of any girl. One filled loaf can contain up to 500 calories, but at the same time it will not provide either satiety, or satiety, or substances beneficial to the body. A strict taboo is imposed on baking during the diet.
  3. Fatty foods… They are quite high in calories, so absolutely everything needs to be checked for fat content. We do not take fatty meat, fatty milk, fish, and so on.
  4. Potato… It contains a large amount of starch, which is pure fast carbs. They will not bring much benefit, but later they will be deposited in the form of unpleasant fat.
  5. Carbohydrate fruits… Unfortunately, under the ban, although not entirely strict, everyone's favorite banana falls. In addition, it is not recommended to eat pears and, in principle, very sweet fruits.
  6. Alcohol… This is a huge amount of calories in a seemingly small glass. That's why he makes us so energetic. In addition to the extra calories, alcohol will give the losing weight an exorbitant feeling of hunger, which will become hell on any diet.
  7. Mayonnaise… Any mayonnaise is strictly prohibited. Even low in calories. Apart from a large number of calories, it does not provide any benefit. Instead, you can make a wonderful sauce for salads with low-calorie natural yogurt, garlic and mustard.
  8. Butter… Although healthy, it is very high in calories. Even olive. One spoonful of oil is enough to increase the total calorie content of a dish by almost 100 calories. If you love it very much, then you should add it just a little, not forgetting to count it in the daily calorie content.
  9. fried food… It is allowed to cook only steamed or in the oven, you can cook food, but not fry in any way. If only without oil.
  10. Fast food… A useless, fatty meal, which will bring a feeling of fullness for a maximum of an hour, but at the same time it will hit the internal organs hard and be deposited on the figure in an additional fat layer.

Important! If you feel that you have not managed to balance the diet, and you are visited by fatigue and headaches, then it is better to purchase a multivitamin complex with minerals at the pharmacy.

Diet menu "Favorite"

As we have already said, you can stretch the "Favorite" diet for a week or even a month. There are a lot of options. We will tell you about the most successful ones.

Favorite diet menu for 7 days

This is the best option for beginners, especially those who are first starting a diet.

We offer the following menu of the "Favorite" diet:

Day Breakfast Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
First A glass of low-fat kefir or fermented baked milk and freshly squeezed tomato juice Lean chicken broth and freshly squeezed tomato juice A glass of milk 0% fat A glass of kefir 0% fat
Second Two tomatoes and a serving of tea with sweetener Cauliflower vegetable soup, broccoli, carrot salad Cabbage and cucumber salad Boiled or braised beets and a serving of sweetened tea
Third A glass of kefir 0% fat, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice Lean beef broth A glass of milk 0% fat and a glass of freshly squeezed peach juice A glass of fat-free kefir or fermented baked milk
Fourth Orange or grapefruit and a serving of sweetened tea Two large, not very sweet apples Kiwi and grapefruit Any berries
Fifth A cup of cottage cheese 0% fat and a serving of coffee with sweetener Baked Lean Fish Fillet Poached egg 150 g boiled chicken breast and a slice of low-fat cheese
Sixth A glass of fat-free kefir or fermented baked milk and a portion of tea with sweetener Lean beef broth Glass of freshly squeezed tomato juice A glass of kefir 0% fat
Seventh A cup of cottage cheese 0% fat Vegetable soup Boiled egg and cucumber-tomato salad Baked Lean Fish and Vegetable Stew

Favorite diet menu for 2 weeks

Favorite diet for 14 days involves exactly the same food as the usual weekly. Just adding a second week. You can add variety if desired.

Favorite diet menu for 14 days:

Day Breakfast Dinner Afternoon snack Dinner
First A glass of kefir 0% fat and a portion of tea with sweetener Low-fat meat broth A glass of yogurt 0% fat A glass of milk 0% fat
Second Tomato salad Steamed zucchini and beets Carrot salad Broccoli, cauliflower and bell pepper salad
Third A glass of milk 0% fat and a serving of tea with sweetener Low-fat meat broth A glass of kefir 0% fat A glass of milk 0% fat
Fourth Any citrus (if tangerines, then 3 pieces) Fruit salad of kiwi and non-sweet apples One big apple Any citrus (if tangerines, then 3 pieces)
Fifth Steamed omelet Lean Baked Fish Boiled chicken breast or lean beef A slice of low-fat cheese or some low-fat cottage cheese
Sixth A glass of kefir 0% fat and a portion of tea with sweetener A glass of low-fat broth and freshly squeezed tomato juice A glass of yogurt 0% fat A glass of milk 0% fat
Seventh Two hard-boiled eggs and a serving of sweetened tea Buckwheat soup with lean meat broth Any citrus Vegetable salad

Note! After leaving the diet, it is important to maintain a healthy diet, avoiding fried and fatty foods, fast food.

Real reviews of the "Favorite" diet

Reviews about Favorite diet

With the help of the "Favorite" diet, you can lose weight by 4-7 kilograms per week, and you can lose much more if you stretch it. Many girls have achieved a positive effect, and now they can boast of a healthy and beautiful figure. Check out the reviews and results of losing weight on the "Favorite" diet:

Marina, 28 years old

This was my first diet. I then put on a couple of kilograms during the holidays and saw reviews about the "Favorite" diet. I decided to put it into practice. It was, of course, difficult so at once, so I advise you to prepare first. For example, remove fatty and fried foods from the diet. Already at this stage, weight will begin to go away. As a result, I lost even more weight than I wanted, from 60 kilograms to 55. With my height, this weight suits me, but if anything, I know which diet I should turn to again.

Katya, 34 years old

For me, this is the most effective diet! I tried many different things, but I achieved such a stunning result only with the "Favorite" diet. I’ll say right away: I’m not new to diets, I tried a lot of hard mono-diets, so I took it for a month right away. As a result, while I was sitting on this diet, it took as much as 10 kilograms! This is wow! Full delight. Of course, she also supported the figure with exercises so that the skin would not sag. But this is just amazing. The effect is incredible.

Elena, 25 years old

I'm a beginner, which is probably why the diet seemed a little heavy to me. I also started 12 days at once. I managed to lose 8 kilograms, and this is what I needed. In general, before that I tried buckwheat, I was worse on it. Perhaps this is a matter of habit. Next time I will be more careful.

Watch the video about the "Favorite" diet:

Diet "Favorite" involves a special diet, scheduled for 7 days. You can run it in circles, stretching it up to a month in order to achieve better results. The average result per week that girls reach is minus 4-7 kilograms. It is important to strictly follow the diet, not to violate its principles and to familiarize yourself with contraindications, and then weight loss will be effective and beneficial to health.

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