Pull-ups with weights on the horizontal bar

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Pull-ups with weights on the horizontal bar
Pull-ups with weights on the horizontal bar

Find out how to develop impressive back muscles? Revealing the secret pull-up technique of great champions. The result is 100% guaranteed. Pull-ups are an important basic movement. Thanks to him, you can perfectly pump back muscles, as well as abs and arm muscles. Beginners, of course, should first master the classic version of the movement and increase their strength indicators. Then you can start doing pull-ups with weights, since at some point your body weight will not be enough to progress.

This is not a difficult move and you should master it quickly. It is designed for the development of several muscle groups and is very effective. When working on weight gain, do three or four sets of 8 to 10 repetitions in each of them. Use a weight equal to about 80 percent of your maximum or, in other words, with which you can only pull up once. If the number of repetitions in the set is about 12, and the working weight is 60 or 65 percent of the maximum, then you can increase your endurance.

The work involves the lats, round muscles of the back, as well as the biceps and muscles of the shoulder girdle. Since you need to try to exclude swaying of the body, the abdominal muscles will also be loaded. You can change the emphasis of the load on muscle groups by changing the position of the hands and head. The lats will work the harder the wider the grip you use. With a decrease in the distance between the arms, the biceps will begin to work more actively.

When using the reverse grip, the emphasis will shift to the lower lats. If you pull up facing forward, your lats increase in width. With pull-ups with weights behind the head, you can increase the thickness of the muscles.

How to properly perform pull-ups with weights?

Athlete performing pull-ups with weights

As a burden, you can use a special belt or vest. It is necessary to attach a disc from a barbell of the required weight to the belt. Grab the horizontal bar with a wide straight grip and, straining the press, bend your back. Using your back muscles, as you inhale, lift your body up so that your head is above the bar. Exhaling air, begin to lower slowly. In the upper and lower extreme positions, do not pause for more than one second.

You can increase the intensity of your training by doing negative reps. To do this, you need a bench or stand. With its help, you must lift the body up, and independently perform only the downward movement, at a slow pace and completely, controlling it along the entire trajectory. A special counterweight trainer can also be used.

Common Pull-Up Mistakes

Arnold Schwarzenegger pull-ups with weights

Throughout the entire movement, you should maintain tension in the muscles of the shoulder girdle and back. Very often, athletes do not pay due attention to this. While moving up, gradually bring the shoulder blades together so as not to damage the ligaments of the back or shoulder joint.

It is very important to support the weight of the weights not with your hands, but with your back. To do this, it is necessary to lower the shoulder joints a little and straighten the chest. Breathing is also an important element of movement. Many beginners move upward as they exhale, which is completely wrong.

Try to eliminate body swaying as much as possible, and only experienced athletes can use cheating. Beginners should only pull up in the vertical direction. Pull-ups are a great basic movement to incorporate into your training program.With its help, you will not only gain mass and increase strength indicators, but you can also increase the width of the back and give additional relief to the biceps.

Check out the technique for doing pull-ups with a weight of +32 kg in this video:

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