Powerful steroid oxymethalone as a fat burner

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Powerful steroid oxymethalone as a fat burner
Powerful steroid oxymethalone as a fat burner

Find out how a powerful androgen for gaining mass like Oxymetholone can be used as a good fat burner. Oxymetalone is a potent anabolic drug made from dihydrotestosterone. There are two major differences between these substances:

  1. A methyl group has been added at the 17-alpha position to protect it from destruction in the digestive system.
  2. The introduction of the substance of the 2-hydroxymethylene group into the structure of the molecules makes it possible to eliminate the effect on the preparation of 3-alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and thereby increase the indicator of anabolic activity and bioavailability.

Oxymetalone is a powerful drug. Almost all athletes know about this. However, it is generally accepted that the steroid promotes strong water retention in the body, and its ability to utilize adipose tissue is relatively small. Today we will reveal to you the powerful steroid Oxymethalon as a fat burner.

A brief history of the creation of Oxymetalon

Chemical structure of oxymethalone

The drug was first described in 1959 and went on sale in early 1960. Its first names were Anadrol-50 and Android. The steroid immediately got into traditional medicine, where it was actively used as a strong anabolic. It was with the help of hydroxy that exhaustion, osteoporosis, and various post-infectious complications were often treated.

The recommended therapeutic dosage was 7.5 milligrams. And I had to take the drug three times a day. Although the patients were quite happy with the results obtained, in the early seventies it was decided to reduce the area of ​​oxy use. As a result, the anabolic drug began to be used only in the treatment of anemia.

All AAS are capable of accelerating the synthesis of erythropoietin, but from this point of view, oxymethalone was significantly superior to other drugs in its group. Gradually, the pharmaceutical industry switched to the production of 50-milligram tablets. Today the drug is presented on the market in this form.

The frequency of its use in medicine has decreased, since more effective stimulants of erythropoietin - epogen, as well as peptides have been created. These drugs are devoid of side effects and have practically supplanted oxy from traditional medicine. Today the steroid can still be used in the treatment of HIV.

Pharmacological properties of oxymethalone

The athlete's body after a course of taking oxymetalone

Once in the nucleus of cells, oxy molecules activate genetic mechanisms aimed at accelerating the production of RNA, structural protein compounds, DNA and various enzymes. As a result, the processes of tissue respiration, oxidative phosphorylation, the accumulation of macres in cellular structures and the production of ATP are improved. Also, the drug is a strong anti-catabolic, accelerates the growth of muscle tissue, activates the processes of hematopoiesis. All this is known to many athletes and now you will get acquainted with the powerful steroid Oxymethalon, as a fat burner.

Can Oxymethalone be used as a fat burner in bodybuilding?

Bodybuilder on a white background

Many athletes claim to have fat burning activity. However, for a long time these were only empirical conclusions. Scientists could not provide a compelling justification for the presence of fat burning activity in the drug. However, not so long ago the situation has changed. Now we can safely say that oxymethalone is not just a powerful steroid, but very interesting from other points of view.

It is no secret that the drug is able to significantly speed up the processes of gaining muscle mass, but the structure of the molecules gives no reason to talk about it. However, practice completely refutes the theory.For many years, scientists and athletes were convinced that the main gain in muscle mass during steroid courses is achieved due to water retention in the body. Nobody tried to dispute this fact, but professional builders have been actively using oxy for a couple of decades at the final stage of preparation for tournaments.

Agree that at this time it is necessary to think about improving the constitution of the body, and oxymetholone retains fluid. And he does it very actively, as we all thought. Why, then, would professionals take such a steroid at this time? Scientists from the University of South Carolina are interested in this issue. But they did not act quite standardly and instead of athletes they were invited to participate in the study of elderly men aged 65 to 80 years.

But such a solution, upon closer examination, looks very reasonable. The effect of the drug on the body of an elderly person should have emphasized all its advantages or disadvantages. In addition, such an important factor as a high level of natural male hormone was excluded (all participants in the study had a testosterone concentration below average). It should also be noted that none of the subjects did the training, which automatically eliminated another extraneous factor in this case.

It is known that steroids can only be effective with proper training and nutrition. Since the first factor was deliberately removed, only the second remained - the subjects consumed one gram of protein compounds per day for each kilo of body weight. As a result, men who took 50 milligrams of the drug daily increased their body weight by 3.3 kilograms over three months of research.

A daily dosage of 0.1 gram made it possible to gain even more - 4.2 kilos. As a reminder, there were no trainings. However, this fact was not the most interesting. Scientists stated that the subjects not only gained weight in the absence of training, but their body constitution changed. Simply put, the study participants gained muscle mass while losing fat.

In the first group, these losses reached 2.6 kilos, and in the second - 2.5. It should be noted here that adipose tissues located in the abdominal region were utilized more actively. Let us remind you once again that all these changes took place without physical exertion. Since oxymethalone is considered by many to be an extremely dangerous drug for the liver, side effects should also be discussed. Actually, there were practically none! Only one participant in the experiment had an increase in ALT. But then it became known that before the procedure for donating blood for tests, he drank four glasses of wine. Re-analysis, did not reveal any problems!

Undoubtedly, there was a slight increase in ALT and ASAT indices, but they invariably remained within the normal range. Based on the above, several conclusions can be drawn:

  1. Thanks to oxymethalone, you can achieve a significant increase in muscle mass, even in the absence of strength training.
  2. The powerful steroid Oxymethalon as a fat burner has shown itself to be on the good side, especially in the abdominal area.
  3. The drug is not capable of exerting a strong toxic effect on the cellular structures of the liver, as was commonly believed. Of course, for this it is necessary to use it in reasonable dosages.

The positive effects of Oxymetalone

Two jars of oxymethalone

Like all steroids, oxy has a number of positive and negative properties. Actually, this applies to any medication. We have just learned the powerful steroid Oxymethalon as a fat burner. Let's find out what other positive effects this drug can bring:

  1. High rate of muscle mass gain, provided that the nutrition and training process are well organized.
  2. Power indicators increase significantly.
  3. The work of all elements of the articular-ligamentous apparatus improves, and pain in these parts of the body is suppressed.
  4. The work of the protein compound globulin is suppressed, which leads to an increase in the concentration of the free form of the male hormone.
  5. The rate of hemoglobin production increases.
  6. The work of the hematopoietic system improves.
  7. The reactions of erythropoietin synthesis are stimulated.
  8. Protein compounds are produced at a high rate.

Side effects of oxymethalone

Sad athlete on a dark background

When talking about any anabolic drug, this question should be raised. One of the most common problems on an improperly organized course is an increase in the concentration of estrogen. This is especially true for the use of high doses of steroid. It should be noted that oxy itself is not prone to aromatization, since it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone.

Scientists suggest that the progestogenic activity, which is also inherent in steroids such as nandrolone and trenbolone, is to blame. however, numerous studies have not provided evidence of this fact. Probably, the drug is simply capable of activating estrogen-type receptors, as methandriol does. Although oxymethalone is a pronounced anabolic, androgenic side effects are possible on its course.

If you use a steroid in high dosages, then it is not possible to suppress androgenic activity with finasteride or dutasteride. The thing is that the androgenic properties of the drug do not depend on the activity of 5-alpha reductase. The above medications (they are most often used by athletes to combat androgenic side effects) are inhibitors of this enzyme.

Almost all steroids can cause imbalance in lipoprotein structures. The development of this side effect depends on the AAS dosages used, the route of administration, the type of drug, and the degree of resistance to metabolic processes occurring in the cellular structures of the liver. Oxy is able to quite strongly influence the processes of regulating the concentration of cholesterol by the liver. This fact has been confirmed in a number of studies and if an athlete has problems with the balance of lipoprotein compounds, it is better to refrain from taking oxymethalone.

To minimize the risks of developing ailments of the cardiovascular system, while using a steroid, it is necessary to minimize the amount of simple carbohydrates and saturated fats in the diet. In addition, it is worth consuming more omega-3s. We also recall that even the weakest steroids are able to suppress the efficiency of the HH axis.

It is quite obvious that such a powerful drug as oxy can significantly suppress the production of natural testosterone. If a long course is carried out, then it makes sense to think about the need to use gonadotropin. In addition, it is imperative to carry out rehabilitation therapy after the end of the cycle, regardless of its duration. If the athlete does not have health problems, and he uses the drug in the recommended doses, then such a course can be considered relatively safe.

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