How to choose a sports food for a girl's gift?

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How to choose a sports food for a girl's gift?
How to choose a sports food for a girl's gift?

Find out what sports nutrition must be included in the diet of a girl and how to choose the right sports food for a gift to your girlfriend. Before answering the question of what kind of sports nutrition to give a girl, it is worth determining the value of these supplements. As a result, we will narrow the circle, and it will be much easier to choose a gift. Unfortunately, for many girls, the need to follow a certain diet when doing fitness becomes an analogue of fasting. This is completely wrong, because the goals you set will not be achieved as a result.

The correct nutrition program for an active girl should be understood as a balanced diet containing healthy foods. You must remember that active sports involve increased requirements for the body's energy supply. If he does not receive all the important nutrients, then there will be no progress in his studies.

How to draw up a nutrition program for a phyto-baby correctly?

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When composing a nutrition program, girls must necessarily take into account the characteristics of their body. Let's dwell on the main ones in more detail:

  1. Almost all biochemical reactions in the female body proceed 20 percent slower in comparison with men - nature has made sure that the female body always has a supply of nutrients in case of pregnancy. In addition, in men, muscle mass is significantly higher, which also affects the metabolic rate.
  2. The metabolic rate is largely dependent on hormonal levels - estrogens contribute to the accumulation of fat reserves, unlike testosterone.
  3. During the menstrual cycle, mood deteriorates and the risk of eating unhealthy foods increases.

Focusing on these features of the body of girls and should be a diet. Of course, all macro- and micronutrients must be supplied to the body, which can be difficult if only food is used. Unfortunately, their quality only gets worse every year. To eliminate this problem, sports nutrition has been created. At the same time, we note that phyto-babies can do without additives. It all depends on the tasks set by them. If you want to know what kind of sports nutrition to give a girl, study the features of the main types of supplements.

What sports nutrition should girls use?

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Bodybuilding men actively use sports nutrition. And often without even understanding what this or that additive is needed for. Of course, sports nutrition will help to progress, but girls only need to use a few supplements.


Girl drinks diluted protein

This type of supplement is based on protein compounds, which in turn are made up of amine chains. Protein is necessary for the body to solve various problems, for example, it has construction, plastic, transport and other functions. If the body is deficient in this nutrient, then not only will it be difficult to grow muscles, but the work of many systems will also deteriorate. Today, the following types of protein supplements can be found on the shelves of sports food stores.


This kind of proteinaceous compounds can be divided into two types. The first is whey. It has a high assimilation rate, has an attractive cost and can be effective in solving various problems. The second type of milk protein is casein. Unlike whey, it is processed by the body for a long time. It should be used before bed or during long breaks between meals.


It is used as a reference and all other proteins are compared with egg white. This is due to the high digestibility rate, as well as the complete amine profile. However, compared to whey protein, egg protein has a higher cost.


This type of protein is primarily suitable for athletes whose bodies cannot process lactose or for vegetarians. The most popular plant protein is soy. It will help you lose weight and, due to the high content of phytoestrogens, is perfect for girls. However, the digestibility of the supplement is low and the amine profile is far from ideal. Pea protein can also be useful for phyto babies, because thanks to the unique composition of amines, it helps to accelerate the synthesis of growth hormone.

Amino Acid Supplements

Amino Acid Supplement Jars

We have already said that all protein compounds are composed of amines. When we consume protein, the body first breaks it down into amines, from which it then synthesizes those proteins that it needs most. You may have thought that this type of sports nutrition is not necessary, because amines will enter the body after consuming protein.

However, amino acid supplements have a high absorption rate and can be very beneficial in certain situations. First of all, we are talking directly about the lesson or the time just before its start and after completion. The most popular amino acid supplements are BCAA. Although the popularity of individual amines is also high.


Collagen jars

This protein compound in the human body can be called one of the main ones. Judge for yourself - collagen is used to create renewal of connective tissues. The skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons - everything contains collagen. Of particular interest to the girls will certainly be the mention of the skin. Quite right, if there is no deficiency of this substance in the body, then the skin will be smooth and elastic.

Fat burners

Fat Burner Banks

The purpose of using this type of sports food is easy to guess by its name. We note that all fat burners are classified into several groups:

  1. Thermogenics - accelerate metabolic processes, increase body temperature by a couple of degrees, stimulate the nervous system, suppress appetite and increase endurance.
  2. Nutrient blockers - inhibit the activity of enzymes necessary for the processing of fats and carbohydrates. As a result, these nutrients are not completely digested, with all the ensuing consequences.
  3. Cortisol blockers - as a rule, they are powerful anti-catabolics and slow down the processes of liponeogenesis.
  4. Carnitine - a natural substance that is synthesized by the body. The main task of carnitine is the delivery of fatty acids released from adipose tissues to mitochondria. In addition, it has been proven that the substance has the ability to improve the work of the heart muscle.

How to use sports nutrition correctly?

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If you decide to find out what kind of sports nutrition to give a girl, then now it will be easier to make a choice, because we have limited the circle of "applicants". However, to get the most out of any supplement, it must be consumed correctly. Since most girls visit fitness centers to fight obesity, special attention should be paid to fat burners.

On the other hand, when answering the question of what kind of sports nutrition to give a girl, these supplements will not be the best choice. The girl may simply be offended, believing that you are not happy with her figure. However, let's talk about fat burners, or rather the rules for their use.

Supplements containing thermogenics are most often based on guarana, synerfin, caffeine, green tea extract, and cayenne pepper extract.As we have already said, these substances contribute to the acceleration of metabolic processes, and also increase efficiency. Thermogenics-based fat burners can be consumed a maximum of two times a day.

In the morning, this can be done about 30 minutes before the start of the first meal, and in the evening only before the start of the workout. Moreover, they cannot be taken later than five hours before bedtime. This is due to the ability of thermogenics to stimulate the nervous system. Since the body's reaction to any new substance cannot be predicted, we recommend using fat burners in minimal doses. In the absence of side effects, they can be increased.

The next type of fat burners will be lipotropics. Their main task is to accelerate the breakdown of fats, normalize the liver, as well as the concentration of inulin. They can also be used no more than two times during the day, but the time of use is not tied to the time of day.

Among nutrient blockers, chitosan-based supplements are the most commonly used. This substance binds fats and prevents the body from processing them. Take the supplement a quarter of an hour before a meal, but avoid eating fatty foods. Otherwise, there may be problems with the work of the digestive system.

What kind of sports nutrition to give a girl - useful tips

Girl drinking sports cocktail

So, having dealt with the main types of supplements used by athletes, we also highlighted those that can be useful for a phyto-baby. If you decide to find out what kind of sports nutrition to give a girl, then our useful tips will help you. Let's start with the most delicious supplements. Most fitness babies refuse sweets for the sake of a beautiful figure. If your girlfriend has a tight schedule and she is sorely lacking time to solve all matters, then it is worth supporting her body.

To progress, you need to avoid feeling hungry. There are now many supplements that can be used in place of a full meal. However, the most delicious among them is the sports bar. They are presented in a fairly wide range in sports food stores, but only those that contain a minimum amount of fat and sugar are suitable for you.

In addition to the composition, when choosing energy bars, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. By choosing a well-known brand, you will be confident in the quality of the product. We believe that this will be a good gift for an active girl who has a schedule of minutes all day long.

Protein is another great option. We noted that this supplement is universal, and it can be used not only for gaining mass, but also during the period of weight loss. Whey proteins should be used before the start of the training and after its completion. Casein will help you avoid hunger, which is extremely important. Slow protein should be consumed before bed or during long breaks between meals.

A complex of micronutrients can be no less valuable gift. This is especially true in the autumn-spring period, when the deficiency of vitamins in the body is especially felt. Now many manufacturers produce special complexes designed for the female body. The most popular among them is Opti-Women. However, you can donate a supplement from another manufacturer, but it is still advisable to focus on products designed specifically for girls.

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