How to Carol for Christmas?

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How to Carol for Christmas?
How to Carol for Christmas?

The history of carol songs. Christmas carols tests. How to carol correctly?

Christmas carols are Russian ritual songs, an integral part of folklore. At first, all carols were associated with pagan beliefs, but with the introduction of Christianity, motives associated with Christ, the Mother of God, and angels appeared in them. Let's figure out how Christmas carols arose, and what are their features.

The history of carols

Christmas carols

Christmas carol songs sung by young people are associated with pagan beliefs and the cult of fertility. Later, there were "Christian" songs dedicated to the Christmas theme. However, both types of songs are united by an appeal to God. The name "carols" comes from Kolyada - the name of the god of fertility, whose holiday was celebrated on the day of the winter solstice. Ritual songs were allowed to be performed only during this period.

The custom of caroling on Christmas Eve (on the eve of Christmas - January 6) appeared after the adoption of Christianity. Pagan and Christian holidays, rethinking, mixing, gave rise to new traditions.

Christmas carols melodies are very simple, similar to other themed jokes and choruses. But Christian melodies are more complicated, connected with church melodies.

Both adults and children loved to sing short Christmas carols. But more often young people went to caroling in groups. It was believed: the more carols enter the house, the more luck and wealth there will be. Caroling people were presented with food and money.

They started caroling on Christmas Eve (the night before Christmas) and continued until Epiphany (January 19). They sang both pagan and Christian songs.

The differences did not appear immediately:

  • Pagan songs were performed mainly on January 14, when the New Year was celebrated according to the old calendar. Carollers dressed up in unusual robes, symbolizing deceased ancestors who helped fertility. Christians celebrated Basil the Great's Day.
  • Christmas carols were sung at Christmas. Carollers walked with the star of Bethlehem, which symbolized the adoration of the Magi to Christ. Christmas songs and carols contain not only plots from the New Testament, but also wishes for good and happiness. There are also mixed versions of pagan and Christian beliefs. For example, “Christ sows corn,” and the Mother of God helps him. Carols are also associated with the phenomenon of the den, a puppet theater in which Christmas-themed performances were performed. They performed carols dedicated to the heroes. Gradually, caroling grew into an expression of devotion to Christ and true faith.

Note! Christmas carols, chants and seeding are often confused, thinking that they are one and the same thing. But there is a huge difference between them: carols are performed at Christmas (January 6-7); schedrivki - on the New Year's Eve according to the old style (January 13-14); sowing sings on the first day of the New Year (January 14). Christmas carols are dedicated to the theme of Christmas. In generosity, they wish good and well-being to the family. The seeding areas are similar in content to the shchedrivki, but they sing them on January 14 and at the same time scatter the grain. In shchedrivki they regularly repeat "generous evening, good evening", and in sowing areas - "I sow, I sow".

How to prepare for caroling?

Star of bethlehem

If you decide to carol for Christmas, get ready in advance:

  1. Gather teammates who are good at singing or acting well. Traditional participants can be beasts or biblical heroes.
  2. Choose the carols that suit your performance. Although the motives of the songs are simple, listen to them in advance using professional recordings of the singers. You can find the texts of Christmas carols below.
  3. Prepare a mini-view script. The brighter it is, the more the audience will like it. But the presentation should not be tedious: 5-10 minutes is enough.
  4. Rehearse a mini show.Assign roles, meet several times to connect learned passages.
  5. Get your costumes ready. They can be made from scrap materials. Do not make the garments bulky; they will interfere with mobility.

The attribute that will have to be prepared is the star of Bethlehem. It can be done in two ways. Take cardboard and cut out a star. Decorate it with foil, glitter. The second option is to form a rigid wire frame and wrap it with Christmas tree rain or foil. The star of Bethlehem is octagonal. In the center of the composition, you can place the figurines of Christ and the Virgin. Secure the finished star on a wooden stick. Choose the person who will wear the star - the Star.

You will need a bag to collect gifts from the hosts. The person who will wear it is Mehonosha. It is believed that gifts should not be touched by hands: the owners put them directly into the bag. Sew it out of red fabric, decorate with sequins, foil stars.

Start caroling with family and friends. It is much more pleasant to visit first acquaintances who love and wait for you, will appreciate your efforts. If the performance was successful, go around neighbors and people you don't know very well.

How to carol correctly?

How to Carol for Christmas

Singing carols is perceived as a way to have fun and see neighbors, friends, and close relatives. But caroling is a performance. It requires a whole group of performers, among whom roles, costumes, attributes are distributed. After the performance, the "artists" are presented with money, food, things.

There are 3 stages of caroling:

  • We ask permission from the owner… Although there is a belief that it is impossible to refuse caroling, today, due to the difficult financial situation, the hosts may refuse guests. As you approach the house, ask if you can poke around. To do this, they sing "window or courtyard" songs. In them, guests turn to the owner with a request to poke around.
  • Sing the song… If the company is allowed into the house or allowed to sing in the yard, try to perform the carol as best you can. It is advisable to practice in advance. In songs, address the hosts by calling them by name.
  • Final verses… If you like your singing, you can sing the final sympathetic verses. Now you can ask to reward you. Do not insist and do not hold evil if you received less than you expected: the owners will give you the best they can.

After the end of the caroling, the gifts are shared between the group members or eaten at a supper, in which all the carolers take part.

If young children are going to carol, it is good if they have elders (adults or adolescents) with them, who will direct their creativity and behavior.

Christmas carols texts

Christmas carols

Christmas carols for children are no different from adults. In the old days, these songs were sung by both kids and adults. But, when preparing a performance for children, take into account the specifics of their performance.

Find simple texts of Christmas carols for children, easy to pronounce, understandable, with a clear rhythm. This makes it easier for kids to learn them. Choose melodies, too, simple, easy to remember. Learn carols with children, rehearse, clearly assign roles and words. Toddlers love to perform in costumes. Take care of bright clothes that are in tune with the theme of the mini-show.

Christmas carols for children are suitable for performances at school, kindergarten, at a family evening, during a guest visit to friends or relatives. The songs performed by kids always touch and delight the audience. Please your friends with Christmas carols and generosity, wish them happiness and prosperity.

Here are some popular Christmas carols texts:

Who is undressed before Christmas, That miracle and happiness awaits

And who drives the carriage away, He brings trouble to himself.

Forget about greed

Get out the treats

To live in abundance all year

And deserve respect!


Kolyada, kolyada, may your family be young.

It turns out to live happily

Health is strengthening.

All bad things will dissolve in the air

And all dreams will come true!


Kolyada, kolyada, let the trouble come to the house, There is enough happiness and love.

Nobody offends you, And for our efforts, we ask you to express your recognition!


Do not freeze children, master, You're a master in your house.

So treat us all

We are waiting for gifts from you!


We don't eat pies without butter.

We want to carol at your place.

We wish you good and happiness, We expect dimes from you!


We remember you with a kind word.

We wish the owners good health.

Give me pies

Sweets and dimes.

You can also give meat, So that there was no time for me to be bored!

How to carol correctly - watch the video:

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