9 most popular apps for losing weight

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9 most popular apps for losing weight
9 most popular apps for losing weight

Find out which apps can help you keep track of your diet and fat loss results. Today on the net you can find a lot of useful and not so much information. The Internet can be a good helper for those who are losing weight. Now we are not talking about various specialized web resources, which most often copy the same tips. In this article, we will not give you advice on proper weight loss or give examples of various dietary nutrition programs. Today you can get acquainted with the TOP-9 most popular applications for losing weight. A lot of programs for smartphones have been created, which are designed to solve various problems.

TOP 9 most popular applications for losing weight

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We do not plan to award places to applications, but simply tell you about those that may be useful to you.

Calorie Counter - Powered by MyFitnessPal

Calorie counter interface from MyFitnessPal

This application is very popular. As soon as you download the program and install it on your smartphone, you need to go through a simple registration procedure or use your existing FaceBook profile. After completing all these manipulations, the application will offer you to choose one of three modes of operation - gaining mass, losing weight or maintaining mass. We will now talk about the second mode.

As soon as you have decided on the mode of operation of the application, you have to enter your current weight and the desired one. In addition, enter a few additional parameters, such as physical activity, height, etc. Thanks to the "Calorie Counter" you can easily track your progress. Before each meal, enter the energy value and serving size, as well as the amount of nutrients.

In order for the information to be as complete as possible, you have to enter data about your workouts - the number of sets and approaches, working weights, etc. The creators of the program did not forget about the drinking regimen, because this is an important element of losing weight. After receiving all the necessary information, the application will tell you the number of calories that you have received and burned. At the end of each day, you can calmly review your progress and, if necessary, make changes to your diet or training program.

iDukan - developed by Harptree Software

IDukan App Main Menu

This software will be useful to all fans of Mr. Ducan's diet program. The application will allow you to get complete information about the above diet and track your achievements. After installing the software, you have to enter some information, for example, the desired body weight, anthropological data, the date of the diet stratum, etc.

When the preparatory stage is completed, you can proceed directly to the fight against excess weight. Recall that the Ducan nutrition program involves the passage of several stages. The main functionality of the software is primarily intended for the implementation of the first stage, since it is the most important in the entire diet.

As information for thought, the program will offer you the following points:

  1. The current day of the stage and the number of days left until its completion.
  2. Indicator of the energy value of the daily diet.
  3. The number of pounds dropped.
  4. How much remains to lose until the desired result is obtained.

The Diary tab provides detailed information about your physical activity throughout the day. To create a varied diet, you can use the tab with recipes, of which there are many in the application. Here are the dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There is also a large list of desserts, and it is possible to add your own recipes.It should be noted that fans of the Ducan diet should like the program. The only drawback of this software is not the most user-friendly interface. Novice users will need to spend some time to understand the program. Despite this fact, the program definitely deserves a place in our TOP 9 most popular weight loss apps.

Product composition - developer Sergey Nesterov

Application interface

This program contains a list of a large number of foods that people most often eat. When you find the product you need, you can quickly find out its energy value, and you do not have to use the Internet for this. The author of the software has divided all the food into categories, which greatly simplifies the search process. In addition, a fairly convenient application search system has been created.

We all understand that the indicator of the energy value of the diet consists of the sum of the calorie content of all the foods consumed. In the app, you can enter the mass of the product to get information about the number of calories consumed. In addition, the application will tell you how many macro- and micronutrients are in various types of food and will introduce you to the beneficial properties of each product. This raises interest in the program. Summing up, we can safely say that the "Food Composition" application from Sergey Nesterov can be a good assistant in drawing up a correct and balanced diet. Excellent software, which was rightfully included in the TOP-9 of the most popular applications for losing weight.

Calorie Calculator - Developer Evgeny Bulat

Calorie calculator from Evgeny Bulat in the Play Market online store

This software is in many ways similar to the applications we reviewed earlier, but it also has some features that may interest you. We know that a nutrition program should be made on an individual basis and take into account the characteristics of a particular person. After installing the software on your smartphone, you have to enter information about yourself.

The application can work in one of three modes: weight gain, weight loss and weight maintenance. In this it is similar to the Calorie Counter. Based on the data obtained, the program will calculate the required calorie intake, suggest the optimal drinking regimen and tell you about the required level of physical activity. Software users claim that advice helps them achieve their goals. Another interesting feature of the program is the ability to track not only your own achievements, but also the progress of other users. Agree, such motivation will definitely not be superfluous when it comes to losing weight.

The "History" tab is designed to track all changes by day and this allows you to control your weight loss process as accurately as possible. You must enter two types of information into the app on a daily basis: physical activity level and food intake. The interface of the program is extremely simple and it will not be difficult for you to figure it out.

For example, when entering information about the food consumed, you only need to select the products and indicate their quantity. The situation is similar with physical activity. As a result, at the end of the day you will receive detailed information about the process of losing weight and, if necessary, can quickly make the necessary changes.

E-Supplements - Developed by I Am Edu

dle_image_begin: https://tutknow.ru/uploads/posts/2017-10/1507291844_e-dobavki-razrabotchik-i-am-edu.jpg" />

Application interface

Modern food products contain a large number of different additives, some of which can hardly be called useful. Substances with the index "E" attract special attention of most people. However, not everyone knows their properties. It should be said right away that some supplements are completely safe. However, the large number of E-supplements does not allow us to understand this issue thoroughly.It is for this that the program was created, which we are talking about now.

The application interface is so simple that even a novice user can figure it out. The main screen contains a list of all additives, as well as a search bar. Note that you can search for the desired additive not only by name, but also by its ordinal number. By clicking on the required substance, you can find out all the available information about it. If the supplement is toxic, potential health problems and symptoms are indicated. All substances that pose a danger to the body are marked with an exclamation mark, and the most serious toxins are marked with three.


RunKeeper application interface

This application has serious functionality, but at the same time it is highly specialized. With the help of the program, you will be able to control the level of your physical activity, and on a fully automatic basis. To do this, you just need to select a sports discipline, and then press the "Start" button. Let's say you are about to take a bike ride.

The program will automatically activate the GPS function to track your route and provide all the information you need. The application also allows you to increase motivation by setting various tasks. If you purchase a fitness bracelet and connect it to your smartphone with the application installed, you can track your health during exercise.

Fitness plan for 30 days

Application menu

This is one of the most popular applications for smartphones on the Android OS in Runet. The software offers you a set of simple exercises, and you do not need to leave the house to train. Moreover, all the complexes were created by a professional trainer. According to user reviews, the program gives very useful advice and many were able to lose weight and improve their figure.

The software allows you to intelligently increase physical activity. Among the advantages of the application, it should be noted:

  • The training results are entered into the program automatically.
  • You can activate the function of reminder of the training time.
  • There are high quality video tutorials.
  • The intensity of training is intelligently increased, which allows you to constantly progress.
  • You can share your progress on all popular social networks.

Agree, the program definitely deserves a place in our TOP-9 most popular applications for losing weight.

My weight loss coach

Mobile app menu

The software is designed to increase your motivation to work on your body. To solve this problem, the application gives you reasoned advice and rewards you with virtual rewards if you achieve your goals. With the help of the program, you will be able to compose a competent diet and adhere to the correct drinking regime. The application can be downloaded and installed for free, but there is also a paid PRO version with advanced functionality. If you decide to support the developer financially, you will be able to plan your diet, quickly calculate the energy value of the diet, keep a detailed nutrition log, etc.

Burn Fat - Workout

One of the options for setting up the application

Another program that offers users effective exercise complexes. By conducting classes in accordance with the recommendations of the application, you will be able to quickly achieve your goal and create a dream figure. The functionality of the program is good, and for a reason we included it in our TOP-9 most popular applications for losing weight.

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